Blog Parade: Bournemouth, my “Most Beautiful City By The Sea”

Janett has this idea. Actually, I owe her everything. Without her, I might never have made it to Bournemouth. “Elena, you absolutely have to go there.” On a(n impetuous) thought, I did: After all, I had my Interrail ticket plus the necessary flexibility already there. Just taking a slight detour from the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference in Rotterdam and participating in the international blog parade about the “Most Beautiful City By The Sea”. Is Bournemouth, situated at the picturesque South Coast of England, eligible to compete I wondered? …

Well, dear readers, I will let you know. Right here and now. Why Bournemouth, out of all the places (on Earth), is just worth the visit. Have a look at this! And let me know what you think.


Because Bournemouth means enjoying one of the single most beautiful coastal landscapes in the south of England.

Durdle Door” & Durdle Cove. The names might sound funny, however the atmosphere out here, about two hours southwest of London, is quick to take my breath away. Standing there, enjoying an endless view stretching over many miles, the calm blue sea like a carpet rolling up to the white chalk rocks swept over by lush green meadows, I feel as if one with the universe. Smiling. Every cell in my body tingles with excitement. My camera flashes. I drop down into the grass. Play with dandelions. Walk up and down the coast, hugging it like the sea. Just beautiful. Come on now and take this walk with me ..

Durdle Cove, an der wunderschönen Küste des englischen Ärmelkanals in Dorset gelegen, lädt zum Träumen und Ausspannen ein.

Durdle Cove, situated along the beautiful South-English coastline near the city of Bournemouth, invites you to stop and linger.


"Durdle Door", eine einzigartig markante Felsformation, ist die Hauptattraktion dieses Küstenabschnitts hier.

“Durdle Door”, a unique rock formation, is clearly the main attraction to visit out here crafted by the powers of wind and erosion.


Hier träumt einfach jeder gerne ... Blick bäuchlings vom Gras auf die Küste!

Dream away … This photo was taken lying down in the grass high above the cliffs towering over the sea.


So viel Schönheit "darf" (kann) man einfach nicht für sich behalten ... ;)

So much beauty simply “has to be shared” … 😉


Die Küste und ihr zauberhaftes Farbenspiel haben mich wirklich beeindruckt.

The coastline and its wonderful display of colours have clearly left an impression on me.


Because Bournemouth offers a glimpse of the naked truth: “The National Trust (Warns): Naturists May Be Seen Beyond This Point.”

Beware: Bournemouth and its surroundings may well leave you with a smile all over. It has to be the British sense of humor, manifesting itself in things like naked people at 20°C, light winds and overcast skies (which to the English equals to a summer day, I guess). If you fancy any such experience, I recommend you visit charming Swanage beach Studland Heath just outside of Bournemouth. It is very easy to access using public transport from the city and spend the day out here ..

Britischer Humor bzw. "nackte Tatsachen": Ab hier FKK-Strand!

British humour and the “naked truth”: Beware of naked people out here!


Den Mann, den wir dann tatsächlich nackt gesehen haben, habe ich nun doch nicht fotografiert. Dafür die vielen Spuren im Sand: Dieses Wetter ist für Engländer bereits "perfektes Strandwetter"!

The man we indeed saw naked hasn’t made it onto any of my photographs .. luckily or sadly is for you to decide. However, I have taken a record of these traces in the sand, evidence of the many people who consider coming out here “on a beautiful spring / summer day.”


Entspannung mit sanftem Meeresrauschen am Strand von Bournemouth.

A soothing sound: Listening to the lapping waves at the beach of Bournemouth.


Die Moorlandschaft ("Studland Heath") gleich hinter dem Strand lädt zu ausgedehnten Naturspaziergängen ein.

“Studland Heath” right behind the beach beckons for nice nature walks.


Because in Bournemouth, you can go shopping in a church & ride a hot air balloon from the centre of town.

“It’s ridiculous, actually!” The large balloon, right in the centre of Bournemouth, takes visitors up and down for a total of twelve pounds including a spectacular view of the English coastal town and its surroundings. If, like me, you consider this a bit overpriced for what it is, try heading for the local supermarket Tesco, located in one of the city’s many churches. After all, consumerism can actually be considered a religion these days. The church might not agree, but so what. Maybe you want to stick with the balloon, after all!

Der Shopping-Tempel ums Eck: In Bournemouth ist alles möglich!

A shopping temple round the corner: Bournemouth does not cease to surprise us.


Heißluft-Ballonfahrten werden direkt im Stadtzentrum von Bournemouth organisiert.

Hot air balloon rides are organized right in the centre of town.


Because Bournemouth offers many a delight for sybarites.

“Sybarites”: A word I had yet to learn, in Bournemouth out of all places. Sybarites we were, “enjoying life with all five senses / indulging in the sensual pleasures of life”. Those looking for the true culinary delights here, like I do, will sometimes have to go prepared for leaving the country’s culinary boundaries. In England, this may just happen sometimes. So, on this occasion, I would like to share two restaurant tips with you that you should not miss when travelling to Bournemouth: “Cusina” in Westbourne as well as the seafront “Urban Reef” restaurant. Let’s hope your mouth waters over the following foodie pics! Enjoy 😉

Im spanischen Tapas-Lokal "Cusina", welches erst vor sechs Wochen aufgemacht hat, genießen wir eine köstliche Platte mit iberischen Leckerbissen.

At the Spanish Tapas bar “Cusina”, we enjoy this delicious plate of Iberian snacks, each with a very refined taste. Beautiful: Food for real gourmets!


Die Auswahl hier ist riesig und die Qualität der zubereiteten Speisen wirklich vom Feinsten: Jeder Geschmack trifft hier einen Nerv. Einfach köstlich!

The choice here is really great, given that the bar / restaurant has only opened some six weeks ago. Definitely check it out: You will not be disappointed!


Wir sind "mutig" und bestellen vor lauter Gaumenfreuden gleich noch eine Tapas-Platte für zwei ... mmmh!

We are literally blown by the quality of the food here and choose to order yet another plate of beautiful Tapas delights!


Diese Kroketten haben es mir angetan ...

These “croquetas” contain a secret recipe … of tasting delight. Beautiful!


Etwas später begeistert ein Besuch des Strandrestaurants Urban Reef direkt am Meer von Bournemouth.

In the evening, enjoy the atmosphere at seaside Urban Reef Restaurant in Bournemouth.


Auch hier gibt es einzigartige Köstlichkeiten zu genießen; regionale Zutaten und Fischspezialitäten überwiegen und stehen für den einzigartigen Geschmack dieser Gerichte.

Local, fresh ingredients prevail in this fish & seafood cuisine.


Mahlzeit, Ihr Lieben! Dieses Foto widme ich Euch in aller Zartheit & Schönheit. Ich liebe gutes Essen einfach über alles !!

Enjoy, my dear food lovers! This pictures is just for you … “TO DIE FOR” ! And I can assure you: It tasted as good as it looks. Now, who wants a bite?


Because in Bournemouth, you can find one of the best wines from back home.

What a surprise. Here I am, at Urban Reef Restaurant in Bournemouth being served one of our very own, top Austrian wines from the Lower Austrian Kamptal district. This is where I grew up! And now I find, it indeed suits this restaurant’s light seafood cuisine very well, making me all the happier (and prouder) than I would already be after so many pleasant experiences here. Check it out … Bournemouth, the charming sea topped by a glass of Grüner Veltliner from Langenlois, Lower Austria: A truly unique & successful combination here in England. Funny. I like 😀

"Little J": Grüner Veltliner, Österreichs bekanntester Weißwein, wird uns im Urban Reef Restaurant von Bournemouth zum Essen serviert.

“Little J”: Grüner Veltliner, one of Lower Austrian’s flagship wines, is being served to us at Urban Reef Restaurant in Bournemouth.


Rundum zufrieden: Bournemouth hat mich auf ganzer Linie beeindruckt und überwältigt.

Happy all over: Bournemouth has left a really good impression on me.


Und schließlich: Wer kann bei dieser einzigartigen Kombination aus Top-Kulinarik, englischem Kleinstadt-Charme & faszinierender Küstenlandschaft widerstehen? Ich jedenfalls nicht ... zum Verlieben! ;)

And finally: Who would not feel overwhelmed here, in this unique combination of coastal landscape, great culinary moments & discoveries of the way of life in an English seaside town? I really, really enjoyed my stay here … love is in the air 🙂

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henrywilliamsonn 14 February 2014 - 11:44

photos are so cute and shows that you enjoyed your days with lot of fun.

Elena 14 February 2014 - 18:28

Thank you Henry!

Thanks for checking out my website & travel blog! You can find more inspiring travel articles and photographs about the UK here:

Best wishes, Elena 🙂


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