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Going #indiegrean: Wine & Foodie Travel Tips for the Lower Austrian Weinviertel region!

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If you think of the hashtag #indiegrean as a combination of Austrian dialect with English language, you aren’t far off. I for myself even thought of “Indie music” when I first came across #indiegrean. And even though the whole country is truly & fully filled by music when it comes to wine and food here in the Weinviertel district at the eastern edge of Lower Austria, “In die Grean gehen” literally means to head out of town and into the green. Celebrating the first signs of spring, with a good glass of wine, some local music and naturally, great food that is.

“Jo, wenn’s woit’s, kemma do a glei an Blick einewerf’n …” Talking advanced Austrian (for beginners: “Go come check this out!”), are Josef Pleil, our local wine expert for the day, together with certified (wine) tour guide Herbert Kraus. Both point eagerly at the countless little wine cellars huddled together in their pretty little cellar lanes, a picturesque band of history gone landscape sculpting following centuries of traditional viticulture. The Weinviertel – Nomen Est Omen! – is literally full of wine, and it is the first tender sprouts of wine spring we have come to experience for a day here #indiegrean.

At 10.00 a.m. in the morning, it is with glasses of Grüner Veltliner Weinviertel we stand. Strong.

Wir starten unseren Tagesausflug in das Weinviertel in gemütlicher Runde: Mit Claudia von Freets.at, Angelika von Wiederunterwegs.com, Martin von Gehlebt.at sowie Lucie von DieKremserinOnTheGo.com.

This is how we do it: Happy start to an early Weinviertel excursion with my Austrian colleagues Claudia at Freets.at, Angelika at Wiederunterwegs.com, Martin at Gehlebt.at as well as Lucie at DieKremserinOnTheGo.com.


Josef Pleil, seines Zeichens Weinkenner & Weinliebhaber der "ersten Stunde", ...

Josef Pleil, who welcomes us here, is a well-respected wine grower and former head of the Austrian Wine Marketing Association …


... lässt es sich nicht nehmen, uns gekonnt entlang der Weingartenwege sowie dem "Wein + Kultur-Pfad" rund um Wolkersdorf zu führen.

… who clearly has a story or two for us wishing to know more about wine growing, local traditions, nature & life around Wolkersdorf.


Sonntag Morgen, 11.00 Uhr, im Wein- bzw. "Windviertel" ... Die Frisur: Hält. :D

And, ah, yes, the Weinviertel is also called the “Windviertel” by some: Windy we stand, that day. 😀


Und mit ihr die anhaltende Laune, sich entlang schönster kleiner Kellergassen, den "Mikrokosmen" der hier seit Jahrhunderten ansässigen Weinkultur ...

My personal tip: Always head for those picturesque little cellar lanes, like this one here in Wolkersdorf. No wind over here, and you are virtually alone enjoying this blend of cultural landscape with lush green nature …


... vorbei an der lieblichen Landschaft des Weinviertels ...

… a landscape that is characterised by many centuries of wine growing …


... zum Thema Wein, Weinwirtschaft, Geschichte & Perspektiven zur Rede des unterhaltsamen Josef Pleil weiterzubilden. Ein begnadeter Geschichtenerzähler, den Ihr kennen lernen solltet!

… informing visitors during a “Wein + Kultur” trail about more details concerning wine and traditions. For the English version: Check with your local guides!


Walking through the cellar lanes and vineyards, I cannot help but feel pride in the work of our ancestors, who have left us this picturesque, unique cultural wine landscape to look at and enjoy.

Both Josef Pleil and Herbert Kraus are naturally good storytellers, I must say. Or is it the fact we are constantly handed a glass of excellent wine here? Out and about or inside the typical Heurigen wine tavern, stories are what make up the Weinviertel, as much as the wine itself.

Mahlzeit mit echter Heurigen-Kost: Kein Besuch im Weinviertel ohne Heurigen, dem zentralen Angelpunkt der hiesigen Wein- und Genusskultur.

Enjoy your meal: No Weinviertel visit without having stopped at the traditional Heurigen bar, a family-run inn with tasty, home-made spreads, ham and cheese. “Spanish tapas” gone Austria, really.!


Herbert Kraus macht sich mit uns auf ...

Herbert Kraus holds the key …


... die zahlreichen Keller entlang der Wolkersdorfer Kellergasse mit uns zu erkunden, wie diesen hier der jeden Mittwoch nach dem Brauch der Offenen Tür zu Weinverkostungen einlädt.

… to many local wine cellars, such as this one opening up for guided cellar visits and wine tastings every Wednesday at 3.00 p.m.


Ein Relikt aus einer anderen Zeit, als hier noch jeder Keller intensiv genutzt wurde, stiftet heute beschauliche Fotomotive für Besucher.

What once was a hard working necessity, today remains as a picturesque image into past life of the Weinviertel.


Besonders gut gefällt mir: Weinkeller werden mitunter auch als "Kreativ-Inseln" wiederverwendet, wie der Keller von "Gerti's Kreativwelt" hier in Wolkersdorf zeigt.

The idea that some wine cellars are even used as creative workshops is something I particularly like: “Gerti’s Creative World”, proclaimed by this wine cellar in the cellar lane of Wolkersdorf.


At the end of our #indiegrean day trip, the Weinviertel has one more surprise for us: A quick visit to a traditional cellar lane party, “Kellergassenfest”. Must-do and -see here!

Since the beginning of (my) time, “cellar lane parties” are part of what makes up the area I live in. The “Days of the Open Cellar Door” are where people meet, drink, laugh, and spend their whole lives really: Life in this area in the southern Weinviertel, only twenty minutes north of the border with the capital city Vienna, is by no means an exception. Hailing from the nearby Kamptal wine growing area and used to “Kellergassenfest” for as long as I can think, I have to smile at the fact that I am now back as an international travel blogger writing about it for the attention of the world out there.

Love it. Check this out.

Willkommen in der Pillichsdorfer Kellergasse, dem Nachbarort zu Wolkersdorf ...

Welcome to the cellar lane of Pillichsdorf, just a stone’s throw away from Wolkersdorf, the start of our trip …


... auf dem die "Musi spüt" ...

… with “home-grown” music …


... selbst (oder gar?) die Traktoren fein herausgeputzt sind ...

… and pretty tractors (not just the ladies are highlighted here) …


... und das bunte Lächeln überall Wind & Wetter trotzt.

… and where even the wine is dressed in the pretty colours of art and spring.


Mein Geheimtipp an dieser Stelle: Heuriger Faber. Guter Wein, gute Speisen, gute Lage: Mit Blick über die Landschaft und bis über Wien zum Schneeberg.

My tip for you: Head over to Heuriger Faber. Good location, nice views, good food and great wine!


So how about you this time, going #indiegrean? The following pictures will give you even more of an idea on what to expect …

… as well as having a look at what my fellow Austrian travel writers have shared from their point of view (Google Translate should help you with a rough idea of their content, plus the pictures are stunning!):


Offers to organize your stay #indiegrean are available from Easter all the way till May. Check out http://www.weinviertel.at/grean for more!

Disclaimer: We have been invited by Weinviertel Tourismus to head out #indiegrean for one day. Thanks to Angelika for all her help and assistance in the organisation! All opinions are my own.

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