10 reasons for travelling with a (very young) baby: How & where we travelled with Liam.

“Seven weeks old!” – “My oh my, what a cute little boy …” – “Look mum, there’s a baby …!”

Many times, we’ve heard similar comments upon our first journey with our baby Liam. Yes, he’s been the youngest guest up here at the Heidi-Hotel Falkertsee, an Austrian hotel specialised in holidays for kids and babies, part of the “Kinder Hotel” group in Carinthia, Southern Austria. The “Nockberge Biosphere Reserve”, a particularly pretty alpine scenery, is where we’ve landed ourselves in – perfect trial grounds for our first ever holiday with Liam.

Das Heidi-Hotel am Falkertsee ...

The Heidi-Hotel Falkertsee together with its playgrounds is located at 1.875 metres above sea level, just by the tree line …


... ein Ort der Entspannung und des Wohlfühlens, wie uns auch unser Jüngster ganz oft beweist ...

… a picture perfect spot to relax, as Liam proves to us over and over …


... da kann sich Familienidylle leicht mal einstellen: Claudia mit ihrer kleinen Tochter Sophie in der Trage und Elina, sowie meine Wenigkeit mit Sohn Liam.

… and here is our first “family picture”: Out and about with our baby slings (our friends’ family Claudia, her little daughter Sophie and Elina on the left, as well as myself with Liam).


Before telling you more about the area, the hotel and further activities in the close surroundings, let me start by elaborating on ten good reasons for travelling with a particularly young child. Looking back, it’s actually much easier than you (and we, at first) might think. No, the altitude (almost 2.000 metres above sea level) didn’t do Liam any harm. No, we didn’t forget to bring anything essential. No, he had no trouble sleeping (perhaps due to the many new impressions?). Quite the opposite. Fresh air, lots of rest, and a beautiful new rhythm did him (and his parents) very well.


First reason of all: The “packaging”.

Travelling with such a young baby might seem daunting at first, and truth be told, we did take much too much with us (check out my rather elaborate packing list here). Instead of dozens of cloths, towels, blankets, bodies or else for our baby boy, much fewer items would have been enough. And thinking of “What do I pack for Liam?!” made me, on the other hand, forget quite a few things for myself (such as my hiking shoes, for instance, and a couple of warmer clothes and layers).

Meine eigene Jacke schließt sich wunderbar vorne über der Babytrage, und hält uns beide schön warm ...

Luckily, I did bring the one sweater that closes not only above my waist, but around the baby sling too, protecting Liam’s feet against the cool mountain air …


Heißer Tipp: Ein Baby-Jäckchen aus Merino-Strickwolle. Liam hat selbige von unseren lieben Freunden in Neuseeland geschickt bekommen : Die Wolle temperiert wunderbar und gleicht Hitze wie Kälte am Berg perfekt aus.

One great item to bring for baby is a merino sweater, such as this hand-knit one here we’ve received as a gift from New Zealand: Merino sheep wool is great for both cooler and warmer climates.


Second reason: Everything is “already there”.

Every summer, the Kinderhotel Heidi-Hotel organises a special baby week for young parents during the off-season. Special emphasis is placed on baby equipment, such as providing a baby kitchen, a changing mat inside the room, crib, strollers / prams for rent, baby bouncers in the restaurant and much more – a great help for us on a first trip with a baby. Also, arriving without our own pram meant considerably more space while packing!

Kinderwagen (mit Babywanne oder Sportsitz) zum Ausleihen fand ich toll ...

It’s great to be able to rent things like these right off the hotel (for free, of course) …


... toll auch die Vorrichtung am Bett, sodass das Baby nicht versehentlich "ins Rollen gerät" ...!

… and the many thoughtful little things, such as this protection against baby rolling off, are great too …!


Auch Tragetücher gibt es dank der angebotenen Trageberatung die gesamte Woche über gratis auszuleihen und zu testen!

During the entire week, the hotel offered us the possibility to talk to a professional baby sling advisor, who also specialises in renting out and selling great baby slings and carrying aids.


Third reason: Full board. Cake buffet. Room service …

… and just sooo many helping hands everywhere. It’s great to see just how much time becomes available when nothing else needs cooking, preparing or shopping. In times of breastfeeding (Liam doesn’t get any other meals just yet) this is especially true for me as mum: Like in the land of milk and honey, I only need to sit down at the table several times a day and expect wonderful, home-cooked meals and great buffet selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Klassisch Kärntner Kasnudel: Wie gut, dass hier so gut gekocht wird und ich gerade nicht auf die Kalorien achten muß!

Ooooh you must try it: “Kärntner Kasnudel”. A local classic. And even better for me not having to count calories over breastfeeding ..!!


Fourth reason: (Quality) time for Mum.

An hour at the massage. Early morning yoga (Liam fed and given to daddy before). Taking a break on the balcony while the two of them cuddle. The great mountain scenery. Letting my thoughts wander. Thinking about nothing and not “having to do” anything. With our little baby (and my wonderful husband) all of it was, and is, possible.

Yoga-Genuss am Morgen in völliger Ruhe: Die Antidote zum Alltag mit Baby quasi.

Yoga in the morning: A quiet time-out for mum, sooo good.


Auch hier kann die Mama entspannen: Wenn Papa im Rahmen der Babybetreuung mehr über die sanfte Babymassage lernt ..!

Another opportunity to relax was watching daddy take his first lesson in baby massage ..! So sweet !!!


Fifth reason: (Quality) time for Dad.

For my husband Georg, the holiday with our baby son meant one thing above all: A much-needed time out from everyday life at the office, as well as finding a relaxed atmosphere with both of us as a new family. He just loved carrying Liam across the meadows and along Falkertsee lake. Add to this, the exchange with other fathers, as well as the effect of nature: “The view across the green mountains is like a colour therapy”, he smiles, making me think of just how I felt during my last pilgrimage: From time to time, it’s truly worth it getting out and about, and why not with baby in tow.

Ganz der stolze Papa: So schön, Georg so glücklich zu sehen.

Just so happy: Georg with Liam in the baby sling.


Auch das Zeit für den Papa: Beim Babyschwimmen mit Liam im "Heidi-Pool".!

More quality time for daddies: Baby swim time inside the hotel’s little “Heidi-Pool”.!


Sixth reason: (Quality) time as a new Family.

From the very beginning, we loved sharing our experiences with other families in a relaxed environment. Especially during mealtimes in the restaurant, literally everyone sits in the same boat. It doesn’t matter if someone is crying somewhere, or whether there’s breastfeeding: Any inhibitions go, which makes it very pleasant for us to grow into this new situation as a family of three. A situation that is, after all, only a few weeks old.

Zeit als Familie: Georg im Austausch mit Claudia und den beiden "Tragikindern".

Time as family: Georg with Liam on the left, Claudia and her baby Sophie on the right.


Seventh reason: (Quality) time as a couple.

While baby is sleeping (and he sleeps a lot in the beginning – at least ours does 😉 ) we enjoy having the energy for great couple conversations again. More often than not, we simply do not have the energy for much talking besides what needs talking about from day to day. So this is a great way to relax and break free from the routine of our new family situation.

Die glücklichen Eltern: Unser momentan schönstes Familienfoto.

Happy baby happy parents: Perhaps our sweetest new family photograph from our first trip with Liam.


Eighth reason: Trying something new for the first time.

Well. Not what you might think of now! I’m referring to new offers for us as family, such as a baby carrying consultation with Isabella Nyvelt from “Trageberatung Zillertal”, a baby massage offered for us or the possibility of baby swimming with Liam inside the hotel’s shallow baby pool. Many new moments of happiness with our little sunshine.

Danke für die tollen Tipps während der Trageberatung, liebe Isabella!

Thank you for your countless tips and advice, dear Isabella! I feel like being even better at carrying Liam this way now.


Toll, was hier alles geboten wird!

Baby massage courses are offered twice a week at the hotel!


Ninth reason: Starting early (to share wanderlust).

What’s the best way to tell Liam that he’s a “travel baby”?! Well, taking him with us of course. Many earlier day trips and now this holiday in a likely familiar environment have shown us: Our baby is truly at ease with himself and the world around him. It’s nice to be able to convey this joy and openness for the world to you so early, my dear baby boy!

Auf in die Welt ...

Out and about from an early age onwards …


... mein süßer kleiner Sonnenschein!

… is something we truly love as parents!


Tenth reason: Taking a look at the “way ahead”.

It goes so fast. Any time spent with your child. From week to week, Liam grows and changes, learns new things, is able to “do more”, and literally becomes more open, curious, and motorically mature. Although we love him as he is right now, we can also hardly wait to do more with him. Discover the bike park, for instance. Feed the local marmots. Climb up the climbing wall. Try the Flying Fox. Dive into the ball pool in the children’s room. Ride the ponies. And much, much more … our resolution is to come back with im in just a few years’ time!

Murmeltiere füttern ...

Feeding marmots is an unforgettable experience for young children up here by the Heidi-Hotel …


... Ponies reiten ...

… as is riding the sweet little ponies …


... ins Bälle-Bad tauchen ...

… or diving into this little pool …


... oder Go-Kart fahren: Liam, all dies und mehr wartet auf Dich!

… and even to ride one of the carts and cars here: Liam, we need to get you back up here soon!


Check out more photographs of our trip with baby Liam, as well as my InstaStories here: https://www.instagram.com/creativelena.


Check out my travel video too:


Disclaimer: We have been supported on this trip by the Heidi-Hotel as well as the Austrian Eco Label. All opinions are my own.

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