Birthday Party in Dublin, Ireland: Guinness is Good for the whole Family!

We really like the Irish. A friendly, happy people they are. Wrapped up in Guinness, a great sense of humour and looots of sunshine. Hang on a minute – sunshine!? Yes, well at least during our travel weekend in the beginning of October: After all, we can now claim Irish weather to be better than its reputation. Thanks to the International Travel Bloggers Exchange conference TBEX, I have made my way up north and into Ireland for the second time in my life. Of my first visit, I remember leaning over the Cliffs of Moher and, alas, no Guinness for me back then. Ok, I was only 10 years old, travelling together with the family, my parents and my brother. Mum, Dad, Julian & I actually continue to travel together until this day: On the occasion of my 30th birthday, the entire lot came up to Dublin for 48 hours of party time !! Perhaps the best thing about it? This time, there was loads of Guinness … 😀

Familienfeier in Dublin: Das berühmte "Guinness Storehouse" bietet den perfekten Rahmen für jede noch so kleine oder große Feier - und ist schlichtweg ein geniales, multimedial-ansprechendes Museum. Absolut sehenswert hier in Dublin!

Family celebration in Dublin, Ireland: The “Guinness Storehouse” provides the perfect backdrop for any kind of celebration – and is actually a very appealing, multi-media museum about the history of Guinness. Definitely recommend you to go there!


Am Ende des Besucher-Rundganges gibt es gar ein Pint Guinness ( = 0,66 Liter!) in der 360° Bar mit Blick auf die gesamte Stadt Dublin sowie weit darüber hinaus.

At the end of the visit, there is even a Pint (= 0.66 litres) of Guinness for each and every one of us, whilst we enjoy the views from the 360° terrace bar well over Dublin bay and into Wicklow mountains, sources of the freshwater used in the Guinness brewing process.


Kennt Ihr diese "junge Dame"? Molly Malone ist Teil der irischen Nationalkultur und ein beliebtes Fotomotiv inmitten der Innenstadt Dublins ...

Do you know this “young lady”? Molly Malone is part of Irish nation history and a popular photo target in the centre of the old town …


... Irgendwie sind sie immer in Feierlaune, die Iren. Hier eine lustige Statue verschiedener "Leprechauns", irischer Trolle & Märchenwesen denen in Dublin selbst ein Nationalmuseum gewidmet ist!

… and besides, we do get the feeling that the Irish are constantly up for party and happiness! I mean look at this statute of the Irish “Leprechauns” – famed fairies that have even got their own national “Leprechaun” museum here in Dublin!


In Partylaune sind auch schon die ganz jungen Iren: Teenage Girls in Schuluniform genießen den Abendspaziergang über eine der vielen Brücken nahe Temple Bar, im Herzen von Dublin.

Even the very young girls get it going: Enjoying an evening walk over one of the many bridges leading right into Temple Bar, Dublin’s famous nightlife district.


Worth seeing in Dublin – besides Guinness – is this: Trinity College, Temple Bar and a visit to Dun Laoghaire seaside suburb, cherishing sea breeze & good food!

“I have to confess, I am still a bit tired. Yesterday evening, Dublin was hosting the Beer Testing Festival and well … you know.” Our young student guide at Trinity College manages a broad grin, shielding his eyes from the bright morning sun and taking another large gulp from his water bottle. We all nod at him encouragingly, smiling while listening to his stories and tales since we know: Beer is like a sanctity to the Irish, especially their Guinness. Next, we are heading into Trinity College Library to see the famous Book of Kells, one of the oldest books ever (and guess how old it is): 1.300 years! Every three months, they exhibit a new page – turning them requires at least six hours of careful work. Being the old book worm I am, I stop to stand in awe, and indeed marveling at the entire library. Beautiful, such a wealth of (his)story!

Die älteste Universität Irlands und eine der prestigevollsten in Europa, das Trinity College, an einem strahlenden Herbsttag im Oktober.

The oldest university building in Ireland, and one of the most prestigious worldwide, on a bright sunny autumn day.


Gleich hinter dieser großen Bibliothek lagert das berühmte Book of Kells, eines der ältesten Bücher der Geschichte .. Viele der Werke hier sind sehr, sehr alt und zudem nach Größe (nicht nach Thema!) geordnet - nur speziell geschulten Mitarbeitern ist das Wissen um die Bücher zuteil.

Right behind this inmense library, the famous Book of Kells is exhibited … If you look closely, you can see that all books are ordered by their size (not according to topic!) from bottom up: It requires many specialist librarians to locate exactly what you are looking for!


Mein Bruder sitzt lieber vor dem Bier ... Prost, Bruderherz! Hehe.

My brother Julian prefers having his beer … Slainte there! 😀


Unweit des Trinity College entdecken wir bei der Fahrt mit dem Stadtbus den Blick auf dieses wunderschöne Gebäude Dublins: Die National Gallery.

Not far from Trinity College, we enjoy a view over the National Gallery from our city tour bus.


When going for a walk in Dublin, I recommend you head down from Trinity College to St. Stephen’s Green and right into the lively pedestrian zone: Shopping & sightseeing are a perfect combination here. Tip: As a lady, do send your boyfriend ahead and into the park for taking pictures, filming, feeding the ducks and what have you – there is simply no guarantee you will get him back in quite the same conditions after dropping him at a famous Irish pub .. 😉 ). And even if Temple Bar is really touristy to you, it is very well worth to come here and soak up the Irish pub atmosphere. Even head to “Temple Bar” pub itself: It is massive, crowded and sweaty but you will get a real feel for live Irish party here!

If quiet is your option, we recommend you make your way to the suburb of Dun Laoghaire just outside Dublin. The two lighthouses and their piers are perfect for a walk by the sea: Sea breeze, sound of waves, view over dozens of sailing boats, you name it. As Austrians, we simply love these kinds of things … Being by the sea and eating fresh fish is hard to beat, really!

Die Ruhe eines milden, 18°C warmen Sonntag-Morgens in Dublin im Oktober ... Was für ein Glück mit diesem schönen Wetter im Rahmen unseres Besuches in Irland!

The peace of a sunny October day near Dublin, temperatures reaching 18°C and more … What a bliss!


Temple Bar @night: In diesem Lokal wird bis in die frühen Morgenstunden getanzt, gefeiert und natürlich - Guinness getrunken. :D

Temple Bar @night: Check out this pub for party and Irish nightlife in the heart of Dublin!


Entspannung pur: Saftiges Grün im Stadtpark St. Stephen's Green ... Dublin ist immer eine Reise wert.

Last but not least, something peaceful from Dublin: Sitting underneath this tree in the lush green colours of St. Stephen’s Green … I do recommend you visit Dublin anytime!


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