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Creative Travel in Salzburg

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“Creative travel, that’s not for me – I’m not creative.” Have you heard this before? Or worse: Had the same thought yourself? Well, there’s only one remedy: Go out and TRY creative travelling. And stay creative, just as you would in everyday life. Learn and benefit from like-minded travellers and/or children around you. Check out who else is doing what you enjoy doing, learn a new skill and perhaps even reach the famous state of Flow where “nothing else matters”.

As an experienced “creative traveller”, let me tell you: Of course, creative travel is something for you, your friends, everybody! Where else could you literally  make contact with the locals in such an intimate kind of way?

Süße dicke Alpenhasen! Naja, nicht ganz kreativ - aber inspirierend ist die Landschaft hier in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee im schönen Salzburgerland allemal!

Sweet, furry Alpine rabbits! Well, not entirely creative – the landscape however IS, whether providing inspiration for painting, photography or collecting particular herbs: Here in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee in the beautiful Salzburgerland country.


So what’s in for creative travelling? I’ve asked my colleague and fellow travel blogger Jörg Baldin (Breitengrad53), who has recently experienced exciting creative travels in Burgenland, Austria including a beatbox session with well-known Austrian beatboxer Fii, wine tasting seminars or a chain saw carving lesson – Mit der Motorsäge auf Schmusekurs! Check this out:

Creative travel above all means having one thing: Fun

This summer, we joined a creative holiday break as part of the “Creative Summer Season” .natura.kreativ. in the travel destination Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, about one hour south of the city of Salzburg: Inspiring mountain landscapes, countless paths for hiking and even more Dirndl & Lederhosen-locals proud of their heritage, culture and local dialect. So what makes this destination unique? I have collected some of the motives that may well make its “creative USP”:

PanArt Malerei mit Claudia Sommerlat: Jedes Jahr lockt die Künstlerin zahlreiche Fans dieser besonders intuitiven & flüssigen Art der Malerei, die jedem gelingt, nach Salzburg.

PanArt Painting with Claudia Sommerlat: Each year, the artist draws many fans to the Creative Summer Season in Altenmarkt for this particularly fluid, creative way of painting – beginner or advanced, anybody is welcome!

Auch Kurse zur Fotografie und Bildbesprechungen finden statt: Kreativurlaub unter freiem Himmel.

Creative travel from a special angle: Courses in photography and exploring the great outdoors are also offered as part of the .natura.kreativ. programme here in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee.

An zwei Wochen im August finden hier die jährlichen Impuls.Kurse .in di Berg. statt: Inspiration für Stimme und Hände in wunderbar inspirierender Umgebung.

Each year during the last two weeks of August, the Creative Summer Season in Altenmarkt .natura.kreativ. takes place. We really liked it this year and look forward to the next: www.kreativurlaub-altenmarkt.at !


So what do the locals join us over with? They dance, jodel, sing, carve, paint, cook or celebrate with us. From dusk till dawn only to be out and about again by early morning light. It’s a special ambiance in the light of these mountains – creative travel at its best, naturally.

natura.kreativ IMPULS-KURSE in di Berg

natura.kreativ. Singing in the mountains with fellow creative travellers (c) Altenmarkt-Zauchensee Tourismus

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