Bake Your Own Bread with Roswitha Huber in Salzburg

Today, we FINALLY made it to Roswitha Huber. She is a star, really. “Simply” baking (real, delicious, home-made Austrian) bread? Our group of dedicated travel bloggers from all over Austria will all agree: Learning how to bake your own bread in the Rauris valley of Salzburg definitely is an experience in its own right.

” … And it’s all because of these two young students from Salzburg, whose film about the ‘Schule Am Berg‘ received an international award at a New York Film Festival, that the local TV stations got interested and broadcasted my Bread Festival. Actually, I was meant to give it all up! But the festival proved to be just the beginning. …”

She’s organising international Bread Festivals. She’s running individual & team workshops on how to bake your own bread. She’s written a book called “Gutes Brot“. Check out her wonderful place called the “Kalchkendlalm” about five minutes from Rauris in the local Rauris Valley: Do not miss.

Roswitha Huber wie sie leibt & lebt: Mit Brot "auf der Schippe", frisch aus dem Backofen - selbst gemacht von uns natürlich!

Roswitha Huber loves to materialise “with bread”: Fresh from the oven, this is what we have achieved in less than half a day thanks to her encouragement and help during the bread-making workshop!


Hier kann man wirklich "hinter / unter die Kulissen blicken": Freimütig erzählt uns Roswitha während des ca. vierstündigen Kurses inklusive Mittagessen & Kaffeejause von ihrem Leben als "Eigenbrötlerin"!

Here, you can really get “behind the scenes”: During the four hours spent in the mountains with local lady Roswitha Huber, we learn of her life at the farm, her bread, her friends and her animals.


Wenig später geht's auch schon ans Werk: Die Teige werden ausgerollt, das Brot geformt!

A little later, off to work! The dough needs kneading, each one of us crafting his / her own individual bread!


Hier helfen alle mit: Viele "Köche optimieren hier den Brei"!

Everybody gives a hand: Many cooks “enhance” the broth!


Bernadette zeigt's vor: Frisch geformte, kunstvoll verzierte Laiber Brot herzustellen macht Spaß und Lust auf eine spätere Kostprobe: Ca. eine Stunde dauert der Backvorgang im traditionellen Holzofen.

Bernadette leads the way: Fresh dough ready for baking in the wood fire oven. It takes about an hour for the bread to be ready according to this ancient tradition.


Tourism development “beyond the horizon” of the Rauris Valley

Days like today entice us to let our spirits wander. Many of us have some great ideas for the local (tourism) development of the valley including interactive, sustainable and local (authentic) tourism experiences. Life is good: A warm, welcoming parlour with a tiled stove offers comfort and shelter from the cold of winter, cats chicken and goats roam the farm, the smell of fresh bread lingers, spiced up by the laughter & stories of Roswitha Huber, who in German is also known as the “Eigenbrötlerin“.

Her very own personal stories are “only” shared with us, though – the travel bloggers of Austria! (during a coffee break without cameras or podcasts 😉 ). Come and see her to find out yourself.

Die traumhaft schöne Winterlandschaft des Rauriser Tal empfängt uns am - wirklich so genannten! - Fröstlbergweg auf der Kalchkendlalm.

The magic winter landscape beckons us in with sun & snow after driving up the “shivering path” (Fröstlbergweg) to the local farm Kalchkendlalm in the Rauris Valley. What a suitable name during winter!


Lea genießt ein Stell-Dich-Ein mit der dicken Wuschelkatze des Hauses!

Lea enjoys meeting the cat of the house, a huge furry animal double the size of a small dog!


Als Kreativ-Reisende, welche Roswitha schon im Juli 2011 im Rahmen eines ihrer "Wie mache ich mir ein Butterbrot-Kurse" besucht hat, freue ich mich riesig ob des geglückten Wiedersehens in weiterer Funktion als Reiseberichterstatterin!

I am just very happy to meet Roswitha Huber again after stopping to see her in July 2011, when she signed up to work with Creative Tourism Austria including the bread-making workshops she offers.


Dieses Brot lasse ich mir schmecken ... Oooh ja. "Meins!"

I love my bread. I guess you can tell .. !


Zum Anbeißen: Frisch gebackenes Holzofenbrot ist wahrlich mit nichts zu vergleichen. Ein Traum!

Well, it’s too delicious really. You must come and see / knead / bake for yourself. There’s nothing like it: Fresh mountain bread straight from an outdoor wood-fired oven. Be prepared to fall in love!


And because I loved it so much, I have decided to take you with me. Right into the Kalchkendlalm. Live from the kitchen and later on presenting fresh loaves of bread. Watch Roswitha Huber in action and listen to her magnificent Austrian dialect which best translates into “the love” that goes into “making your own bread”. A feast for the senses!

Still haven’t had enough? I agree. Enjoy my pictures of the day:

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