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Historical Park Varna in Bulgaria: A journey of discovery.

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Do you know … Bulgaria? The city of Varna? The Black Sea? Certainly. These destinations have long been known as tourist destinations. However, not so the Historical Park Varna, just recently opened in 2019. Not far from the Black Sea coast, a generous area has been opened up where visitors can experience the history of Bulgaria, from the first Balkan peoples to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. In addition to reconstructions of famous architectural masterpieces, there are also tournaments, adventure workshops, (animal) demonstrations and much more to be seen and experienced. Of course, you may also try authentic traditional Bulgarian cuisine or stay in a typical Bulgarian house.

So where is the Historical Park located?


I would have loved to go and see the Park for myself, however, its opening came at the same time as our sweet little son, born in May this year 😉 it only means we will have to go together with him in one of the next years I guess ..!

In the meantime …

… the following bloggers have been at the Historical Park Varna and shared their experiences from Bulgaria: CitySeaCountry, Kofferpacken, TravelTelling, AnitaAufReisen as well as Teilzeitreisen.

They have written truly insightful travel stories taking you from the Historical Park Varna across Bulgaria and to such interesting places as Veliko Tarnovo, Madera and the capital city Sofia.

Maria, www.KofferPacken.at:


Historischer Park Varna_bulgarische-Speise_kofferpacken.at

Bulgarian food, as seen (and tasted) at the Historical Park Varna (c) Maria Kapeller, www.kofferpacken.at


Christina, www.CitySeaCountry.com:


Historischer Park Varna_Christina Leutner II

Christina on her trip through Bulgaria: Cool Street Art in Veliko Tarnovo. (c) Christina Leutner, www.cityseacountry.com


Anita, AnitaAufReisen.at:



Anita discovers the magic of the Historical Park Varna, Bulgaria (c) Anita Arneitz, www.anitaaufreisen.at

Anita discovers the magic of the Historical Park Varna, Bulgaria (c) Anita Arneitz, www.anitaaufreisen.at


Matthias, TravelTelling.net:


Bildreiche Eindrücke vom Historischen Park Varna (c) Matthias Derhake, www.traveltelling.net

Pictures from Historical Park Varna. (c) Matthias Derhake, www.traveltelling.net


Kai, Teilzeitreisender.de:


Thrakisches Gold im Historischen Park Varna. (c) Kai von www.teilzeitreisender.de

Thracian Gold at the Historical Park Varna. (c) Kai, www.teilzeitreisender.de


Check out my own travel stories from Bulgaria from a trip taken in early 2018:


Ein echtes Plädoyer für Plovdiv, sind meines Erachtens "Baukunstwerke" wie diese ...

Plovdiv and its modern face have really left an impression on me.


And you, when will you go to Bulgaria and visit the Historical Park in Varna?


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