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A different kind of Christmas. In Cape Town, South Africa!

Christmas. I believe most of us immediately recall the scent of cinnamon candles, the warmth of their favourite sweater, a cup of Glühwein perhaps, and cookies. At least, this is what Christmas always felt like for me. Until I moved to Cape Town some 11 years ago. Gradually, I wrapped my head round the fact […]

Toller Blick auf die Dubai Marina!

Stop Over Travel in Dubai

Travelling back home to Munich from Cape Town, the city I now live in, I chose to do a stop over in Dubai. My head was filled by the classical “Dubai clichés”: Soaring sky scrapers, fancy cars, rich sheiks and artificial parklands in the middle of a desert. These clichés, I learned, are there for a […]

Ankunft auf Mauritius: Ein Reisetraum wird wahr! / Foto: Antonia

Mauritius: “Rum’n’Roll” in the Indian Ocean!

Dear travellers: What does first come to mind when thinking about Mauritius? Sunshine, beach life, palm trees & idyllic sea shores? It is all of that and more. I believe that if you really want to come here, you should not only lie on the beach, but also dive into the vibrant culture life of this dream destination in […]

Durban Aromas: Tracing India in South Africa

The smell of exotic spices lingers. Sugar canes as far as the eye can see. The tropical climate bides us to go skinny-dipping into the vast Indian Ocean. No, I am not talking about India nor Mauritius, but about the multiculti metropolis Durban in South Africa, located in the province of Kwazulu-Natal. This is where I was travelling in […]

Cape Town: A place where happy people live life in a bubble!

Cape Town with its mix of different cultures means pure joy of living. Magnificent landscapes, happy people, good food and fantastic wines: Cape Town is hard to put in a nutshell really, and you cannot fully understand the city without having lived here for a while. Let me share a friend’s comment with you, who came to Cape […]

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