Green Travel Destinations in Austria: Introducing Falkertsee Lake in Carinthia.

“Heidi … Heidi … Deine Welt sind die Berge … Dunkle Tannen … grüne Wiesen im Sonnenschein …”

Words from a song every child in Austria knows: Famous Heidi and her happy life in the mountains! Since our son Liam has been born, we have started to dig up and revive our own childhood memories – including, of course, Heidi and her life in the mountains. Imagine our excitement when we found out that besides the original “Heidi-Alm” in Switzerland, we discovered a “Heidi-Hotel” right here in Austria! Next to being specialised as a “Kinderhotel”, it also carries the quality labels “Best Hiking Hotel” as well as the “Austrian Eco Label“, hinting at its excellence in environmental protection.

Lukas Köfer, who warmly welcomes us there, tells us more about the hotel’s organic heating system at almost 2,000 metres above sea level: “We use only wood pellets for heating here, which are delivered at close range. We make every effort to find regional suppliers and products. When we work together with a partner, we ask ourselves: What services and products can we obtain together, in order to avoid long travel distances?”

In view of the serpentine road and the challenging history of development at the Falkertsee lake, striving to unify both economic and ecological considerations does make sense: It’s Mother Nature who has the final word up here anyway. A very beautiful word at that. Check this out.

Der Kärntner Falkertsee am Rande des Biosphärenpark Nockberge wirkt ein bisschen wie

Falkertsee lake right by the biosphere reserve Nockberge, in Southern Carinthia, does appear straight out of a fairy tale …


... an einem schönen Tag erstrahlt die Kulisse rund um das Heidi-Hotel hier auf knapp 2.000 Meter Seehöhe förmlich.

… and on a beautiful day, the “Heidi-Hotel” as a true gem right inside this picturesque landscape.


Schon bei der Ankunft wird uns klar ...

Arriving at the modern hotel reception …


... Umweltschutz ...

… we can quickly notice the many awards the hotel has been working towards …


... köstliche, regionale Kulinarik ...

… and taste its dedication and care in the delicious local products …


... und (Wellness)Genuss werden hier groß geschrieben: Wer neben der Kinderbetreuung und den Wandermöglichkeiten auch seine heilige Ruhe sucht, wird hier ebenfalls fündig.

… if you are looking to just relax after a hiking tour or next to looking after your kids, the hotel’s wellness area (adults only!) is the perfect place.


Entspannen könnt Ihr übrigens auch direkt am See: Hier gibt es einen privaten Bereich für Hotel-Gäste mit SUP-Verleihmöglichkeit, Strandkörben und Yoga-Deck.

This private little place right by the lake belongs to the hotel, too: Rent your own SUP here, or just chill in the mountain sunshine.


So where exactly in Carinthia, Southern Austria, is the Heidi Hotel located? And what can you do out here?

Check out the location of the Falkertsee lake as well as its surroundings mountains on my world travel map (near Bad Kleinkirchheim, Turracher Höhe, Nockalmstraße as well as the biosphere reserve Nockberge).

Had Georg and I been more flexible, i.e. had we travelled without a baby, we would have made more day trips around the area. Instead, we enjoyed indulging in a week of just chilling out with our baby son. In our case, this meant exploring the many hiking trails around the lake and its alpine pastures, enjoying the mealtimes (three times a day plus cake in the afternoon!) as well as many other family-friendly amenities the hotel provided. Tip: If you want to find out more about our trip here with a very small baby (Liam was barely two months old at the time of the trip), you can read more in my previous post “10 reasons for travelling with a (very young) baby: How and where we travelled with Liam.”

"Babyurlaub be like": Wandern im Hochgebirge mit unserem kleinen Liam bequem in der Trage.

Loved taking easy mountain hikes like these: Baby Liam safely secured in daddy’s baby sling.


So what about Heidi and her songs?

It turns out that the owners of the hotel, besides all the environmental care, have also created a small park for children and adults alike, retelling the mountain tales of Heidi and her friends through wooden sculptures, boards and houses. My personal highlight is the marmot enclosure: As guests of the hotel, you may even assist in feeding them!

Mürmlis im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes "auf Abruf" ...

Marmots literally come out to play here …


... ein Höhepunkt ist sicher, dass man sie auch streicheln und zu ihnen ins Gehege kann!

… a highlight inside the “Heidi-Alm” park, especially for the children!


Auch Hasen gibt es in nächster Nähe ...

Rabbits, too, are on display and may even be touched …


... Kühe sowieso ...

… cows as well, though be careful not to approach them too much …


... und auch der Buddha, der zur Ruhe und "Einkehr" mahnt, darf hier nicht fehlen.

… at the end of a hike, always stop to enjoy the food and atmosphere of a typical Austrian mountain hut, including this Buddha and Himalayan flags.


Unser Fazit: Der Falkertsee für sich ist schon eine Reise wert, die zusätzlichen "Stationen" wie Hütten, Hotel & Heidi-Alm runden das Angebot hier perfekt ab.

Loved the atmosphere, and would come back here anytime!


Check out my photographs and InstaStories of our trip here, too:


Do check out my short travel video too which covers our entire stay:


Disclaimer: We have been supported on this trip by the Heidi-Hotel as well as the Austrian Eco Label. All opinions are my own.

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