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Skiing in Serbia: #LoveKopaonik !

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Skiing in Serbia?!, Yes, my dear. You can actually ski in Serbia. “Very interesting …”, the feedback from my mum reads every time I send her new, beautiful pictures from the snow. Followers & friends, too, have been tuning into this journey with great interest, usually leading to the same kind of questions asked via Social Media: So where exactly are you there? And: What’s it like?

Gut vier Stunden Fahrtzeit südlich von Belgrad, finden wir uns hier auf knapp 2.000 Meter Seehöhe wieder

About four hours’ drive south of Belgrade, you can find Kopaonik, Serbia’s largest ski resort with just over 60 kilometres of well-groomed slopes for alpine skiing. It is really popular with the locals, and increasingly, with visitors from abroad – hence the busy building activity you can see.


Kopaonik hat dank der vielen Pistenkilometer

Kopaonik offers a large network of blue, red and black diamond slopes …


... ein Kinderland bzw. Einsteigerpisten für Anfänger ...

… a “kids’ country”, as well as some slopes for beginners …


... Dutzende Skilehrer

… ski instructors for all ages and ranges, of course …


... sowie viele schöne, freie Pisten

… as well as many (free) slopes for carving and boarding.


#LoveKopaonik is the official hashtag for the area. And yes, there’s much to be said about Serbia’s largest ski resort, popular with both the locals as well as visitors from abroad.


Looking at the above map, you can see that Kopaonik is located in the very south of Serbia. Thanks to its highest peak, “Prancic Vrh” at 2.017 metres above sea level, Kopaonik has guaranteed snow levels for at least three months in the year. Kopaonik Ski Resort, comprised of holiday homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, ski schools as well as some other small shops, is also conveniently located at well over 1.700 metres above sea level. All of this accounts for a perpetual “winter wonderland”.

And there’s something to be said about stumbling from the slopes, into the spa area, the restaurant, and into your bed all within the space of just a few metres: Ski, Eat, Sleep, Repeat! My friends Christina, Philipp and I just love our time here. Check this out.

Malerische Aussichten nahe des höchsten Berggipfels von Kopaonik ...

Picturesque views from near the highest point of Kopaonik Ski Resort …


... moderne Liftanlagen (vom Tellerlift bis zum beheizbaren Sessellift ist hier alles vertreten) ...

… modern lift facilities (there’s even a heated chair lift) …


... gute Orientierungsmöglichkeiten ...

… well-marked slopes …


... und teilweise eine ganz eigentümliche Architektur machen das Skifahren

… and an interesting architecture place Kopaonik somewhere near the familiar Alpine slopes of my home country Austria, as well as a certain kind of “New World” atmosphere.



This, I believe, is enhanced by looking out the window over these kind of holiday homes: “Swiss Style or New World Design” ..?


Wie dem auch sei:

Whatever the story may be: #LoveKopaonik is definitely worth your try.


Food lovers, Grand Hotel & Spa fans or those looking for adventure during night skiing: Kopaonik really offers something for everyone.

Even if the weather turns bad, Kopaonik still knows how to throw a party or two. Check out the many small bars and restaurants around the resort, and buy some local products from the many pop-up street stands. Next to the ubiquitous “Raki”, you will be offered hot wine as a popular local item: A curious revival for me, as hot wine in Austria is only served until Christmas, really.

Apart from the ski resort itself, the mountain huts are very cosy and welcoming, too. Order yourself a glass of thick, creamy hot chocolate or go for a serving of fresh Serbian bean soup. If you fancy a little treatment for the senses, I can recommend the spa area of the Grand Hotel Kopaonik : My “Hot Stone Massage” was truly worth it.

And finally, the night ski. Oh, boy, did I feel like I was 14 again!

Egal ob Nachtskilauf ...

Night skiing in Kopaonik …


... Glühwein zwischen "Elena & Elena" (neue Freundin aus Russland!) ...

… or drinking hot wine with my new friend from Russia (Elena & Elena here!) …


... oder die Gemütlichkeit auf der Skihütte am Berg ...

… meeting the mountain locals of Serbia …


... Kopaonik, ich glaub' wir werden wiederkehren ...

… Kopaonik, I think you will see us again (Christina here even gets her own vegan lunch!) …


... weil

… as I do really want to ski here again one day.



Check out all of my Serbia travel posts and ideas for your next journey here: https://www.creativelena.com/en/travel-blog/europe/serbia. (about Belgrade, Novi Sad, as well as visiting Fruška Gora). Lea, who shares on her travel blog Escape-Town.com, has also already been to Kopaonik and written the following, interesting post: https://escape-town.com/kopaonik-serbien-skiurlaub/.

Maria and Christina, two of my very talented travel writer friends, have also written and shared about Serbia:


Disclaimer: We have been invited on this trip to Kopaonik by the Serbian National Tourism Board. All opinions are my own.

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