#ExploringKrems: Foodie Travel Tips for visiting Krems in the Wachau valley

“It’s a food tour!”, I am thinking, delighted at my discovery of this recent addition to foodie travel tips here in Krems, my home during all these years. A real Krems Food Tour that I am enjoying together with my travel blogger colleagues & friends from all over Austria. Eagerly, I tell them about my food tour experiences from around the world on virtually all continents.

Our city’s vice mayor, Mr Derler, is just as enthusiastic. “Well done”, he nods at our guide and happily welcomes us to “his” city at the gate of the world-famous Wachau valley. I am a little excited, I must say. Proud, perhaps.

After all, there is even an official film about us now! 😀


There are lots and lots of travel tips for your next visit to Krems by the Danube river. Do make a point of focusing on the following ones. You won’t regret it.

Krems Food Tour. A real discovery, and that is hearing me say this as a somewhat critical, local person. As you wander through the charming old town, tasting stops along this three-hour food tour include typical apricot schnapps, local chocolate as well as delicious little sausages served with everything from spicy, to sweet, to garlic or chili-infused … mustard! Yes, mustard too is locally grown here. Bring everything but a full belly. You will love feeding off your curiosity for local food!

Hutter Wine Estate. Simply. Delightful. A charming young family that “owns” one of the best views across town from up the hill. If I didn’t already live in Krems, I would immediately choose to stay in one of their recently renovated “wine apartments” right in the vineyards. Check this out.

Den Auftakt zum genussvollen Empfang in Krems bietet in standesgemäßer Tradition … ein Verkostung der typischen, "b'soffenen Marillen" ..!

Krems Food Tour kicks off with a dashing visit to … “b’soffene Marillen”, literally – drunken apricots ..!


Unterwegs in Krems ...

Exploring the beautiful old town of Krems …


… müssen wir bei diesem Anblick fix abbremsen: Echte handgeschöpfte Schokolade aus der Konditorei Hagmann ...

… we are “naturally stopped” by the sweet delights at the Konditorei chocolate shop Hagmann …


… hat sich längst weit über die Grenzen der Stadt einen Namen gemacht.

… whose fame for handcrafted chocolate made here in Krems has since spread far across the borders.


Schade, dass dieser Gasthof gerade Sommerpause hat - mein absoluter Gourmet-Favorit in Krems!

What a shame that this restaurant is still closed for summer – easily my top foodie tip when in town!


… doch finden wir uns interessanterweise im Weinstadtmuseum gut aufgehoben - zur Kremser Senfverkostung!

But we head further non-deterred: Mustard tasting right inside the wine cellars of the “Weinstadtmuseum”, the city’s local winemaking museum it is!


Die würzigen Senfvariationen haben es uns angetan ...

The spicy mustard creations we are being served …


… haben es uns angetan: Mahlzeit bei der kulinarischen Stadtführung durch Krems!

… are best enjoyed with a glass of good local wine: Prost here in Krems!


Immer wieder entlockt mir die Schönheit meiner Heimatstadt so manch einen zufriedenen Seufzer …

Again and again, I am reminded of the beauty of living right here …!


Und was erst der Abend hergibt: Begrüßung am Weingut & Restaurant der Familie Hutter.

As well as the warmth and hospitality of the local people: Spending the evening at the wine estate restaurant of the Hutter family.


Entzückende (Wein)Gärten erwarten Besucher hier ...

From their recently refurbished apartments, the view stretches across the green horizon …


… das Wohnambiente ist gemütlich und stilvoll.

… rooms that beckon us to stay, even me as a local!


Abends lockt die Tafel in der Laube des Restaurants mit einem sagenhaften Blick über ganz Krems ...

In the evening, we are being spoilt to awesome views of Krems …


… der mich ganz stolz fühlen lässt: Willkommen in Krems!

… a feeling of joy and pride to be shared with my dear friends and travel blogging colleagues!


At the gate to the Wachau valley, close to the Danube river, the Art Mile of Krems is not to be missed for its wealth of international art exposés. The day is best celebrated by a boat trip on the Danube!

“Ernesto Neto originally hails from Brazil, but his art has found a worldwide audience”, Lucia Täubler and her colleagues here at the Krems Art Gallery as well as the local museum for caricature tell us. The latter also hosts an exhibition by the Argentinian artist Mordillo, an exposition I love! No wonder we are eager to start the creative workshop that follows a visit to both art exhibitions.

Do not miss a chillaxing boat trip on the Danube river, either!

Mit den flotten Wachau-Rädern ist es ein Leichtes, die Stadt Krems sowie ihre Umgebung stilvoll zu erkunden ...

On ya bike: With these fancy “Wachau” bikes, it is easy to navigate our way around the city …


… auf künstlerischer Seite faszinieren mich hier die Werke des Argentiniers Mordillo, der seinen Comic-Figuren stets politische oder gesellschaftliche Bedeutungen beimisst.

… a city that loves to welcome new and exceptional art exhibitions, such as this one featuring works by the world-famous Argentinian artist Mordillo.


Dazu gesellen sich das "fassbare" Werk des brasilianischen Künstlers Ernesto Neto in der Kunsthalle Krems ...

Next to it, the art gallery of Krems features Ernesto Neto from Brazil …


… alles zusammen viele Anregungen, um selbst kreativ zu werden!

… who altogether inspire us to be creative ourselves!


Am Nachmittag genießen wir den Ausflug entlang der Donau ...

In the afternoon, a trip on the Danube river with “Brandner Schifffahrt” is just magical ..


… welchen Brandner Schifffahrt ganz genussvoll vermittelt ...

… perfect sunlight lighting up the horizon …


… und uns mit einer köstlichen "Brettljause" direkt am Schiff verwöhnt!

… and having us enjoy a hearty, local tasting including wines from the vineyards we pass by in the Wachau valley.


Bis bald in Krems, Ihr Lieben!

See you soon in Krems!


Check out even more travel stories & photographs from around Krems here:


Disclaimer: We have been invited by the city of Krems on this creative foodie trip to the Wachau valley. All opinions are my own.

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