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Cooking Buenos Aires Empanadas with “Teresita La Bella”

Wine & champagne keep topping up, hummingbirds circle nearby, sweet smells, sizzle & laughter fill the air: Cooking classes really are some of my favourite creative travel activities. Not only because of the fun, interactive elements such classes provide, but also because of the real connection with locals (and other visitors) you make.   Living Life […]

Dancing the Tango in Buenos Aires …

Well. I guess this is what you’ve been waiting for you. At least that’s what we hope. After all the “pain” we’ve been through 😀 Markus and I are now proud to show our first and very official Tango Dancing Video that we recorded during a private Tango Tour through the so-called “Milongas” (Tango bars) of Buenos Aires. “Sometimes […]

Buenos Aires: On Yer Bike & Community Visit of La Boca

“In La Boca, you will find one single lane worth visiting, El Caminito, which is THE most-visited tourist trail in the whole of Buenos Aires …” Do statements like these also make you shiver? Well, here is one good tip on how to avoid the typical, standard tourist experience: Take a tour “La Boca Beyond Caminito” […]

Buenos Aires: Cicerones Greeter Tour & Visit of San Telmo

We have only been in Buenos Aires for 24 hours. And yet, we have already had the chance to experience one of its “must-see” attractions: A Buenos Aires Greeter Tour (“Cicerones, un amigo en Buenos Aires“). After a crazy journey to our summerly destination on the other side of the world, an extended breakfast on the […]

Mist in Madrid: Mission Impossible

“Who lives sees, who travels sees more.” Having circled the world and calling travelling home, it usually takes more than having to get up at four in the morning and spending 24 hours in or near aeroplanes to “get me started”. When, however, the captain announces an emergency landing in Zaragoza after 30 minutes of […]

Winter, Wine & Wellness at the LOISIUM Wine & Spa Resort in Styria

“Why is it we always rush to relax?” asks travel buddy Sarah Lee, indulgent luxury traveller from England. Afloat in a serious double bathtub offered by the LOISIUM Wine & Spa Resort Styria (complete with grapes steeped in melted chocolate, exquisite wines & wellness music), every sense of time – or indeed rush – evaporates. Of course, the fact […]

Gourmet, Wine & Cofffee Delights in Burgenland

The Burgenland, Austria’s easternmost district, really has it all. Ever since we came to appreciate exciting creative workshops such as a Motorsägenschnitzkurs (wood carving using chainsaws), groovy Beatboxing or painting with coffee & chocolate, we were thinking: What else might this province and its people have in stall for us? Where is the tastiest, most romantic or perhaps “seductive” […]

Highly Entertaining & Deeply Relaxing: Burgenland in Winter

“Look, a deer is sprinting by!” – “That one’s got quite some fur on his belly .. er, feathers. Well of course. It’s a bird.” – “Why does this one have to sit around here and look rather stupidly?” Dear Birdwatching expert Manuel: I seriously do not know if you’ve ever dealt with such a species as […]

#Winter2013: Childhood, Cake & the City of #Krems!

Snow. Soft and swirling, “sweet” white snow. “… A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight … Walking in a winter wonderland.” My very own haunting melody these days! Cheeks red from the cold, eyes shining while kids go by on their toboggans and thinking of that fresh piece of cake waiting back home? Pure bliss. These are the days […]

Community-based Tourism in Peru: Visiting Titicaca Lake

They call it the “Mediterranean Sea” of the Andes: The highest navigable lake in the world is really quite a stunner. At almost 4.000 metres altitude and literally as big as an ocean, it can be spotted from space – or from an airplane crossing the dry highland amidst which it is set. It is […]

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