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“Nonsense” in Lower Austria: The “Nonseum” museum in the Weinviertel district

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“Nonsense, real nonsense!” What sounds like an insult up here in Herrnbaumgarten in the high north of Lower Austria actually turns out to be … a museum. The so-called “Nonseum” offers true NONSENSE on a high(ly entertaining) level. No joke! Well, yes. The fact that even travel groups from Asia as well as other quirky museum associations from around Europe know about this part of the Lower Austrian Weinviertel district does finally inspire me certain respect, though. After only ten minutes visiting the museum, I cannot help but laugh out loud myself. How creative can you be? The Nonseum museum is so weird & wonderful that it truly merits the one-hour drive here from the capital city of Vienna – a truly outstanding vintage museum “lost” in the far north-east of Austria.

Durchsichtige Schnapskarten gefällig? So könnt Ihr Euren Partnern ungehindert in die Karten schauen - ein Problem weniger in dieser Welt.

Transparent playing cards solve one problem we have in this (gambling) world of ours …

Schwierigkeiten mit Kratzbürsten oder sexuellen Übergriffen? Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlägt diese grandiose "Keuschheits-Erfindung" im Weinviertel. :D

Got nasty colleagues or neighbours? Try this ingenious swim or underwear with them … long-term success guaranteed!

Eines meiner persönlichen Highlights (als alter Schihase): Der voll funktionsfähige Gips-Schi-Schuh!

Finally, one of my favourites being an old ski bunny: A fully functional “ski boot” 🙂

Das Nonseum im niederösterreichischen Weinort Herrnbaumgarten ist in der Tat einen Besuch wert.

The “Nonseum” in the Lower Austrian wine village Herrnbaumgarten is clearly worth a visit.

Auch dieser "Schirm für Sonnenanbeter" hat es mir angetan!

So cool: An umbrella for “sun lovers”!

"Erfindungen, die wir auch nicht brauchen" - und gerade deswegen so gerne betrachten. Köstliche Unterhaltung für den Geist & die Seele bietet das Nonseum in Herrnbaumgarten.

“Inventions we do not need, either” – well, that’s exactly why we love them don’t we. Check out these clever key-hole glasses 😀


For sleepy “Schlafmützen”: Staying at a creative Wine Estate in Lower Austria

All these creative spirits certainly are not limited to one local museum only: The entire village of Herrnbaumgarten is actually called “verruckt” (crazy, displaced) and so are its people, albeit in a very charming way. Some of them we meet, such as Hilde who runs a wine estate plus bed & breakfast called “Zur Schlafmütze”. Vines sprawl all over the inner courtyard making for a lovely shaded terrace and hiding the first quirky details from sight, such as the double-edged broomstick. Or the umbrella with a hole inside for the hope of better times. We really like the ingenuity – clever!

Those who prefer a more serious kind of stay are welcome to check out a wine tasting at Family Frank Wine Estate. Here, we try excellent Chardonnay, typical Austrian red wine Zweigelt as well as the classic flagship wine of the Lower Austrian Weinviertel district: A bottle of Grüner Veltliner. Always happy to share in the laughters and comments of the young wine grower Harald Frank, who takes several hours making sure all our questions about growing wine in Lower Austria get answered, this family is a real gem to visit.

Das Weingut Frank im niederösterreichischen Weinort Herrnbaumgarten lohnt definitiv den Besuch!

The wine estate Frank in the Lower Austrian village Herrnbaumgarten is worth the visit for its great wines and local charm.

In netter, familiärer Atmosphäre werden hier direkt auf der privaten Terrasse Weinverkostungen & Besichtigungen des Weinguts organisiert.

Take a seat on the terrace: After prior arrangement, all kinds of tastings and visits of the wine estate can be organized.

Im Rahmen unseres Besuches lernen wir die gesamten Keller- und Weinsortimente der Familie Frank kennen und bleiben über drei Stunden zu Besuch: So gut hat es uns hier gefallen!

As part of our visit, Harald the wine grower shows us deep into the cellars and shares many a philosophy about the art of making wine with us.

Auch im Weingut Zur Schlafmütze empfängt man uns "herzlich willkommen"!

A “warm welcome” is exactly what is waiting for us at the wine estate bed & breakfast place “Zur Schlafmütze”!

Der zauberhafte Innenhof macht richtig Lust auf entspanntes Urlaubmachen.

Wouldn’t you want to relax and chill out here during your wine gourmet holiday?

Hier stoßen wir wie im Nonseum auf Spuren der Kreativität der einheimischen Bevölkerung!

On a creative mission: Traces of the funny “Nonseum” museum can be found all over town in Herrnbaumgarten.

Gut für Schlafmützen: Urlaub am Weinbauernhof in Niederösterreich passend zum Thema des Weinviertel "genussvolle Gelassenheit"!

Good for sleepy heads (“Schlafmützen”): The wine estate bed & breakfast of the Parth family in the Weinviertel of Lower Austria.


Disclaimer: We have been invited by Thomas & Stefanie Egger of Trial’n Happiness in order to get to know “their” Herrnbaumgarten in the Lower Austrian Weinviertel district. All opinions are my own. 

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