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Landing stage Landsort & stunning Stockholm city: #VisitSweden is all I can say.

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Heading to Sweden? Go get yourselves on one of those pretty little archipelago islands around Stockholm as fast as you can: It’s lovely and virtually a guarantee for a true Swedish summer (house) experience. “Landsort …?! Never heard of it ..”, my dear Swedish host Daniel shrugs apologetically and smiles. Now here’s a guarantee for adventure: If even the locals don’t know where you’re headed, be sure you are on the road for something good and exciting.


A good hour by bus as well as a 30-minute ferry ride later, I am convinced of the following: Landsort, an island in the very south of the Stockholm archipelago, really is worth your while.

What a beauty this island is, with vistas opening up all the way south and across the Baltic Sea. Luckily, too, we are here right in the middle of summer, when the sun paints the sea a stark blue, the houses a colourful red, the gardens a lush and pretty green. Together with our local Landsort host Åke, we take to mounting the “ugliest hotel of Sweden” (the former pilot base tower, now reconverted into a B&B of a kind!) and discover just what makes up the charm of this fancy little island called Landsort.

Landsort empfängt uns mit dem Charme der typisch schwedischen Sommerfrische ...

Landsort welcoming us to its typical, Swedish countryside charm …


... und weist uns den Weg ...

… leading the way …


... vom historischen Leuchtturm ...

… from the historic lighthouse …


... mit Blicken bis weit über das baltische Meer, hier an der südlichsten Spitze des Stockholmer Archipels.

… to opening up our views and spirits all the way south and across the Baltic Sea, where only the last remnants of war remind us of a much darker past ..


... heute jedoch regieren Gottseidank freundlicher Empfang durch Gastgeber Akt ...

… a stark contrast to the friendly welcome Åke has for us today …


... sowie köstlicher "Landsort"-Bier die Welt im sonnigen Süden Schwedens: Skol!

… Skol to that with typical “Landsort” beer from the island!


In Stockholm itself, my time is rather limited and only allows for some of the major highlights around town: Boat harbour, Vasa museum, Köttbullar as well as the recently built ABBA museum.!

So does a museum that loudly calls for karaoke and other fan-like glitter rightly deserve to call itself a museum? As an avid cultural tourism fan, I am always worried for a too loose interpretation of the term “edutainment”, but then, the ABBA museum does actually manage the kitsch/ class issue quite well. And where would Sweden be without an adequate monument to one of its largest, all-time music successes? “… Digging the Dancing Queen …”

The Vasa museum, too, has seen some change since my last visit here some six years ago. It refers to a museum that is built around a historic sailing ship that sunk in the harbour of Stockholm some 400 years ago. Right now, it boasts a new #SelfieSpot (of course! Right at the upper back balcony!) as well as the possibility to book a romantic dinner table next to its mighty rump. Just as romantic (and less costly) is a stroll around the harbour and Stockholm’s many boats and yachts … delightful, especially in the long evening hours of summer in the city.

Wunderschön, die Stimmung am Bootshafen von Stockholm ...

Taking a walk around Stockholm harbour …


... und ganz schön heiter etwas weiter beim Besuch des ABBA-Museums!

… and celebrating all our emotions at the recently opened ABBA museum!


Um lange Schlangen zu vermeiden lohnt es sich, den Besuch erst am späten Nachmittag bzw. Abend zu planen.

In order to avoid the queues, pre-book your ticket and/or arrive in the late afternoon / evening.


Zwischenzeitlich lockt das sich gleich nebenan befindlichen Vasa-Museum mit seinem jedes Mal aufs Neue erstaunlichen, original erhaltenen Segelschiff.

Right next to it, you can always make for a visit to the famous Vasa museum: I guarantee you that seeing this mighty old ship in almost perfect conditions is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Truly spectacular – and worth your visit.


Romantik pur: Der Abendspaziergang durch Stockholm ...

For all the lovers: Stockholm at night …


... geliebtes Schweden, Du siehst uns wieder - schon alleine aufgrund Deiner köstlichen Köttbullar mit original Preiselbeer-Sauce und Kartoffeln. Mahlzeit!

… and here’s to all the foodies: Stockholm by day, eating the country’s famous “Köttbullar” meat balls served on a bed of potatoes and typical cranberries from the local forests. Enjoy!


Read more about what else I explored and learned during my time here at TBEX Stockholm Travel Bloggers Exchange conference.

Disclaimer: We have been invited by VisitStockholm as well as VisitSweden on our trips and activities in and around Stockholm. All opinions are my own.

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