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Hi! I'm Elena! Welcome to my travel blog Creativelena.com.
For me, it is all about “life-seeing instead of sightseeing”: Join me as I create, eat & live my way around the world. Curious?

*Check out my book, “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”, for learning more about what we mean by creative travel. Travelling means the world to me, makes me fit for everday life and sometimes, I trust, also calmer on the inside. Read this blog with a smile, share what you love and remember to check back regularly: After all, when was the last time you did something for the first time?

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... bedeutet Maria Rienesl einfach alles.

From foreigners to friends: Travel Tales from Grandma’s house in Waldviertel, Lower Austria

“During summer, we throw up a BBQ and our guests say, ‘Hang on Maria, and look: The stars. So many and so clear! It is so beautiful here in the Waldviertel. Such clean air. We sleep so well here, and just love the silence, you know.’ And Elena, comments like these, they just get to […]

... alten Fischerbooten ...

Athens, Greece: A travel tale in the (spiritual) traces of humankind.

“At times, you know, it is not just the current situation of the economy … but also the weight of a glorious past that Greece today finds simply impossible to bear”, my friend & colleague Ioannis Poulios tells me, as we both stand in awe in front of Athens’ Olympic Stadium, well over 2.000 years old. […]

... bekommen wir schließlich einen kleinen Mittags ...

Winter Trip to Greece: Top Foodie Tips from Athens.

Greece in foodie terms is one big travel dream come true! If you’ve ever sighed to the creaminess of real Greek yoghurt, tasted juicy Kalamata olives or bit into tangy Feta cheese, you will never want to opt for the industrially manufactured counterparts again. Incredible just how good the food tastes out here, at the very source of […]

Sustainable Travel Options in Austria: A winter trip to Abtenau, Salzburg

“Our clients, they do not wish to be entertained … They come here to relax, to unwind, to enjoy the pure mountain air and landscape.” The landscape of Abtenau, that is: A quiet little gem located just south of the city of Salzburg, right next to the foothills of the mighty Alps. Markus Gutjahr, our host […]

... looking after the girls & me: Sauna in Latvia is split among men & women.

Top Travel Picks for Riga & Rural Latvia: Cooking, Creative Jewellery Workshop & Country Sauna Experience

Latvia. A true “tabula rasa” in terms of travel experiences for me. I have never in my life been to either of the three Baltic States Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, but have been given a great deal of (positive) recommendations before. Thanks to my participation in the #NBEFinland Nordic Bloggers’ Experience, I have now been to Riga, […]

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