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UNESCO World Heritage

Trier: Wow. World Heritage Wonders in the oldest city of Germany

“Augusta Treverorum“, the imperial city built by the Romans at the Mosel river, is the oldest city of modern-day Germany. I am constantly amazed by what I see around here: “The stone foundations of the bridge across the Mosel river, which we are about to cross, are over 1800 years old”, my charming new friend […]

Wonderful World Heritage: Cruise-Cycling the “Romantic Rhine Valley” in Germany

Oh, I really love to go with the flow while travelling. From the city of Frankfurt and my recent visit of the LIMES World Heritage – Römerkastell Saalburg, it is just another stone’s throw to Rüdesheim at the beginning of the Romantic Rhine Valley. (Yes, it really deserves to be called like that. 😀 ) Shortly after leaving […]

Visiting the Roman LIMES World Heritage in Saalburg, Germany

Carsten Amrhein is a tall, quiet man with dark hair and a decisive look to his face. Almost as if he were a true Roman, if you want to imagine them like him. “Like in the Roman Age!” is one of his favourite sayings at the Römerkastell Saalburg, located only a stone’s throw away from the […]

Summer Trip in Germany: World Heritage & “Wurstkuchl” in Regensburg

“6 on cabbage … do you actually spell that with an ‘x’ or like the number ‘sechs’ in German?!” – “Well, as far as I know, you do write it with an ‘x’ … six sausages on cabbage, there you go!” both my city guides Isabell Käser & Erwin Maurer reply to me with a […]

Gourmet Travel Delights in the Wachau Valley: Best Of Wine & Apricots

Apricots, Apricots, Apricots! Tasting the longest apricot cake in the world (yes, it is well over 30 metres long!). Eating apricot dumplings, joining an apricot festival, being “apricot bloggers”, almost: Our gourmet trip along the Danube in Lower Austria shapes up to let us appreciate & enjoy every aspect of this sweet little orange fruit whose harvest […]

My World Heritage Trip in Germany: “History Full Of Life”

It is loud, it is late, it is an evening full of new faces deep down in the bar area of the popular Wombat’s Youth Hostel at the Vienna Naschmarkt. My colleague & Tripwolf Lea Hajner has called for a second international “Travel Massive” in the city of Vienna: Here I am faced with countless members of PR, […]

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