Wine Trip in “Weinviertel”: Visiting Top Wine Estate Hagn in Lower Austria

My most recent travel blog posts count 10 wine glasses & wine bottles in the top picture alone. Let alone all the other “wineful” pictures on FlickrFacebook and in all my articles. What does this show, dear readers? A true wine lover’s at work! Wine & FoodGourmet Travel, come on and let’s be honest: What could possibly be wrong with that?

Right. So, I hope you don’t mind me continuing my research in offering you the best wine travel tipps, both in Austria as well as abroad. For now, I will tell you something about my very own province, Lower Austria, the one with the largest wine growing community of more than 46.000 hectares (that’s half of the wine production of Austria) growing white wine, and famous Grüner Veltliner in particular: An Austrian classic. Have a look at this!

Das Weingut im niederösterreichischen Weinort Mailberg zählt zu den besten Adressen im gesamten Weinviertel.

The Hagn Wine Estate is among the top wine estates to visit for anybody who is interested in wine about Lower Austria. Quite spontaneously, my friend Anna and I are offered a private visit of the estate and its guest rooms by charming Roswitha Hagn, who runs the winery with heart and wit – personal storytelling included !


Bei unserer Führung durch die historischen & modernen Kellerräume stoßen wir auf verborgene Schätze aus früheren Jahren .. Ob wir da mal kosten dürfen? ;)

During our cellar tour through the ancient cellar vaults, we find many an old treasure: Are we allowed to taste some of these … ? 😉


Der Weingott Bacchus muss natürlich auch mit von der Partie sein ... Hier bei seiner wohl "ur-typischsten" Haltung am Weinfass abgebildet.

The Wine God Bacchus has to be in this, of course. Here, he got carved into a large wine barrel in his most striking pose, obviously.


The Hagn Wine Estate: Wine Bar, “Weindomizil”, Wine Epxerience

Seen from inside the restaurant, the panorama terrace facing south-west actually appears even more beautiful than approaching it from the outside. In my mind, I imagine a nice, cosy celebration atmosphere, with a good glass of wine in hand, the views over the wine town Mailberg as well as its surrounding vineyards while spending the night in one of the six beautifully decorated “Weindomizil” rooms. Hagn Wine Estate has its very own style, beautiful yet never “over the top”, with a successful combination of a traditional wine estate and a modern sense of hospitality. I can only recommend you visit here.

Gemütlich eingerichtete Verkostungsecke mit modernen Details neben der Weinbar des Weingut Hagn.

Modern tasting corner with a lot of “eye-catching” details at Wine Estate Hagn.


Selbst das stille Örtchen besitzt "weinsamen" Charme - findet Ihr nicht auch? ;-)

Even the toilet is worth taking a charming, second look! Wouldn’t you agree it fits perfectly well? 😉


In den Barrique-Fässern reifen Rot- und Weißweine, derer wir im Anschluss zahlreiche verkosten werden. !

In these wooden barrels, many of the estate’s top white and red wines develop … some of which we get to taste afterwards !


Unsere charmant-umwerfende Weinbegleitung für den Tag: Roswitha Hagn ist mit Rat & Tat zur Stelle, wenn es um "storytelling" zum Weinviertel, zu Mailberg, zum Grünen Veltliner DAC oder einfach nur zur Familiengeschichte des Weingut Hagn geht. "Durchs Reden kommen die Leut' zam" - diese uralte österreichische Weisheit gilt auch in diesem Falle. Wir sagen DANKE für den wunderbaren Besuch!

Our charming(ly beautiful) Roswitha Hagn, personal wine & local storytelling guide for the day, tells us all we need to know about the Weinviertel wine growing district, about the history of the town Mailberg and the famed Grüner Veltliner DAC white wine variety. THANK YOU for a wonderful visit!

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