Creative Travel in Paris: Photo Walk & Culinary Delights

Let’s be honest: Aren’t you dreaming about shooting the “one and only” travel picture ?! In Paris, you can combine a city tour with the option of learning more about photography (from a handsome French photographer!) thus benefitting threefold: 1) Checking out the camera in your hands (state-of-the-art technology at your fingertips!), 2) Discovering a district of Paris such as Montmartre, 3) Being creative and learning how to get your favourite travel shot.

Meine Freundin Laurie Buchet und ich lachen über unser Anfängerglück: Professionelle Fotowanderungen in der Stadt Paris machen richtig Spaß! Nähere Infos zum Thema gibt's auch auf der Kreativ-Plattform der Stadt:

My friend Laurie Buchet and I visibly enjoy our tour: Professional photo walks like these are fun and include a laugh or two by “our photographer” owing to the many many questions we ask! Check out the website of CreativeParis for more information about the subject:

Bruno Gasperini, seines Zeichens junger & dynamischer Architekturphotograph, veranstaltet zudem gerne geführte Fotowanderungen wie diese. Hier lernen wir gerade, wie "scharf" ein Bild sein kann, wenn mit 1/250tel Sekunde Belichtung abgedrückt wird: Der perfekte Sprungmoment ist eingefangen.

Bruno Gasperini jumps high with anticipation: A young, dynamic photographer specialised in architecture nevertheless loves to take people out for guided city tours featuring photography lessons. Here, we are learning what captures a “perfect moment”: Hitting the button in less than 1/250 of a second … I use an Olympus E-PL3 which I love for its handy size and little weight despite boasting great photography options!

Montmartre ist aber auch wirklich ein zauberhaftes Fleckchen für Fotografie. "Lieben bedeutet Chaos, also lieben wir!"

Montmartre is, after all, a great spot for romance – and photography. “Love means chaos, so let’s love!” I like. 🙂


Meet Paris’ (secret) passages and know where to find “the best cheese cake in the world” (it’s true).

Cheese cake, tarte fondant … whatever you may call this delicious cake, here in Paris you will find every single option for food you can think of – including the price range that comes with it. My cheese cake, as delightful as it may be, amounts to €9,-! But it IS outrageously delicious, a melt-in-your-mouth kind of cheese cake found at Bread & Roses, only two streets away from the Place de la Concorde and the tourist traps of the Champs-Elysées. What do you think: Wanna jump in and have a bite … ?

Cheese Cake im Café Bread & Roses, Rive Droite in der 25 Rue Boissy d'Anglas. Man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts ;-)

Cheese cake at the Café Bread & Roses, Rive Droite in 25 Rue Boissy d’Anglas. Divine, folks 😉

Aaah, die französischen Bäckereien ... Wir lieben sie. Hier im (der Name ist Programm) "Bread & Roses"!

Oh my, the aroma of French bakeries … We love them. Here at a place called “Bread & Roses”: How sweet the sound!

Echte französische Quiches sind aber auch nicht zu verachten, vor allem wenn man so wie ich Ziegenkäse plus Spinat mag: Mein Favorit des Tages!

Original home-made French quiches are an equal delight, especially if you love goat cheese and spinach: My favourite for a typical wind-down Sunday brunch!


True wealth comes down to having wonderful friends. I count myself really lucky to rely on the many insider tipps my Frenchie friends show or tell me about the (less tourist) parts of Paris. For instance, did you know that the city of love is full of cute little passages, like this one next to the Métro station “Grands Boulevards”? It features international brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier right next to temporary art & jewellery exhibitions from South America, dusty book shops or simple glitz & glamour shops.

Innenstadt-Passage im Herzen von Paris. Abseits der "Trampelpfade" läuft man hier im Rhythmus einer erlesenen Klientele (Einheimischen bzw. solchen, die es wissen ;-) über den Weg. Sehr interessant!

City passage in the heart of Paris. Just off the “beaten paths” (i.e. the grands boulevards), you move along with the pace of the “selected few”: Those who know (like us) and those who are in the know, such as the locals around here 😉 ) Very interesting and quite exclusive!

Kurze Rast: Im Winter nimmt man eigentlich nur für ein Foto draußen Platz - es sei denn, man ergattert eine Wärmelampe in einem der berühmten Pariser Straßencafés.

Sit down for a break: During winter, you only ever stop outside for a photograph – or you are lucky enough to find a free spot under one of those heat lamps that line the roadside cafés of Paris.

Gemütlich: Willkommen in "Le Stube" :)

This sounds much more cosy, though: A warm welcome to “Le Stube” which is German and makes me smile 🙂


Art & Creative Stuff

Who would have thought? Sweet, tender flowers in December and a map that depicts Austria, my very own country of origin, at the “centre stage of this world“. Travel broadens the mind – and the city of Paris does so on all channels, including sensory marketing with sweet flowers right in the middle of winter month December. Wonderful!

Mein Glück fasse ich kaum: Zart duftende Blüten im Jardin des Plantes mitten im Monat Dezember! Das muß der Klimawandel sein. Oder eine spezielle Gattung, die sich in Paris sehr wohlfühlt ...

I can’t believe this: Faint scents of spring are headed my way during a walk in Jardin des Plantes in the middle of December. This must be climate change. Or a special type of plant that just loves Paris … and passing visitors!

Diese Blüten haben es mir angetan. Wunderschön - und das im Dezember! Frühling, wo bist Du?

These flowers speak to me. Amazing! Spring, where are you?

Da soll noch mal einer sagen, Shopping sei nicht kreativ: Ausgerechnet in einer der größten Auslagen der berühmten Einkaufsstraße Rue de Rivoli findet sich diese lustige Weltkugel mit AUTRICHE (Österreich) als äquatoriales Zentrum einer aus dem Kontinent Europa bestehenden Weltkugel. Euro-Zentrismus pur oder Geniestreich der Österreicher in Paris? ;)

And who says shopping can’t be creative? Right here, of all the places, right on famous shopping boulevard Rue de Rivoli, this huge globe depicts AUTRICHE (Austria) as aequatorial centre of a world made up largely by the continent Europe. Eurocentric or simply aesthetic? I guess the Austrians must have intervened somehow, maybe by sending the French some great wine, Mozartkugeln or both.

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