A year ago to the day, I went for a trip round South America. Curious? Come & join my travel photo exhibition!

There is a remedy to the travel bug. Let me tell you (and convince myself!) about it! Having Spanish lunch, followed by New Zealand carrot cake, talking about summer travel plans with the family. Sounds good, right? But South America … I guess there is no cure for wanting to go there. Again and again. Magical. Breathtaking. Wild.


A year ago to the day, I boarded a plane to Buenos Aires, not knowing what would await me: The fascinating Patagonian pampas. One of the largest glaciers in the whole world. Or the very bizarre, very beautiful mountain desert landscape around San Pedro de Atacama – blazing heat with only 10% humidity left in the air. My nose did not quite like it (and would have preferred rain forests, for sure). I also remember the effort of taking only a few steps at more than 4.000 metres altitude. Crazy: Why would you do all this?! Because compared to the little physical strains when travelling, the “cinema of emotions” keeps rewarding you for every effort taken on the road. I still shiver from happiness watching my South American travel video today:


Back in 2011 & 2013 I travelled across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. Now, it is your time to travel with me: SAVE THE DATE – Friday, February 28, 2014 at 7.00 p.m.

On this occasion and thanks to the support of my partners and friends, I am going to turn the conference hall of the small wine growing community Absdorf am Wagram, some 20 minutes from Krems and a good half hour from Vienna, into a stage for new horizons. You will likely see something of this:

Wo & wie leben südamerikanische Guanakos? Dies & mehr verrate ich Euch im Rahmen meines Reisevortrages über Südamerika

Where and how do South American guanacos live? More during my travel talk soon. I look forward to going back there with you!


Durch die Landschaft rund um den weltberühmten Nationalpark Torres del Paine zu reiten, gehört zu meinen schönsten Reise-Erinnerungen an Patagonien. Ein Traum!

Riding with a view of the Torres del Paine mountain massif is one of my most beautiful travel memories of South America. A dream come true!


In der Atacama-Wüste, rund 5.000 Kilometer weiter nördlich, sieht die Landschaft dann so aus. Wir begeben uns hier übrigens in das "Tal des Todes" - viel Spaß sag ich da nur. ;)

Some 5.000 kilometres to the north, in the heat of the Atacama mountain desert, the landscape has changed to look like this. We are on our way to “Death Valley”, by the way. Enticing, right?


My interactive multi-media show takes you on a trip using videos, photos and lots of live commentary from on the road. In Bogotá, we nibble off banana chips. Trekking in the Andes, Quinoa is what gives us strength. Buenos Aires spoils us beautiful, juicy Argentinian steaks. Finally … I still dream about my seafood plates in Ushuaia, at the “end of the world” in the far south of Argentina. Just delightful. What is more, I will serve you the best red wines of Mendoza and take you with me to the annual local wine festival, including the crowing of the wine queen celebrated by the whole of Argentina. A feast for the eyes – and for the palate!

Noch heute kann ich mich darüber freuen: Unbändige Freude über das VIP-Ticket beim Weinfestival in Mendoza.

Still today, I think back of my tremendous joy over being VIP at the Mendoza Wine Festival. What a treat!


Gott waren diese Pinguine süß … Mehr davon gibt's beim Vortrag!

My god, how sweet it was to meet these cute little fellas, Magellan penguins in the very south of Argentina. More about them during my travel talk and photo / video exhibition!


Auch so ein Erlebnis, das mich nicht wieder loslässt: Der Besuch der tosenden Iguazú-Wasserfälle am Dreiländereck zwischen Brasilien, Argentinien und Paraguay im Juni 2011.

Another experience that still lingers fresh on my mind: A visit to Iguazú falls between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay back in June 2011 – when it was “winter” there and we “only” had 25 degrees. Nice!


In Buenos Aires lernten wir dank der engagierten "Teresita La Bella" diese köstlichen, hausgemachten Empanadas (gefüllte Teigtaschen) zubereiten. Im Anschluss gab's saftige Steaks … mmmh!

Thanks to a cooking workshop with “Teresita La Bella”, we learned how to make these beautiful Argentinian empanadas followed by real steaks. Wonderful – another really juicy memory about South America.


So viel Sinnlichkeit gibt's ebenfalls: Tango, leichtfüßig wie ein Hauch, in den Straßen der argentinischen Hauptstadt, eingefangen in meinem Reisevideo ...

Looking forward to more of this sensuality? When walking the streets of Buenos Aires, my camera and the Tango were madly in love …


… und schließlich, immer wieder: Die faszinierende Tierwelt Südamerikas. Hier ein Andenhäschen beim nachmittäglichen Sonnenbad inmitten der berühmten Inka-Stadt Machu Picchu.

… and finally, mesmerising again and again: The animal kingdom of South America, such as this cute little Chinchilla rabbit taking a late afternoon sunbath amidst the ruins of the famous Inca town Machu PIcchu.


Torres Del Paine national park, the ruins of Machu Picchu or the city of Buenos Aires count among the most famous and most visited sights of South America. Let me show you what else there is to see and do.

Have you ever been for tea with the locals of the “floating islands” at more 4.000 metres above sea level? Looked a pinkie flamingo in the eye, fishing algae from an Atacama salt flat containing more than 70% minerals and salt? Saw one of the largest glaciers in the world calve? Three years ago, all my answers to these questions would have been “No” – I could not even imagine seeing any of that. Now, though, many of those magic travel moments still linger fresh on my mind. They make my eyes shine and my smile spread all over my face: “This is where you need to go … It was so beautiful … And safe, no problem at all. People are just so friendly … Just use common sense, try and make friends with the local people and / or small travel groups and you will have the time of your life.


Being open-minded, with a good sense of humour, tolerance and respect, you will have the best of times travelling here.”

Apropos schwimmende Inseln: Das Volk der Uros lebt auch heute noch nach ihren Traditionen und bindet im Titicaca-See wachsendes Schilf zu "schwimmenden Inseln", Booten und Häusern zusammen. Dieses einzigartige Kulturphänomen steht heute unter dem Schutz der UNESCO-Welterbe-Kommission.

Talking of floating islands: The Uros people continue to live and work on their “floating islands” made from reef to this present day. This very unique cultural phenomena receives special protection and care by the international UNESCO World Heritage commission.


Solche Landschaften … Wahnsinn. "La Quebrada" heißen die mineralhältigen Gesteinsvorkommen im nördlichen Argentinien, unweit der Stadt Jujuy und Salta.

Landscapes like these … Wow. “La Quebrada” is what the local people call these mineral deposits in the Andes mountains, making for a myriad of different colours north of the cities of Jujuy and Salta.


Viele Tausend Kilometer weiter südlich kalben Gletscher wie diese beim Perito Moreno nahe El Calafate, Argentinien.

Several thousand kilometres to the south, the bluest of glaciers calve with a thunderous noise near El Calafate, Argentina.


Mein Glück kann ich damals kaum fassen, als ich mich zwischen all diesen süßen Pinguinen mit ihrem Geschnatter und bedächtigen Watschelschritten fotografieren lasse … Sofort möchte ich da wieder hin!!!

I (still) cannot believe just how lucky I was to spend several hours on this penguin island near Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego southern Argentina … Take me back, pleeease!


Auch mein Mate-Tee-Ritual hat mich während der gesamten Südamerika-Reisen stets begleitet; der Tee spendet Kraft und lädt ein zum Innehalten.

Having my Mate tea was forever part of my trip around South America. Taking this special herbal tea requires you to sit down and relax, and is good for meeting new people.


Im Salzwasser schnäbelnde Flamingos, ein Anblick völliger Ruhe und gleichzeitig lebenswichtiger Konzentration, der im Rahmen der bizarren Landschaften der nördlichen Atacama-Wüste in Chile noch heute den Atem raubt.

One of my favourite travel photos to this day, I will never forget the perfect silence that framed this scenery in the Atacama salt flats in northern Chile. Absolutely amazing to watch.


Einfach … Machu Picchu.

Simply … Machu Picchu. This spot does not require many words, but for you to see it – at least once in your lifetime. A good time of day is early morning, when not many tourists are up there yet.


So ein rauchender Vulkan wie hier in Villarrica, Chile, kann manchmal ganz schön "angsteinflößend" sein … zumindest wenn man sich einredet, am nächsten Tag vor dem Ausbruch zu stehen! Sollen ja ganz schön aktiv sein, diese Anden. ;)

Watching the smoking volcano in Villarrica, Chile, did nothing to put me at ease first … When the mountain still had not blown up the day after, I felt more reassured. Quite active territories, those Andes!


Geschafft: Den Bergsee zu Füßen der berühmten "Torres Del Paine" im Süden Chiles erklommen … so ein Gefühl vergisst man nie wieder in seinem Leben.

Done it: My friends and I made it to the mountain lake at the foot of the might Torres del Paine. Moments like these won’t leave me for as long as I live, I guess.


Am anderen Ende der Bergmassivs dann ein Blick auf diese Landschaft, bizarr und zugleich wunderschön … Momente wie diese machen Reisen zu etwas Besonderem und lassen Dich Demut ob Deiner wahren Größe und Bedeutung verspüren.

At the other side of the mountain, our view upon the mountain massif is this … ice bergs, glacier lakes and a landscape like you have never seen it before. Spectacular.


So nah an freilebende Robben bin ich nur an der Pazifikküste Perus herangekommen … man fühlt sich wie inmitten einer Naturdokumentation.

I had to travel to the Pacific Coast in Peru to get this close with wild sea lions … Swaying in the small boat, you feel like part of a nature documentary here.


Romantik pur: Auf "Street Art Graffiti Tour" in Buenos Aires. Statt oder in Ergänzung zu den klassischen Sehenswürdigkeiten interessieren mich beim Reisen noch viel mehr die kleinen Geschichten, die es wert sind erzählt zu werden.

Pure romance: On my travels, I always look for the small stories in the big picture, such as during this “Street Art Graffiti Tour” in Buenos Aires. Stories of the local people, nature and creativity are what move me most on my travels.


Und noch eine Szene wie aus dem National Geographic Channel … Segelturn im Beagle Kanal des Südpazifikmeeres nahe der Stadt Ushuaia.

And yet another scene taken out of “National Geographic Channel”: Cruising the Beagle Canal near the city of Usuaia, Tierra del Fuego, South Pacific.


Nicht zuletzt zählen die Menschen, die Freude, die neuen Brückenschläge auf Reisen wie hier beim gemeinschaftlichen Ausritt in der argentinischen Weinmetropole Mendoza: Nie werde ich vergessen, was wir für einen Spaß gemeinsam hatten. Lauter internationale Reiseblogger & Journalisten auf den Spuren des Rotweinfestivals in der Weinhauptstadt Mendoza … einfach fantastisch, was das Leben so an Entdeckungen mit sich bringt!

Last but not least, it is the people that count, the new connections you make, the fresh ideas you gain about life, the universe, yourself, everything! Never will I forget the fun we have had travelling in this group of international journalists and travel bloggers to report on the Mendoza wine estates & wine festival … Moments to remember!


So go on then saving the date: Friday, February 28, 2014 at 7.00 p.m. for my multi media South America travel talk … 

Once again, here are all the details you need to plan. I look forward to seeing you there!

Reisevortrag Südamerika Elena Paschinger

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Maximo Perez 1 February 2014 - 20:04

I am looking forward to seeing your presentation about South America Trip. I have just seen your post and I wanna go to discover South America: Iguazu, Isuaia, Torres del Paine, Atacama and more and more beautiful places to see. My mind is dreaming with South America but sooner or later I will travel those amazing countries….

Elena 1 February 2014 - 20:30

Maximo, that sounds really good. 😀

South America is a wonderful place full of nature, culture and wonderful, life-enriching experiences. If I had to pick a favourite travel continent, it would probably be this … Although I still know so little about Africa or Asia! We will see what the future holds. 😉

Thanks for your interest in my presentation! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Jenny jenkins 24 February 2023 - 18:09

Wow! I found your content here very creative and helpful. Thank you so much. I will keep checking back for more great content. Very happy to read this.


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