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Hiking / Trekking

Wonderful World Heritage: Cruise-Cycling the “Romantic Rhine Valley” in Germany

Oh, I really love to go with the flow while travelling. From the city of Frankfurt and my recent visit of the LIMES World Heritage – Römerkastell Saalburg, it is just another stone’s throw to Rüdesheim at the beginning of the Romantic Rhine Valley. (Yes, it really deserves to be called like that. 😀 ) Shortly after leaving […]

Travelling in Denmark: Tips & Destinations for Travelling with Friends

Denmark in the summer … A dream. During the first week of July, my brother and I travel to Roskilde on the occasion of Roskilde Music Festival, one of the largest in the whole of Europe. Despite Denmark sharing the same latitude with countries such as Scotland or Ireland, my packing remains very summerly and optimistic. Long days & lots […]

“Hexenwasser Hochsöll”: Creative Travel in the Mountains of Tyrol

Swaths of fog mystically creep up the mountains. The excitement in the air is palpable, we are eager to ride up the mountain on our broomsticks exploring the “Hexenwasser Hochsöll” made up by witches and fairy tales. Ride on a broomstick!? Well, dear readers: Our ride is made easy by the comfort of modern times […]

Painting, Cooking & Felting: Creative Breaks at Hotel Tannenhof in Salzburg

Creative Travel with “Creativelena” and Creative Tourism Austria. When I heard about our group of young travel bloggers joining a creative beer-making workshop in Salzburg, I thought it was all falling into place. I just had to organise for us to continue creative travelling in Austria, exploring further interactive leisure options around the provinces of Salzburg & […]

Mountain Music & Heavenly Hikes in Mostviertel, Lower Austria

The Mostviertel district in Lower Austria. Many times, we talk about “secret tips” while travelling. The Mostviertel, however, really deserves to be put on the map: During my first ever trip to the “Must Haven” of Lower Austria in the spring of 2013, I have already become enchanted by the Mostviertel with fellow travel bloggers Monika & […]

Creative Tourism Development in the Ardennes: Working Across Belgium, France & Luxemburg

Work & pleasure do not mix. Or do they? I actually find they almost always do: Perhaps this happens when you do the right thing. Having arrived in the Ardennes Luxembourgeoises, where my creative & committed friend Laurie Buchet is working as tourism development project manager, we always mix friendship & hard work. We like […]

Blog Parade: Bournemouth, my “Most Beautiful City By The Sea”

Janett has this idea. Actually, I owe her everything. Without her, I might never have made it to Bournemouth. “Elena, you absolutely have to go there.” On a(n impetuous) thought, I did: After all, I had my Interrail ticket plus the necessary flexibility already there. Just taking a slight detour from the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference in Rotterdam and participating in […]

Take Me Out: A Walk for the Soul in Grafenegg, Lower Austria

Mighty witnesses of the past which, despite their pompous allure still allow room for the future. A spot where Baroque art de vivre and girly gossip mingle. Where children roam the park with their dogs in stark contrast to the still, ancient castle facades. And next to it all, the soaring tower “Wolkenturm” with its reflections of the grey […]

Travel Video Highlights: Tango & Trekking in South America

A few days ago, I returned from 50°C Atacama desert in Chile into my homely home town of Austria (at about -5°C). Crazy, to say the least! Apart from having to get used to the temperature & season change, I am missing two nights’ of sleep – left anywhere between partying in Santiago de Chile […]

Hot Moon Valley & Cool Stargazing in the Atacama Desert, Chile

“Death Valley, Moon Valley” … ? It might not sound very enticing. Or does it? For me, a hike through Death Valley and the “canyon of salt” as well as the sunset over Moon Valley is one of the best recommendations of things to do while exploring the Atcama Desert. From my personal experience, the heat isn’t so […]

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