#Balticdiscovery Part II: An Experience of Creative Travel in the Kreativsaison Mecklenburg

Creative Travelling. I love it! The magic of creating something personal and unique, the proud flashes in the eyes of all creative travellers, the feeling of really connecting with a place. Taking the time and peace to feel the vibe of the local people and their use of creative material such as wood, ceramics or Spätzle (during our cooking class!). I’m loving it !!! Such was the magic we found as part of our #balticdiscovery team surrounded by the atmosphere of the mighty Herrenhaus Estate Büttelkow, whose owners Andreas & Antje share an eventful and inspiring history with us. From when they first arrived from distant Hannover searching for a peaceful, inspiring and creative spot: Exactly what the Herrenhaus Estate Büttelkow represents today for all its international creative visitors and business (seminar) travellers. Hailing from different countries such as Denmark, Spain, Italy or Austria ourselves, we immediately feel welcome here. Thanks to the modern E-Bikes offered by the wonderful hotel & spa residence Upstalsboom in the nearby coastal city Kühlungsborn, we manage to despise wind and “altitude” cycling the 20 kilometres to Büttelkow in “perfect style”! Nice.

Wir und unsere Räder: Mit Ebikes entlang der deutschen Ostseeküste radeln ist schon ein wirklich großartiges Vergnügen. Wind, Wetter & Landschaft lassen sich dabei hervorragend genießen.

Us and our bikes: Cycling with E-Bikes along the German Baltic Sea Coast is a wonderful experience indeed. You are so much more able to focus on the landscape and surrounding features, while still being active. It’s great!


Zur Begrüßung scheint der erste Hausgast erst mal gänzlich unbeeindruckt von unserer Ankunft. ;)

Arriving in Büttelkow, our first “greeter” is clearly unimpressed. 😉


Andreas, ein wunderbarer und vor allem kreativer Gastgeber, ist da schon um einiges anregender: Innerhalb weniger Stunden gelingt es ihm, dass wir uns hier am Herrenhaus Büttelkow wie zuhause fühlen.

Andreas, who is our “real” host for the day, is all the merrier in turn: Thanks to his warm and welcoming personality, he manages we relax and unwind in no time, feeling almost at home within just a few hours. What a wonderful place to come to in order to recharge your batteries: I must definitely come back here one day!


Dafür sorgen unter anderem auch die gemütlichen Stuben, Ferienwohnungen und Aufenthaltsbereiche des Kreativ- und Seminarbetriebes.

Part of what makes this place are the comfort and beautiful details found in the furniture of the rooms, apartments and meeting / lounge facilities around the estate. Well done Andreas & Antje!


Kurze Zeit spatter geht es auch schon los: Im weitläufigen Garten formen wir unter Andreas’ Anleitung einzigartige Skulpturen aus dunklem Wachs und Zweigen.

Just a little later, it’s creative tourism time: Out in the garden, we are forming beautiful wax & wooden sculptures under the inspirational guidance of artist Andreas.


Burcin ist schon nach kurzer Zeit ganz stolz auf ihr Werk, eine kleine Frauenskulptur.

Burcin manages to craft even a small woman statue made out of hot, dark wax. A happy moment indeed!


Der Vorteil hier: Abends kochen die Gastgeber selbst und beziehen dabei auch gerne ihre Gäste mit ein. Lecker!

A clear advantage: The hosts love to cook and spoil their guests here. If interested, you are welcome to join like us, making Spätzle for our evening meal together!


Zum Träumen & Verweilen: Das zauberhafte Ambiente des Herrenhaus Büttelkow.

A place to linger: The beautiful, fairy-tale like atmosphere of the Herrenhaus Estate Büttelkow.


Creative Cultural Moments: #Balticdiscovery in the Hanseatic City of Rostock

Teresa Trabert, our young guide & organising team member putting together #Balticdiscovery, has only been living in Rostock since the beginning of the year herself and continues to be (very) excited about what this port city in the north of Germany has to offer. Here, she invites us to meet the young designers, silver artists or “Artquarium” art space in Rostock, as well as cute textile artist “Nähmarie“: This city clearly offers many opportunities to engage with the local Baltic art scene. If such a scene does indeed exist. Because what me find here, above all, is a spirit of openness to the world that connects all the young people and artists we meet here. A fabric of everyday culture, being both regional as well as mundane and international. I have really enjoyed this part of Rostock during my visit!

Kondomautomat? Weit gefehlt! Hier holt sich Teresa ein “Päckchen Kunst” vom Kunstautomat – ein witziges Detail unseres Besuches in Rostock.

Condoms for less? Er … not really. It is “only pure art” that comes out of this machine, where you are able to get a “package of art” for just three coins of € 1,-. Funny details of our visit to Rostock!


“Street Art Graffiti” in Rostock!

“Street Art Graffiti” in Rostock!


So viel Impressionen schlauchen: Andreas, Burcin & Juli liegen erst mal flach! ;)

So many impressions: Andreas, Burcin & Juli decided to have a break! 😉


“Einagschaut”: Die Nähmarie bietet ein wunderbares Ambiente, um selbst Stoff- und Textilkunst zu gestalten oder einfach nur nach den “schönen Dingen des Lebens” Ausschau zu halten!

Check this out: Visiting “Nähmarie” in Rostock is a wonderful stop to shop or becoming creative with the artist herself and creating a nice little textile button print. Of course with Hanseatic sea motives. We really enjoy visiting her place!


Emilie & Juli haben den Dreh raus: Die Schaffensfreude ob der eigens kreierten Stoff-Pins ist ihnen wahrhaft anzuerkennen.

Emilie & Juli with their home-made souvenirs: The art & excitement of creative travelling clearly gets to them, as captured in this moment.


Rostock City Walk & Fishing at the harbour

After our creative stroll around the artists’ district of Rostock, where we are also invited to couch surf at the artists’ places (so cool!), we take to streets with our “greeter” and local city expert Robert. He shows us “his Rostock” perfectly mastering the art of compelling and visual storytelling. His hospitality is incredible, even inviting us to his parents’ place for a coffee break during the walk! Again, we feel just like home and ever so welcome here. Later at the harbour, we even engage with the local fishermen catching fresh fish (like tourists would: all excited, filming and squealing 😉 ) while ending the day at a local chill-out session at the Rostock circus. It is truly overwhelming how much we enjoy Rostock in this one day. Make sure you do not miss it on your next trip to the Baltic Sea!

Stadtrundgang in Rostock.

City Walk in Rostock.


Fischer’s Fritze fängt frische Fische … oder so ähnlich. We like !! Ein absolut ungeplante und genau deshalb so schöne Reiseerfahrung.

Catching fresh fish in a spontaneous engagement with the local fishermen … A truly fun experience at the harbour of Rostock.


Zirkus-Entrepreneur Thomas begrüßt uns mit Weltoffenheit und Erfahrungsreichtum, welcher von Jonglieren bis Zirkusorganisationen weltweit reicht. Beeindruckend!

Circus entrepreneur Thomas welcomes us to the Rostock circus, engaging us all as “artists” for the evening. Another charming and beautiful activity!


Gemeinsam sind wir stark: #Balticdiscovery lässt grüßen!

Together, we are strong: #Balticdiscovery rocks!


Travel Video #Balticdiscovery

Check out even more discoveries at the Baltic Sea and our experience of the Kreativsaison Mecklenburg: If you like my “cineastic” moments, please share them! I am happy about your feedback. 😀

Disclaimer: We have been invited by Kreativsaison Mecklenburg to experience #Balticdiscovery at the German Baltic Sea Coast.  All opinions are my own.

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