Asking Around: 10 Answers from 10 Influencers. Today: Michael André Ankermüller & his Blog Bohème

Dear Michael! Today, we would like to know more about your work as a “digital influencer“. How important are community & networking for you, and where will the way still lead you both personally as well as in business?

We are curious to know more! Thank you for taking part and answering my interview. Here we go 🙂


How do you personally explain your “digital influencer” status through ? What is necessary to succeed, according to your belief?

I do not think that you can call being a “digital influencer” a job. Rather, there are many journalists, bloggers, musicians, models, artists, actors, photographers etc. who have a strong influence / followership online, and not always by their own decision.

Personally, I believe authenticity, professional work & ambition to be key when it comes to being successful. But first of all, check what it is that you really mean by success …!


What has been your most successful project through “Blog Bohème”? How do you measure and evaluate that success?

Well, that’s very simple: On the one hand side, I see the liberty of being able to live off my “Blog Bohème” project. On the other hand side, I am proud to say it has opened up professional doors to important companies that I still keep a sound working relationship with. Or countless other writers, musicians, and interesting people who I’ve interviewed and who really value my work. For me personally, this feeling of reward is my greatest success.


Why do you (still) attend travel trade shows, networking events, conferences, etc.? What are some of the most important criteria here?

I love to meet and get to know other bloggers. Most of them have very divergent backgrounds, and I find this very exciting and enriching. Of course, I attend trade shows too, mostly in order to seal new deals, meet people of different travel destinations, and also to learn new things. Tourism is all about constant development and big market trends. I love the thrill and excitement of that.


It’s been several years now since you’ve become a trusted travel publisher in the German-speaking markets. Where will your spheres of influence still lead you? What are some business opportunities you would like to develop further?

I plan to launch a small agency, a furniture company has expressed their interest in me, Blog Bohème will finally receive its long awaited relaunch and I am looking for authors that want to join me on my travels. That’s quite a lot, don’t you think!

Der Weg ist das Ziel ...

Out & about : Michael for a stroll along the Styrian Wine Road.


What is your single biggest tip for those wishing to work with you?

Put your cards on the table, be honest and work on hands-on, easy-to-implement suggestions! Don’t expect anyone to work for you for free. If you want PR, you should know that this comes with a fee …


How do you go about researching your next trip? Do you yourself value the opinion of other travel influencers, or do you prefer being surprised over planning ahead ..?

I do not plan a lot, and prefer to be drawn to places and people instead. I read a lot, online as well as in print. For instance the print edition of “Monocle”.


What is your single biggest inspiration in travel? And in writing (sharing, filming, etc.)?

Travel is always inspiring, I believe. No matter where. You meet different / foreign cultures. Or eat things that you didn’t even know existed. Listen to music that still rings in your ears years later. When writing, I do of course take inspiration from other journalists. I love the way some pop journalists, and authors of the 90s, write, especially Christian Kracht.


What do you always carry with you on your trip?

Well, there are several things, such as my iPhone, my camera, a notebook, a bottle of mineral water, as well as my MacBook.


How do you (really) relax? Allow us a glimpse into your busy everyday life …!

I love great food, I read a lot or listen to music. Sometimes, I even do a bit of yoga. And in the future, I would also like to play more soccer. I miss the exercise!

Davor aber noch mal eine kleine Runde Entspannung ..!

At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with relaxing in a place like this ..!


Last but not least : Give us three reasons we should immediately check out your blog for! What is “Blog Bohème” all about? What do readers most comment on? What are you particularly proud of?

Blog Bohème is a build-up of many different areas. There is something for everyone. Very often, my readers have told me that they love to read my texts and appreciate my photos. Looking back, I am really proud of the fact that my personal ambition, and many hours of work, have led me to travel around the world and turn my former student project into a real business.

But the most important aspect is the fact that I get to meet the most inspiring people, that I would never have met in person otherwise – and you know this, Elena, as we have met on the unlikely occasion of a cooking course as part of #NBEFinland Nordic Blogger’s Experience in Latvia recently! It’s those moments I’m talking about here.


Thank you, dear Michael, for such an interesting interview!

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