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Buenos días, Buenos Aires. “Magia Es Viajar” !!!

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“Para Elena, con mucho cariño!! Nunca dejes de soñar!! Mucho éxito con tu libro! Besos y abrazos!! Aldana, Dino y Tahiel. Buenos Aires, diciembre 2014.”

“For Elena, with lots of love!! Never stop dreaming!! All the best for your book! Kisses and hugs!! Aldana, Dino y Tahiel. Buenos Aires, December 2014.”

My idea of a stopover on this CreativElenaRTW round the world trip of mine is as follows: Enjoying a nice walk in a city that I am already familiar with from a previous visit. Feeling the sun on my skin & music in my ears. As well as … watching feelings of bliss & delight rise through me upon my visit of dear fellow travel bloggers Aldana & Dino, of “Magia En El Camino” – “Magic on the Way”, who hand me their first ever written travel book! The story behind the charming couple, who I was lucky enough to meet during my visit of the 2013 Mendoza Wine Festival, is as inspiring as it is unique. About five years ago, they both embarked on a “round the world trip without a return flight” starting their travel blog Magia En El Camino and pooling together the creative photography & writing skills of Aldana with Dino’s talent as a magician. This resourceful websites has many eye-opening stories and beautiful travel visions to tell, counting among Argentina’s top travel blogs to date! Right now, Aldana & Dino have just published their first travel book while “all the while” raising their one-year-old son bearing the beautiful name of Tahiel. I am deeply impressed by the joyful, heart-warming nature of this delightful travel family, including of course cute little Tahiel: “Truth is, we are raising three children altogether”, Aldana laughs. “Our dear Tahiel … The book, Magia Es Viajar, … And our travel blog Magia En El Camino.”


Wow. Buenos Aires & the story of the travel book “Magia Es Viajar” written by Argentinian authors Aldana & Dino really impress me. Looking for some travel tips? The first & foremost is this: “Never stop dreaming.”

Sientan, sueñen y vayan en búsqueda de la magia en el camino., is one of the many thoughts & recommendations of the travel book Magia Es Viajar. “Feel, dream & go searching for the magic on the way.” This motto is what I have truly taken to heart concerning my city visit of Buenos Aires. More creative travel tips, such as learning how to cook Argentinian Empanadas, enjoying a Tango lesson or visiting “La Boca” are what I have already published here. This time, let me tell you more about finding “magic along the way”, just as Aldana & Dino have chosen to express it in their book … the magic of a simple, yet delightful city walk in Buenos Aires.

Schon beim Anflug erschließt sich mir die gewaltige Dimension der Stadt Buenos Aires, am Río de la Plata Argentiniens gelegen ...

Already upon arrival, the sheer size of a city like Buenos Aires counting more than 15 million inhabitants, truly gets to me …


... die zentralen Stadtviertel jedoch sind relativ klein und überschaubar: Dank meines ersten Besuches hier im Jahr 2013 finde ich mich schnell wieder zurecht und genieße einen Stadtbummel wie hier über den Plaza 25 de Mayo ...

… the central districts however are somewhat small and easy to navigate: Remembering the network of streets from my visit in 2013, I easily navigate around familiar streets & squares, such as Plaza 25 de Mayo …


... der Platz, der viele interessante Merkmale wie diese weißen Zeichen trägt: Gemalte Symbole von Kopftüchern der Frauen, dessen Söhne im Krieg Argentiniens gestorben sind ...

… the very Plaza that bears interesting sights such as this one, hand-painted symbols of “Women wearing white scarfs” to commemorate the mourning of thousands of their sons lost in the wars of Argentina …


"Mafalda", die bekannte argentinische Comic-Figur, lässt grüßen ...!

“Mafalda”, one of Argentina’s famous comic characters, greets visitors to Buenos Aires …!


Im Stadtviertel San Telmo findet jeden Sonntag der Mercado de San Telmo statt, ein Ereignis das es sich zu besuchen lohnt ...

Each Sunday, the city district of San Telmo is home to the Mercado de San Telmo, a market that is well worth visiting thanks to the variety of arts & crafts on display.


Wie ich mich noch aus 2013 erinnern kann, gibt es hier coole Jungs ...

Just like I remember it to be from my first visit here, lots of cool guys are hanging around …


... und handelsübliche Verkaufsszenen zu sehen!

… as well as normal market activity going on!


Vom Mercado de San Telmo ist es nur ein Katzensprung hinunter an das Hafenviertel Puerto Madero ...

A little further out from San Telmo, I walk down to beautiful Puerto Madero …


Vom Mercado de San Telmo ist es nur ein Katzensprung hinunter an das Hafenviertel Puerto Madero ...

… Buenos Aires’ harbour district that delights locals & visitors alike thanks to its well-tended walkways and countless bars & restaurants..


Hier gibt es für jeden etwas zu sehen: Argentinischer Fußball im Park mit der beeindruckenden Skyline dieses Stadtviertels im Hintergrund ...

There is something for everyone on display here, including Argentinian football being played against the impressive skyline of Puerto Madero …


... bis hin zu großartiger Architektur, wie dieser "Puente de la Mujer" im Zentrum des Hafenviertels Puerto Madero.

… all the way to great architecture, such as this “Puente de la Mujer” – Woman’s Bridge in the centre of the harbour district Puerto Madero.


(Obwohl, wenn ich mir die Brücke so ansehe, sie wohl eher "virilisch angehaucht", Brücke des Mannes lauten müsste? ;) Bestimmt von einem männlichen Architekten entworfen, der sich hier verewigen wollte!).

(Actually, looking at the bridge from further away though, I must say it should rather be called “Man’s Bridge”, don’t you think? 😉 ).


Ein weiteres Statussymbol der Stadt Buenos Aires: Der weithin sichtbare Obelisk an der Hauptstraße im Zentrum von Buenos Aires, Treffpunkt für viele U-Bahn-Linien, Busse, Hotels, Geschäfte ...

Another symbol of Buenos Aires is the Obelisk, located in the heart of the city at the crossroads of many streets & underground trains, shopping malls, hotels, bars & restaurants …


... sowie, natürlich, den Jugendlichen der Stadt! Viva Buenos Aires.!

… as well as of course, a meeting point for the youth of town! “Chillaxing” in Buenos Aires it is.!


“We are happy that our book found its way into your hands upon this visit of Buenos Aires, dear Elena! What a lovely sign of ‘Magic on the Way’ – Magia en el Camino!”

It is not in vain that Buenos Aires, with all the inspiration it holds, counts among the UNESCO Creative Cities of this world. My thoughts wander off thinking creative travel, until I finally meet Aldana & Dino in their lovely home here in Buenos Aires. In the style of an international #BloggerGreet, they are happy to welcome me to their reality: Everyday life made up of book boxes (check out this link for more information about “Magia Es Viajar“!), baby toys & the sweetest little son that young parents can wish for … a whole chapter is what Aldana & Dino have already dedicated to Tahiel, starting a new section on their blog “El Viajerito” on the occasion of Tahiel’s first birthday. Just. Beautiful.!

“The blog alone is a lot of work – incredible really, how we managed to have a baby and written and published a book all together”, Aldana & Dino laugh at me, reflecting about their last year as a young family. They both travel a lot, giving interviews, book presentations, magic shows & more. Perhaps even more important: They live their life dream. 2015 has them travel to Europe for a few months (see you in “good old Austria”!), with sweet little Tahiel tagging along and already perfectly integrated: “We love him to bits”, Aldana muses, Aldana who despite all the excitement remains calm and centered. “And this is what he shows”, I tell her, delighted with all the cute little sonrisas of this young man. After all, love and harmony are what counts – and lots of it carries forward in the children of Aldana & Dino: Tahiel. Their travel blog. And finally, their book “MAGIA ES VIAJAR“! 😀

Reiseblogger und solche, die es noch werden möchten, unter sich ...!

Travel bloggers (to be) …!


Ich liebe das Reisebuch der beiden erfolgreichen argentinischen Autoren & Reiseblogger auf den ersten Blick ...

I just love the travel book written by successful travel bloggers & authors Aldana & Dino …


... und kann es kaum erwarten, mit der Lektüre zu beginnen: "Gottseidank" erwarten mich noch viele Flugstunden bis zur Osterinsel und über den Pazifik nach Neuseeland ... DANKE für dieses großartige Geschenk, ihr Lieben!

… very very eager to start reading now: THANK GOD there are lots of flight hours coming up as I start crossing the Pacific in search for more “magic on the way” in places such as Easter Island and New Zealand … !


Aldana mit ihrem Sohn Tahiel, schon bald gerüstet für die nächste große Reise nach Europa ...

Aldana and her son Tahiel, soon off on another trip to Europe which is where I shall see them again …


... sowie Dino & Tahiel, ganz der (stolze) Papa!

… as well as Dino & Tahiel, father & son both proud and happy!


Les quiero mucho chicos! - Bis zum nächsten gemütlichen Treffen in Europa, und bis dahin gilt: MAGIA ES VIAJAR! :D

Les quiero mucho chicos! – See you next time in Europe, as we continue celebrating: MAGIA ES VIAJAR! 😀


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