TimeOut For Travel Writers: How to (really) relax in …

… England. England?! What could possibly be so exciting about England as to “get away from it all”, the constant online travel life? And how much of a “digital detox” is possible in the world city of London, with free WiFi on the go in almost every place .. ?

Well. Here is what I think. You travel writers travel bloggers are only ever on holiday: Always some great photos on Facebook and amazing, awe-inspiring travel reports on your blogs and websites. I have heard these and other comments countless times over and it seems the cliché is actually true: Are we travel writers only ever on holiday?!

So, in order to find out, I went in search of answering this question during my real, personal summer holiday this year:


How do travel writers really like to spend a holiday?

Dear readers. Here is what I think. From a real, investigative point of view. 😉 Travelling in England. My experiences (oh, boy). How to “really” spend a holiday is detailed in the following TimeOut recipe for Travel Writers.

Take …

1. Time. And LOTS of it. An entire 10 days have passed since I published my last travel report about ‘Creative Kent!’, 72 hours of which I have actually spent offline. Admittedly, the temptation was too strong for me to stay offline for much longer. It takes time to build peace. And me three, four, even five days to really deconnect, away from the itchy feeling of constant news updating, leaving my smart phone apps be and focusing on real holiday photography, one that is for my very own pleasure! It does not have to go online immediately, either … so please, enjoy it now. With peace!

2. Friends. Family. Spending time with your loved one – probably the best TimeOut recipe ever. Of course, I cannot recommend to everyone to find themselves a sweetheart while travelling … 😉 but it does of course help the magic. Smart phone, messages … I shall reply next week. Oh I love this!
So ein romantischer Spaziergang am Strand, ganz egal ob alleine, mit der Familie oder Freunden, hat schon was ... in Christchurch, England kommt Urlaubsstimmung auf!

A romantic walk on the beach with friends & family works wonders … as seen in Christchurch, southern England.


Oder hier mal abhängen: "Strandstimmung" im Londoner St. James Park nahe des Buckingham Palace.

Or simply choose to relax in the heart of London: “Beach atmosphere” at famous St. James’ Park near Buckingham Palace.


Auch sehr cool: Eine einzigartige "guided bicycle tour" durch die Innenstadt von London, bei der man in der Gruppe geschützt unterwegs ist und viel Neues zu Attraktionen und Sehenswürdigkeiten erfährt.

Very cool, too: We go on a guided bicycle tour through the heart of London and explore many hidden alleys and corners while enjoying fascinating storytelling by our knowledgeable guide Geoffrey.


Orley love ... Sooo schön das Wiedersehen mit alten Freunden, die man vor 10 Jahren beim gemeinsamen Tanzkurs X'press Yourself in der Weltmetropole kennen gelernt hat :D

Orley love … Sooo nice to see good old friends again and forget all about timing and work dates during a good girlie catchup.


3. A bit of patience, please. Especially with yourself. Laughing, after all, is the best medicine they say. And especially England offers the perfect stage for funny idiosyncrasies – little quirky details that go a long way making you laugh and offer many reasons to smile. About others and yourself, of course: (Don’t) We just love the British?!

"Mushy Peas" ... also bitte. Zergatschte Erbsen in der Konservendose als britische Spezialität ?! Ihr wolltet es ja so, dass wir Eure Küche schimpfen ... ;)

“Mushy Peas” … oh come on. Squised and tasteless peas in a can ?! And you want us to think your cuisine style is actually on the way to getting better ?? Hehe …


"Another (British?) idiosyncrasy": Der SAUBERSTE KLO DES JAHRES-AWARD wird hier verliehen ... "Loo of the Year" yeah!

“Another (British?) idiosyncrasy”: The “Loo of the Year” award in the city of Christchurch. I love this … and yes, toilets were clean out here!


Poor guy ... was für ein (Studenten)job?

Poor (student) job?


Geschichte kreativ aufgearbeitet: Diese moderne Ritterskulptur begrüßt uns im schaurigen "Tower of London".

History told in a modern way: A creative knight sculpture to great us at the Tower of London.


Im Londoner Bezirk Camden Town springen Pferde von der Decke ... Besuch der berühmten Horse Tunnel Markets, welche bereits seit den 1850er Jahren bestehen.

At the London Horse Tunnel Market in the city’s district of Camden Town, horses jump off almost every wall near you … beware!


4. A shot of the extraordinary. Spiced up with lots of summer sun. And then … holiday pleasures start trickling in all by themselves. A stunning sunset atmosphere. Emotions of passers-by, captured in photographic snapshots. Watching people united in their happiness and love for each other. Exceptional street art graffiti, unearthed in London’s back streets. The sea in the south of England, its beautiful coastline – simply delightful. No WiFi needed. I carry my smart phone just for its camera & playlist. That is what a holiday should be. Also, and exactly, for travel writers 😉

Blick auf die faszinierende Skyline Londons beim (fast romantischen) Abendspaziergang durch die Stadt ...

Enjoying the beautiful evening skyline in the heart of London … “almost romantic” don’t you think? 😉


"Relax a little": Chill-out session vor dem lokalen Pub in London's berühmter Carnaby Street.

“Relax a little”: Chill out session in front of a local pub in London’s famous Carnaby Street.


London vereint Menschen aller Kulturen & Herren Länder. Wie auch dieses süße, indische Pärchen auf Hochzeitsreise ...

London treats you to a multicultural experience that has you see people from all walks of life & foreign countries, such as this sweet couple from India.


... "passend dazu": Indische Elefanten in London's Brick Lane, modern interpretiert. :D

… “matching” in street art graffiti: Indian elephants near Brick Lane 😀


Perfektes Relax-Panorama: Der Strand von Bournemouth bzw. Christchurch an der Südküste Englands.

A panorama to relax: Enjoying the beautifully swept coastline near the city of Bournemouth in Southern England.


5. Last but not least: We cook up time, friends & peace spiced up with extraordinary travel details, et voilà – there goes one famous “TimeOut recipe for Travel Writers”. To really get “away from it all” (especially WiFi, hehe). Enjoy the famous mix, dear readers! Hope you, too, find peace and time to relax ……

Wilde Pferde am Strand von Christchurch, Südengland beobachten, hat einen ganz eigenen Zauber der unter die Haut geht.

Watching wild horses at the beach of Christchurch, Southern England, has its very own sense of magic.


Der Detail- und Facettenreichtum dieser Igel-Streetart-Graffiti Londons beeindrucken mich ebenfalls sehr.

The details of this piece of street art graffiti in the heart of London are fascinating to me.


Und wieso die Londoner sich hier wohl "einen Hahn haben aufbinden lassen", weiß auch ich Euch nicht zu sagen ... Blick auf den Trafalgar Square im Herzen der Weltmetropole London.

Just how Londoners got through with having this somewhat French style looking rooster at the top of their famous Trafalgar Square I do not know to say … just another one of these happy British idiosyncrasies, I guess.


Kein "Ruhe-Rezept für Reiseblogger" ohne eines meiner fast schon berühmten Essensfotos: Beim langsamen, genussvollen Essen in Londons Weltküchen wie hier einem köstlichen indischen Restaurant, geschieht Entschleunigung pur!

Of course, my “TimeOut recipe for Travel Writers” has to talk about FOOD: Beautiful world cuisine sampled in one of the world’s most abundant places for food from all over the world.


Einfach mal wieder ... "funny tourist things" machen! Unser London VIP Pass erlaubt uns die klassische Bootstour auf der Themse ohne weiteren Aufpreis mitzumachen :)

Finding fun in doing “the tourist things” … our London VIP pass allows us to hop on board of the River Thames cruises without any additional surcharges.


In Brick Lane kurz mal "Indien" besuchen und das schärfste Lokal der Stadt entdecken !

Checking out the hottest Indian restaurant on Brick Lane …


Chillen im Alltag mit den Einheimischen ...

… and watching the locals during a chill-out session on the deck.


... und ohne Neid auf die Pinguine blicken, die pünktlich nach Dienstschluss in Scharen ihre "after work drinks" einnehmen ... bin ich froh, dass mir dieser Büroalltag erspart geblieben ist!

I have not become jealous of seeing all the “penguins” in suits emerging from their office towers for typical after work drinks … the travel writer lifestyle is much more for me 😀


Da lieb' ich mir schon eine Romantik der ganz anderen Art ... und empfinde auch in dieser klassischen Postkartenansicht des Londoner Hyde Park eine gewisse zeitlose Schönheit.

An eye for detail in London’s Hyde Park: Where others just see annoying fat swans, I like romanticizing with this pretty view …




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