The Year 2018: A journey that awaits.

2017 came and went. A wild, turbulent (travel) year I must say. Now that I’ve finally been able to relax over the Christmas & New Year’s Eve break, I can truly say just how exhausting, yet also just how revealing it has been at times! 18 countries on three continents I’ve travelled, not counting all those little business & campaign trips in my own home country, Austria … Your normal kind of crazy, really, leading the professional #LifeOfATravelBlogger.

And yet, dazzlingly beautiful too.

Den Anblick ...

Likely my best travel photography ever: The look into the eyes of a leopard, taken on safari in Krüger National Park, South Africa. Check out my blog about all further travel tips and details on how to get there, what to do, etc.


... and Goat's Eye mountain, really, is one of my favourite hills ... Wow. I couldn't take my eyes off the views ... Never seen anything quite like this skiing before

Also in 2017 .. I went skiing inside Banff National Park, Rocky Mountains, Canada. I guess I shall never forget the magic of those mountains, unparalleled to me by any other place on Earth.


... vielen Dank, liebe Maria, liebe Dania, liebe Jenny, für diese vielen spannenden Gespräche sowie Eure Freundschaft hier im Herzen Griechenlands! Wer Euch kennt, will Griechenland in schweren Zeiten wie diesen einfach nur unterstützen! Bis bald in Theben!

2017 also brought me lots of field trips to Greece, assisting with the nation’s sustainable, religious heritage tourism strategy. I’ve learned so much thanks to, and with the people of this country, I can only recommend you to go and see for yourself.


Besides all these trips, I’ve learned a great deal more. Like, less is more. Or downtime from travelling, or whatever your busy daily life amounts to. And to truly live by the following motto: “The most important journey is always the journey to yourself.”

Where does this journey lead, you might wonder? Well, let me tell you about three particular, and very personal “trips” for the upcoming year.


  1. On the journey to myself, I’ll start off 2018 with a period of pure abstinence. That is, I’ll be retreating into the “wild Waldviertel” area, a forest district of Lower Austria full of charm, peace and quiet, complete without having my smart phone with me, nor my computer, just a travel journal, a photo camera and the willingness to voluntarily renounce food for about a week. This period of “fastening” will likely bring about new thoughts, and particular changes, and I am very curious as to where it might lead. Check back here towards the end of January, where I’ll already be able to tell you some more about this surely inspiring journey!
  2. Taekwondo. That is, more of those “Heart-Mind” journeys, the ones I’ve started to nurture ever since I’ve taken up the martial arts of practising Taekwondo. Thank you, Adam. Joana, Angelika, Margot, Laura, Hanna, Markus, Georg, Shelley .. and many more. You have all but inspired and assisted me to continue deepening my body, mind and soul development. I have never thought Taekwondo to be so revealing and interesting. All of you have grown to be like a new family to me. Here’s to mastering the green or even blue belt in 2018, gaining new skills and practice in the art of focus and engagement in your thoughts and in your mind. And who knows, perhaps 2019 will take me on a really special trip exploring the martial arts techniques in Asia …? 😉
  3. Besides, there’s “a new baby” on the way. Yes, my dear. I can hardly wait: Speaking seven languages fluently means that it is about time to write that second, important book of mine, the one teaching about, and cherishing, the love of languages, communication, and learning. I am very proud that in order to master this goal, I have teamed up with my former “Alma Mater” EF (Education First Language School), who will send me on an other intensive language course to Italy, and assist me in organising a second writer’s retreat. It will be grand, I’m sure … stay tuned for more!



And you? What are you looking forward to in 2018?

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