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“Hexenwasser Hochsöll”: Creative Travel in the Mountains of Tyrol

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Swaths of fog mystically creep up the mountains. The excitement in the air is palpable, we are eager to ride up the mountain on our broomsticks exploring the “Hexenwasser Hochsöll” made up by witches and fairy tales. Ride on a broomstick!?

Well, dear readers: Our ride is made easy by the comfort of modern times using gondolas, the witches having swapped skis for broomsticks during the summer season. “Bewitched” storytelling starts right then & there: Our very own personal witch for the day, Martina, is joining our group of travel bloggers after more enchanting, creative holiday experiences in Salzburg. And Martina continues to enchant us: Her wit, stories & legends about the witches of Tyrol Brixental cast a spell on us: The spell of exploration! Check this out.


“Hexenwasser” in Hochsöll: Adventure & Mountain Mystery for active explorers

Having arrived at about 1.100 metres above sea level, we are greeted by fresh air, mystical clouds of fog and … a hug witches’ cauldron. Nothing strange is boiling up here in Hochsöll, though, all we can hear is the laughter of Martina’s colleagues who are actually working in the cauldron – a cute little souvenir shop filled with local treasures! Right next to it, witches carved of wood show the way along various adventure pools & stories at the “Hexenwasser”. Our witch Martina leads the way, demonstrating what sets this area apart from all other mountain areas used for hiking and recreation: The essence of local storytelling and a unique fabric of legends and myths woven into this beautiful landscape in the Tyrol mountains.

Spektakulär gleich zu Beginn: Die Fahrt mit den Hexenbesen in Hochsöll.

Spectacular and a bit unusual right from the start: Riding up in the gondolas carrying witches’ broomsticks.

Oben angekommen, steuern wir als Erstes den Tiroler Hexenkessel an!

Having arrived at the top, we first make our way into the cauldron …

Unter Hexe Martinas freundlicher Obhut "trauen wir" uns doch überall hin(ein) !

Our witch Martina is nothing short of friendly and delightful: We really enjoy spending the day with her.

... und entdecken auf unserem Weg durch das "Hexenwasser" zahlreiche Wasserzauberspiele, versteinerte Muscheln vom Meeresgrund & sogar Riesen-Ameisen!

On our way through the “Hexenwasser” experience stops, she makes us discover the enchanting water games, petrified shells from when the Alps used to lie at the seafloor, and even giant ants up here …

Das schöne Gras ist gerade am Morgen noch taufrisch - ihm wohnt ein ganz eigener Zauber inne.

The beautiful grass is just magical in the morning covered in all this dew.

An einer weiteren Erlebnisstation wird gar Brot gebacken: Köstlich duftet es da!

Look at all the witchcraft at work: Happy witches baking bread and filling the air with a delightful aroma!

"Unsere" Martina weiß, wie sie den Klang-Kessel zum Schwingen bringt ...

“Our” witch Martina knows how to make this cauldron “s(w)ing” …

... wenn das keine Hexerei ist: Wasserspiele durch Klang im Hexenwasser Hochsöll.

… now, if this is not magic I don’t know what it is! Water starts dancing under the mere touch of your hands, a beautiful experience at “Hexenwasser Hochsöll”.


Creative holiday & leisure options for children and those young at heart … such as us travel bloggers. 😀

Look, feel, understand: What is often designed to entertain kids is equally enchanting to us. The magic of the Tyrol Hexenwasser gets to us: In no time, we have climbed the giant ant posing for a group picture. Johannes runs in the water wheel (almost like a hamster 😉 ) starting a chain reaction of little water falls coming down the mountain. Susi creates her own ring in no time using natural material in the creative workspace, feeling just so proud about herself! Meanwhile Martina … ?

She has vanished. Turned into thin air! Almost like the two sisters, who hundreds of years ago were accused of witchcraft by the local population thanks to their special healing abilities, supposedly able to turn themselves into a wooden chair in order to escape the authorities (the chair promptly being convicted and burnt at the stake – no joke!) This is what Martina told us, anyway. Martina who …

Ob sich unsere Hexe Martina schon in Luft aufgelöst hat ...?

… has actually disappeared from sight …?

Da es Mittagszeit ist, fangen wir bei der ersten logischen Station zu suchen an: Im Gasthaus. :D

Well, because it is lunchtime now, we start looking for her at the most probable spot: The Gasthaus restaurant. Witches, too, must be hungry around this time of day …

... bei solch frisch zubereiteten, köstlich-vorzüglichen Brennnesselknödel kein Wunder!

… and look at these beauties: Austrian mountain dumplings swayed in butter and cheese. WANT ! (again).

Ob sie als Murmeltier wieder auftaucht? Gesehen haben wir durch die Fensterscheiben des Panoramarestaurants auf der Hohen Salve (1.829 Meter Seehöhe) jedenfalls ein paar dicke "Mankeln", wie die Murmeltiere von den Einheimischen hier liebevoll genannt werden.

Maybe Martina chooses to come back as a cute little groundhog, or “Mankerl” as these typical mountain animals are called in the local Tyrolean dialect? It is from the restaurant that we can observe them frolicking around on the hillside. Nice!

Glück gehabt: Martina ist wieder aufgetaucht - wo jetzt allerdings Susi steckt ... ? :)

There she is: Martina has made her comeback after all! Now, where has Susi gone … ? 🙂

Martina erklärt uns am Sonnenuhren-Rundwanderweg auf der Hohen Salve alles rund um ihr Lieblingsthema, die verschiedenen Sonnenuhren und den jahreszeitlichen Verlauf des Sonnenstandes.

Martina explains to us all there is to know about sun dials, one of her favourite topics around the panorama trail at the Hohe Salve mountain (at 1.829 metres above sea level). Beautiful views from up here!


The bees & the flowers …

… seriously! Countless beehives live up here at Hexenwasser Hochsöll, busy these days raising a new queen. They do this feeding her royal jelly (a special diet turning ordinary bees into queens), essentially turning her into a birth machine of up to 1.500 new bees per day (!). We explore the fascinating world of bees and are invited to make our own bee wax candles as a souvenir for back home: Nice! Johannes, too, is inspired to make a broomstick for his sister Yvonne (of JustTravelous), whereas Susi aka “Black Dots White Spots” finds inspiration as a creative jewellery artist. Good on ya, dear friends!

Auf dem Weg zum Bienenhaus sammeln wir diese wunderschönen Wiesenblüten für ein einzigartiges "Insektenhotel".

Walking to the beehive, we collect lots of herbs and flowers for decorating pieces of wood into a “hotel for insects”. Cute!

"Hexe Susi" - mittlerweile glauben wir selbst an unsere Fähigkeiten! - kreiert gerade ihren eigenen Ring.

“Susi the witch” – meanwhile, we are convinced of our magic abilities! – making herself a beautiful wooden ring.

Mein Hexen-, äh Insektenhotel ist fertig!

My “insect hotel” to be hung in the garden is ready!

... und auch Susis Ring kann sich sehen lassen!

… and Susi proudly shows off her ring! Well done 🙂

Zu guter Letzt verpacken wir unsere selbstgemachten Bienenkerzen und nehmen zahlreiche Andenken, viele "Hexereien" und wunderschöne Stimmungseindrücke vom Hexenwasser Hochsöll mit nach Hause. Was für ein Bergerlebnis - einzigartig in Tirol!

At the very end, we get to take our own bee candles and tons of exciting souvenirs and impressions from “Hexenwasser Hochsöll” home with us – what a day! I recommend everybody to come here and check it out, it is truly unique in terms of mountain summer experience in Tyrol.

PS: Das Ameisen-Gruppenfoto kann ich Euch nun nicht länger vorenthalten ... beste Grüße von der kreativen Hexen-Berg-Truppe :)

PS: Of course, talking about the giant ants, I cannot say goodbye without revealing this to you … happy greetings from the creative mountain adventurers!

Disclaimer: We have been invited by Hexenwasser Hochsöll in order to experience the “Hexenwasser” mountain adventures. All opinions are my own.

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