Dancing the Tango in Buenos Aires …

Well. I guess this is what you’ve been waiting for you. At least that’s what we hope. After all the “pain” we’ve been through 😀 Markus and I are now proud to show our first and very official Tango Dancing Video that we recorded during a private Tango Tour through the so-called “Milongas” (Tango bars) of Buenos Aires.


Das Dream-Team des heutigen Abends: Unsere beiden Tanzlehrer (außen links und rechts) sowie wir wagemutigen Tänzer begeben uns auf das Parket ... eine sehr spannende Erfahrung für jeden Besuch in Buenos Aires!

The Dream Team of the night: Our two dancing teachers (both left and right) as well as daring Markus and Elena … A must we can recommend for any “real” visit of the capital of Tango, Buenos Aires.


“Sometimes it’s better if a couple DON’T know each other in the Tango, our tango expert Mariana tells us because: “couple issues may arise and .. you know.” She has to know … as for now, have a look at us!


Aller Anfang ist schwer: Gemeinsam mit Mariana unserer Führerin & Tanzlehrerin, üben wir die ersten Schritte bevor wir uns in die Milongas zum richtigen Tanz unter erfahrenen Tango-Tänzern wagen.

Always a hard time for beginners … Together with Mariana, we are tracing our first steps in the Tango before we go out to the real Milongas in order to try and dance with other couples.


"Die presst sich wirklich stark an mich!" flüstert mir Markus noch zu, sehr süß und unschuldig, bevor er auch schon in der hohen Kunst des Tango-Tanzens von Expertin Mariana unterrichtet wird. Ein wunderbarer Augenblick!

“She’s really pressing herself against me”, Markus whispers both sweet and innocently, before Mariana captures the magic of the moment and teaches him the important “how-to” … A wonderful moment!


Wenig später schaffen es auch wir beide, glücklich über das Parkett "zu schweben" und tanzen tatsächlich den Tango. :D

A little later, we are really doing it … DANCING THE TANGO. 😀

As for everything else that Buenos Aires has in stall for us that day, please read on.


“Cualquier Verdura” & “Street Art Graffiti”

After our great first activities such as a Greeter Tour in Buenos Aires, the “alternative” visit of La Boca, the evening restaurant of the Evita Perón museum or the cooking class with Teresita La Bella, we would like to share two more insider tips with you. If you are in San Telmo, make sure you visit the shop Cualquier Verdura that is offering everything from old Tango discs, to modern bags, to bathroom accessories. What you can find here is simply: Everything. Violeta, the charming owner, has more than 1000 different items in stock in this charming “casa-tienda” (house shop) of hers in San Telmo, close to our really cool Art Factory Hostel. Always worth the visit!

"Cualquier Verdura" lädt zum ausgedehnten First & Second-Hand-Shopping in Buenos Aires ein: Irgendwie bleibe ich hier länger als erwartet hängen ... :D

“Cualquier Verdura”: Somehow, I manage to linger here … I wonder. 😀


In line with the modern graffiti & wall painting decoration at our hostel, we join a so-called Street Art Graffiti Tour run by Graffitimundo on the same day. Graffitimundo works on highlighting the art of graffiti artists in Buenos Aires, assists with fundraising campaigns & PR whose one goal is to open up a world of fascinating urban artwork to visitors like us. Or would you have thought this wall close to Palermo Soho?

2011 fand das erste große Graffiti Street Art Festival in Buenos Aires, in dessen Zuge diese beiden Wände eines Wohnhauses bemalt wurden. Urbane Kunst in geballter Vielfalt!

In 2011, the first Street Art Graffiti Festival took place in the city of Buenos Aires. As a result, these walls of building blocks received spray paint from internationally acclaimed and local artists.


Im Anschluss an die Führung durch die Straßen von Palermo (Buenos Aires) besichtigen wir noch das Atelier der Graffiti-Künstler: Ein wirklich exklusiver Blick hinter die Kulissen.

As part of our guided tour, we even get to visit some of the artists in their studio. A true glimpse behind the scenes!


Eigentlich ist Graffiti wie in vielen anderen Städten auch illegal, jedoch gibt es viele "Grauzonen" die uns großartige Kunstwerke bescheren. Mehr dazu gibt es auf www.graffitimundo.com !

Like in many other cities, graffiti street art is actually illegal, however there are many “grey areas” as we learn during the tour with Graffitimundo. For more information, we recommend you check www.graffitimundo.com !

Also, have a look at this video of Street Art in Buenos Aires if you are interested:


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Elena 2 May 2014 - 13:08

You are welcome! I am glad you are enjoying the stories. 😉


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