Travel Video Highlights: Tango & Trekking in South America

A few days ago, I returned from 50°C Atacama desert in Chile into my homely home town of Austria (at about -5°C). Crazy, to say the least! Apart from having to get used to the temperature & season change, I am missing two nights’ of sleep – left anywhere between partying in Santiago de Chile and high above the Atlantic Sea – as well as having to get used to the idea of snow again. Seriously, I could not believe it till the very end. Wasn’t the spring already supposed to be here? So immediately, my mum and I took a photo of the snow storm greeting me in Vienna upon my arrival. How “cool”!

Ankunft bei Schneetreiben am Flughafen in Wien-Schwechat: Nach unglaublichen 24 Stunden Reisezeit vom anderen Ende der Welt ...

Arriving in dense snowfall in Vienna after travelling around the world for 24 hours …


Am Abend zuvor hatten wir noch folgende Spätsommer-Aussichten mitten im Herz der chilenischen Hauptstadt Santiago de Chile!

… while during the night before, we still enjoyed a late summer / autumn breeze from the rooftop of my friend’s apartment in Santiago de Chile! Round-The-World-Travel-Craze!


Dancing the Tango & Trekking with my friends: My very own highlights of travelling through Argentina & Chile

Before I’ll start working on my 4-5 minute travel video summarising my travels through South America at length, I have already been able to publish these short three snippets of “animal encounters in Patagonia“, “dancing the Tango in Buenos Aires” & celebrating wine & beautiful girls at the Mendoza Wine Festival for you!

Enjoy and don’t forget sharing it with your friends 🙂

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Sarah Lee 17 March 2013 - 12:32

This looks amazing, Elena – a great round up of some of the highlights of your trip. Would love to try the Tango – that club looked really good. Not great returning to -5 though. Much cooler than Chile!! And that’s so terrible, it can’t even be claimed as a joke! 😉

Elena 17 March 2013 - 14:03


Thank you so much for your comment. Slowly warming up though: Austria is on the verge of spring !!

You should definitely try the Tango, there are several ways to do it (every hostel nearly offers private Tango lessons) but it pays to go with an organized agent, who besides teaching you some basic steps also knows where to take you to see some of the best Tango in town (of Buenos Aires) !! 🙂


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