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#WOWSouthAfrica : Travel Tips around Cape Town, Stellenbosch & the Cape of Good Hope

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“Welcome back home, Elena.” The man sitting next to me on the plane bound for the “Mother City” smiles. We have just left Johannesburg and Kruger National Park behind, both bucket list destinations that I have finally managed to see! The city of Cape Town, however, does feel more like “coming home”: My third time back in the “Mother City” after all these years!

Faszinierend schön: Der Blick auf Kapstadt aus der Sicht des Helikopters ...

#WOWSouthAfrica … What a view of Cape Town …


... dass ich ganz vergesse, mich mit dem zugegebenermaßen recht hübschen Piloten Stephan von Cape Town Helicopters zu unterhalten ..Danke für den wundersamen Rundflug über Kapstadt & die Kap-Halbinsel, liebes Team von Cape Town Helicopters!

… so beautiful indeed that I am left speechless, even to talk to the rather handsome pilot Stephan, at Cape Town Helicopters: Thank you so much for the ride across Cape Town, Table Mountain as well as the Cape Peninsula (as seen on the horizon here)!


Noch am selben Abend stehen wir dann auf ihm: Kapstadts weltberühmten Tafelberg, gut 1.000 Meter hoch, und blicken in den Sonnenuntergang.

On the evening of the same day, it’s #WOWSouthAfrica all over again, standing atop Cape Town’s Table Mountain!


So where to go in Cape Town if all you have is but a few days? We had a good look around and now got the following suggestions for you.

“First things first”: Where to stay? This time, we are on a real luxury trip and thus get a chance to stay at the beautiful Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, as well as the centrally located Cape Grace Hotel right by the Waterfront. From there, it’s a five minutes walk to “Victoria & Albert Waterfront” (V & A Waterfront). Memories of my earlier visits in 2005 and 2011 come rushing back at me, where I have visited my friend Antonia, who has moved here permanently from Munich. For the past few years, she has started to become a real expert in her vegan travel niche, publishing regularly on “The Vegan Rainbow” as well as hosting the “South African Travel Chat” on Twitter each Thursday night! I am proud of, and happy for you and your beautiful expat life here, dear Toni!

Wiedersehen macht Freude - und noch mehr bei der Übergabe echt österreichischer Schokolade von Zotter!

Love meeting & catching up with good old friends while travelling: Thank you for your help in organising the beautiful chocolate gift, dear Florian @TravelPins!


Ankommen & einchecken an Kapstadt's berühmter Waterfront mit Blick auf den Tafelberg ...

Check in and check this out: Arriving at Cape Grace Hotel alongside Cape Town’s famous Waterfront, with a view upon Table Mountain …


... heißt unter anderem nur fünf Gehminuten zum neu eröffneten, sehr schicken Watershed Market ...

… means easily heading over for a nice little stroll around Watershed Market …


... und empfangen werden vor "lauter" Lebensfreude Südafrikas, bzw. Kapstadts! ...

… and immediately being absorbed by the life and vibrancy of “The Rainbow Country”, South Africa! …


... weiters köstlich speisen ...

… where we eat really, really well each and every time, starting our first little tasting of typical South African wines at the hotel …


... bevor wir uns aufmachen, den eigentlichen Anlass unserer weiten Reise zu erkunden: Das stimmungsgeladene Cape Town Jazz Festival.

… before it is time to discover the actual reason for our visit: The International Cape Town Jazz Festival! I just love the mix of electronic vibes and some DJ kind of music, international jazz bands, countless singers and an audience that just explodes: What a vibe here in the South African party culture.


Gut ausschlafen und Euch wie ein Prinz / eine Prinzessin fühlen könnt Ihr auch im Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel von Kapstadt, für dessen Erkundung uns leider viel zu wenig Zeit blieb. Hoffentlich ein nächstes Mal!

Taking a rest later on, at the equally beautiful Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, which we have to come back for in order to explore more.


Food & fun wine tastings continue on the second day of our trip in & around Cape Town.

As a true #winelover, there is no way you can miss going to Stellenbosch, a little less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town. It has originally been founded by European settlers, who have recognised the area’s potential for wine growing, with a climate (and latitude) similar to the Mediterranean on the northern hemisphere. The soils are perfect for growing an exotic variety of (crafted) grape varieties, such as Chenin Blanc, “Chakalaka” or Viognier. Check this out.

Bevor wir uns dem Wein widmen, zunächst ein bisschen Geschichte bei der geführten Stadtführung in Stellenbosch ...

Before moving on to tasting South African wines, there’s an interesting history lesson to be learned from our guided tour in Stellenbosch …


... auf so einer Universität (!?) hätte ich auch gerne studiert ..!

… where our student guide takes us past his university, this beautiful building here in the background. What a view for studying!


Wenig später schon statten wir dem Weingut "Spice Route Destination" in Paarl einen Besuch ab ...

A little later, we are headed to the “Spice Route Destination” wine estate & restaurants in Paarl …


... kosten uns durch die hiesigen, für Südafrika typischen Weiß- und Rotweine (Prost, liebe Aletta!) ...

… tasting typical South African wines from around the area (cheers, dear Aletta!) …


... genießen die Geselligkeit unserer Reisegruppe ...

… enjoy the animated talks and laughter shared among our international travel group …


... und lassen uns vom Charme der Umgebung und ihren zahlreichen Geschichten einfach nur treiben ..!

… and simply love being carried away by the beauty of the natural surroundings, farmlands and mountains ..!


Bound for the Cape of Good Hope, be aware of penguins & baboons along the way ..!

Animal encounters are aplenty on the road to the Cape just south of the city of Cape Town. Baboons may try and steal your food, especially if it’s as delicious as the menu being served at the recently opened “Two Oceans Restaurant“. Right there on Cape Point, at the end of the road, two oceans meet: The warm waters of the Indian Ocean as well as the cold waters of the Antarctic / Atlantic sea. Always wild, always windy, nature is a fascinating actor on the stage of the Cape Peninsula, where I must insist you stop at the penguin colony of Simonstown.

Guckst Du ! Pinguine machen in Südafrika offensichtlich Sommerurlaub ..!

Penguins on a hot summer vacation ..!


Dazu passend: Paviane "on the run", vor diesen diebischen Tieren die es gerne auf eine Gelegenheit zum Futterstehlen abgesehen haben, sollte man sich in Acht nehmen.

Baboons, too, are on the run here: This family is very close to our car, and if you carry food, it’s best to keep your windows locked.


... als Residenz für meinen nächsten Kap-Halbinsel-Besuch würde ich dann dieses Haus hier wählen, Bitteschön ...

Next up, I would like to come and stay at this nice “little house” here on the coast …


... und so sieht es dann aus, wenn ein Bulgare, eine Österreicherin, und eine Südafrikanerin Anfang April, im Spätsommer also, am Kap der Guten Hoffnung stehen: Außer Nebel nichts gewesen ..!

… and well, this is what can look like when a Bulgarian, an Austrian and a South African meet at Cape Point … The fog, however, may swiftly be clearing in the wind ..!


Egal .. Im "Two Oceans Restaurant" ist wie gesagt sehr gut schlemmen ...

And as long as there is food like this … Do stop at “Two Oceans Restaurant” on your way out to the Cape Peninsula.!


... und auch das obligatorische Gruppenfoto am Cape Point muss hier sein !

… including the classic photo stop at the “most south-western point of the African continent” !


So how to say goodbye to moments like these? That’s right: With the perfect sunset on Table Mountain ..!

Tip: Bei gutem Wetter verkehrt die Tafelbergbahn alle paar Minuten.

In case of good weather (meaning no strong winds or the famous “table cloth”), the Table Mountain cable car offers scheduled runs every day.


Oben angekommen, grüße ich meine Taekwondo-Gruppe zu Hause mit einer klassischen Kampfstellung am Tafelberg !!

Having arrived up there, my greeting is as much for the city of Cape Town below, as for my Taekwondo friends back home !!


... bevor der nahende Sonnenuntergang ...

… right when sunset …


... uns mit geschenkten Augenblicken wie diesen ...

… announces magical colours, and vistas …


... doch scheint die Natur noch eins draufstehen zu wollen, und beschenkt uns zudem mit diesem fulminanten Sonnenuntergang "Out of Africa" ...!

… before gifting us with this one, “Out of Africa” …! #WOWSouthAfrica through and through !!!


Magical, again, our trip to Cape Town, into the surrounding wine country as well as out to the Cape Peninsula & the Cape of Good Hope. Late summer / early autumn is a great travel season by the way, temperatures are still very warm during the day; and cultural highlights such as the Cape Town Jazz Festival offer the perfect occasion for a visit.


Check out more pictures from my trip around South Africa, the Rainbow Country:


If like me, you can’t get enough, check out the amazing safari we did prior to our visit in Johannesburg. The video, too, is beautiful as it is:


Disclaimer: We have been invited by the South African Embassy, Tourism Board & Qatar Airways on this trip to South Africa. All opinions are my own.

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