Buenos Aires: Cicerones Greeter Tour & Visit of San Telmo

We have only been in Buenos Aires for 24 hours. And yet, we have already had the chance to experience one of its “must-see” attractions: A Buenos Aires Greeter Tour (“Cicerones, un amigo en Buenos Aires“). After a crazy journey to our summerly destination on the other side of the world, an extended breakfast on the sun terrace of our “cool” Art Factory Hostel in the central district of San Telmo complete with Buenos Aires Greeter Joaquín Brenman is just what we need. Joaquín, a retired industrial engineer, has been leading the organization “Buenos Aires Greeters” with some 35 members (all of them volunteers except for one part-time employee managing website & bookings) for more than 10 years: Thanks to his iPhone, cool open-mindedness & and many a happy laughter, the fact that he is more than double our age goes unnoticed – five hours later, it is us who are rather unhappy about having to let him go. And that we “only managed to invite him for lunch” …

“If you want to write up a good story about your experience, then this is more than enough”, he explains, still smiling. The Buenos Aires Greeters are part of the international Global Greeter Network and count about 30-60 personalized city tours with locals per month in Buenos Aires alone: “The idea is to give you a friendly visit. We focus on your area of interest in 8 different languages thanks to our international team of volunteers: Music, Football, Art or History.” 

Die "Greeter Tour" mit Joaquín beginnt ganz gemütlich mit Kaffee auf der Sonnenterasse und einem langen, spannenden Dialog zu allen Themen Argentinien & Buenos Aires :)

Our “Greeter Tour” with Joaquín starts with a personal story-telling session on the sun terrace of our hostel focusing on all things Buenos Aires & Argentina.


Greeter Touren sind deshalb so wahnsinnig sympathisch, weil man das Gefühl hat, mit echten Freunden durch die Stadt zu gehen - die man eben erst kennen lernt. ;) Ein faszinierendes und unglaublich schönes Gefühl!

What makes these Greeter Tours so incredibly fascinating and relaxing is that you literally walk the city with a friend – who you just met. It’s great!


Auch Tipps zur Weiterreise und zum allgemeinen Umgang in der Stadt Buenos Aires, zum Beispiel auch zum Thema Geld, hat Joaquín für uns stets parat.

Our Greeter Joaquín has many tips and ideas for our visit, including tips on money-handling and spending in a country still stricken by the effects of its economic crisis more than ten years ago.


Bei der persönlichen Stadtführung stoßen wir auf viele interessante historische und alltägliche Details des Lebens in Buenos Aires.

Our personalized city tour allows us to catch a glimpse behind the typical tourist trail.


Market Life & Hot Tango Rhythms in San Telmo

“Walk left, then right and then continue straight ahead: It’s about 12 Blocks. The street will change its name, from Florida to Perú, then at Defensa you have to turn left again and then you’re there.” Todo claro!?

The sheer size of Buenos Aires is literally mind-blowing. However, our walk does not give us tired feet: Rather, it increases our curious mind! Enjoying the famous San Telmo Sunday market and staying afloat atop music, market life, children’s laughter and of course street tango shows finally immerses us in this city after only a couple of hours here – Bienvenidos a Buenos Aires, otra vez! 🙂

Mate-Tee, das vielleicht berühmteste Getränk Südamerikas, wird hier mitsamt der entsprechenden "Ausrüstung" vielerorts verkauft.

Mate-Tea, maybe the most emblematic South Amercian souvenir, is sold here in all quantities and forms.


"Fahrendes"-Taco-Restaurant am Markt von San Telmo!

A peculiar sight: “Mobile Taco Restaurant” on San Telmo market.


Geschmolzene Flaschen als Aschenbecher und sensationeller Schmuck: Die vielen Kleinode des Marktes begeistern - Shopping ist angesagt!

Melted bottles and pretty jewelry: The many details of San Telmo market suck us in. Let’s go Shopping!


Heißblütige Tango-Rhythmen ziehen uns in den Bann und machen Vorfreude auf unsere Tango-Tour kommenden Donnerstag !!

Hot Tango Rhythms make us look forward to our Tango experience later during the week.


Zum Abendessen darf ein Besuch in einer der vielen "Parrillas" (Steak-Restaurants) an nahezu jeder Straßenecke natürlich nicht fehlen: An der Rezeption unseres Hotels fragen wir nach einer der besten Adressen in der Nähe - und landen prompt im sehr guten Parilla del Plata von San Telmo.

Dinner in one of the city’s “Parillas” (steak restaurants) is a must, of course: At the reception of our hostel, we ask for a good tip, promptly making it to this delicious Parilla del Plata in the neighborhood of San Telmo.


Our Tip: Stay at the Art Factory Hostel!

Let me express a personal word of Thankyou to the team of Hostelbookers, who have really supported us in looking for, finding and booking the perfect match to our expectations. The Art Factory Hostel and its extraordinary ambiance of art & culture couldn’t be a better fit for us looking for “tips off the beaten path”: Here, the lady of the house is blogging herself and each wall is decorated (painted or sprayed) with the works of art of local Buenos Aires artists – look at what we get to sleep in !!

Gute Nacht mein Schatz: Hier schläft es sich wirklich "außergewöhnlich" gut!

Sleep tight darling: We’ve had an exceptionally good sleep here. 🙂


Die gemütliche Sonnenterasse lädt Backpacker & Reisefreunde zum Austausch und Kennenlernen ein, spontan haben wir hier auch gleich unsere Buenos Aires-Greeter Tour mit Joaquín begonnen :)

Check out this sun-kissed terrace, prompting us to extend our breakfast here with Greeter Joaquín and thus start our first tour & impression of Buenos Aires in this relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.


"Freie Duschen für alle!" :D

“Free showers for all!” 😀


Tango Reloaded: Auch im Frühstücksraum erblicken die schläfrigen Augen gleich, worum es in dieser Stadt wirklich geht. !

Tango Reloaded: Even in the breakfast room, it becomes clear what this city is all about. Good for us we’re in for a Tango lesson of our own!


Crazy sexy fun traveler 7 February 2013 - 13:00

Cool bag that blue one with Tacos name 🙂 And the tango photo is amazing!

Elena 7 February 2013 - 14:48

Thank you!

The guy was selling food in there, clever idea for a market! As for the Tango … we are experiencing some of it now. During a Tango lesson & bar visit. Can’t wait !! 😀

PurpleTravelKate 29 January 2014 - 12:57

Oohh, that Tango picture is awesome! I have a real soft spot for it.

Elena 29 January 2014 - 18:23

Thank you Kate!

Glad you liked it. There is more to come next time I head to Buenos Aires. :p Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime-experience!


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