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Foodie Travel Tips featuring “Early Morning Ski” & “Tartarenhut Dinner” at Hochkönig Ski Resort

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“So what is a ‘Tartarenhut’? Can you eat that? And is it typical for this area?!” All of a sudden, a little discussion flares up, likely to have been sparked by our growing appetite for the local food. Skiing leaves you hungry, no doubt about that – and more so us (travel) bloggers who we have come to “eat our way” through the Hochkönig mountain resort in order to spread the news. Don’t you dare pulling your piece of bread from the cheese fondue one moment too early: “That’s it, yeah, once again for the picture, you know …!” The #LifeOfATravelBlogger as we know it.

The ladies up here at the comfy mountain hut Schweizerhütte, some 1.500 metres above sea level right at the foot of the famous Hochkönig mountain, know how to take it easy: They keep serving us fresh bread, tasty ham as well as small pieces of fruit and vegetables to dip into our creamy cheese fondue. “It’s a tradition here, you must know”, Maria the lady of the house explains, taking a seat next to us at the table. “Our cheese fondue is being served without any alcohol, in contrast to the Swiss tradition. We hope you still enjoy it”, she laughs. ‘Course we do.


“Tartarenhut” dinner or cheese fondue: What is being served at the Hochkönig ski resort simply tastes delightful. Must be the fresh mountain air …

… allowing our appetite to grow even in the early morning, enjoying a beautiful breakfast at the Kuschelhütten luxury mountain chalets at the Pronebengut farm. Jakob, the man of the house, loves to join us for a coffee or two introducing us to his family history. He loves to be with his guests, and I must say I have started missing them already, too. Plus their excellent breakfast of course. Check this out.

Dieses köstliche Frühstücksbuffet für unsere Kuschelhütte, genannt "Schmuckstück" ...

Enjoy your meal: Tasty breakfast at our mountain chalet called “Schmuckstück” (Jewel of the Alps) …


… sowie die köstlichen Geschichten des Hausherrn Jakob Deutinger lassen mich noch heute hungrig und glücklich an den Aufenthalt am Pronebengut zurückdenken.

… where Jakob Deutinger, the owner likes to sit down with us for a story or two.


Überhaupt ist das Pronebengut allein schon eine Reise wert ...

Altogether, his farm the Pronebengut is truly worth your while …


… hier wird ganz viel mit Liebe zum Detail gemacht ...

… surprising us with lots of sweet little details …


… und auch die Enten sieht man schon frühmorgens fröhlich eine Runde am Teich drehen.

… and animals, just as happy as the whole family themselves.


Abends geht es dann etwas weiter den Berg hinauf, hinein in die nächste "gute Stube" ...

In the evening, we are invited to enjoy our mountain cheese fondue …


… die Schweizerhütte, die ebenso durch nette kleine Details ...

… at the “Schweizerhütte” mountain hut, comfy in all its little details …


… wie ihre gute Küche besticht: Prost Mahlzeit unter Reisebloggern Kathi & Romeo vom Sommertageblog.

… as well as its great food: Kathi and Romeo take care to fill their stomachs as well as their camera with all the good impressions and local delicacies around.


Some 20 minutes from Mühlbach am Hochkönig, you can find Maria Alm, a small village with a typical Christmas market in the mountains of Salzburg.

And yes, you can have that famous “Tartarenhut” dinner we talked about there. So is it something typical from this area after all? We are not entirely sure, but we do know this: The Tartarenhut dinner is yummy indeed. If you are in a for a foodie adventure, but still enjoy the ambiance of a typical, local Austrian Christmas market, you are going to love Maria Alm and its mountain surroundings.

Zu Gast in Maria Alm ...

Visiting Maria Alm …


… schauen wir in ein Dorf, dessen Gemeinschaft am Weihnachtsmarkt lebendig wird ...

… we are visiting a village known for celebrating its Christmas traditions …


… und sich zu kreativen Lichtspielen, wie beispielsweise hier in der Ortskirche, wieder findet.

… even surprising us to creative light mappings inside its local church.


Schließlich geht es auf zum Tartarenhutessen. Ein bisschen wie eine Mischung aus Raclette und heißer Stein, genießt man diesen am besten in Gesellschaft.

And finally, enjoying our “Tartarenhut” dinner. Something like a mixture between a hot stone and the French Raclette. I must say I really like it ..!


Last but not least: “Early Morning Ski”. Even for just one person, the lifts already open up at 07.00 in the morning, including a sumptuous mountain breakfast right after sunrise – at only € 24,- per person.

On this day, the last day of our adventures at the Hochkönig mountain resort, a cold has caught up with me but I decide to go up the mountain anyway. Too excited, that’s what I am: Anxious to see the sun rise as the first people that day, carving the first turns into the fresh snow, sharing unique moments with friends and finally being spoiled to a real classic, huge Austrian breakfast on a cosy mountain hut. Happy as can be. Check this out.

Wenn sich die ersten Lichtstrahlen langsam am Horizont bemerkbar machen ...

As the first light starts to announce the early morning …


… dann ist es immer noch früh genug, rechtzeitig für ein Ereignis wie dieses am Berg zu sein: Sonnenaufgang über dem Hochkönig.

… we are up the Hochkönig mountains already, in time for sunrise at 08.00 o’clock …


… … ein wahrlich magischer Moment.

… a truly magic moment indeed.


Vielen Dank unseren lieben Freunden, die uns das ermöglicht haben!

Thank you so much to our local friends at the Hochkönig, who have made it all possible!


Lieber Hochkönig, wir kommen wieder ...

Dear Hochkönig mountains, we’ll definitely be back …


… Genussfrühstück ...

… if only for enjoying another big, beautiful mountain breakfast like this …


… und entspannte Momente am Kaminfeuer her: Hier gibt es wirklich einiges, das sich lohnt zu entdecken.

… and / or a glass of sparkling wine in front of the fire.


Check out even more picturesque mountain discoveries in our Flickr photo gallery:

My friends & fellow Austrian travel bloggers Kathi & Romeo have done a great job talking about our weekend, too: http://www.sommertage.com. Really curious to see their video too! 🙂

Disclaimer: We have been invited by the Hochkönig mountain resort as well as the Pronebengut farm on this trip. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Gelin

    It was a really wonderful trip. Whatever one have, good, super good, some bad, nice weather, just few snow, conditions, luxury places (affordably cheap! in my opinion) and all kind of people with you… is the way you deal with all of it that maques this moments so special. I think we did quite great!! ;D <3 ty ;*

    • Elena

      Agree 🙂

      We did have a wonderful time, and I already look forward to going back to Hochkönig, and especially the Pronebengut farm. What a wonderful place and family <3


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