Party People in Denmark: Rocking at Roskilde Festival 2013!

Rocking at Roskilde Festival. Lonely Planet describes this as one of the three main things to do when visiting Denmark. Participating in this large music event has indeed become our main reason to travel to Denmark together with my brother at the beginning of July this year. Julian, who loves going to festivals, has been very happy when I treated us to Roskilde festival tickets for his 27th birthday, complete with a copy of the book “40 Festivals in 40 Wochen” written by German travel blogger colleague Christine Neder. A good prep-up plan: “Dear brother, we are going to Roskilde !!! Our wonderful Danish friend Niels happens to work at the festival, his friend Martin lives in the festival town of Roskilde and has invited us to stay. This is going to be just awesome! Don’t we want to combine this with a little travel around Denmark … ?”

Oh yes we do. Travelling runs in the family here!

So altogether, we ended up spending seven days in the high north up here, went across the North Sea to check out Malmö in Sweden, enjoyed ambiance, eating & cultural sightseeing in the country of Denmark while being treated to all the insider tips & stories of our Danish friends. Lucky us! “When you come to the festival on Friday, I will for sure take the day off in order to celebrate with you”, Niels laughs and welcomes us to “his” Roskilde Festival. His friend Martin has equally made sure to have time off work in order to spend it with us: Together, we explore CopenhagenRoskilde as well as many other small towns and beaches of Denmark. In this article, I will share with you our party experience at one of the most spectacular music events of Europe.


Ankunft in Roskilde: Party Party mit ca. 100.000 weiteren Musikhungrigen - oh yeah. :D

Arriving in Roskilde: Party time with about 100.000 other music fans – oh yeah. 😀


Bier Marsch: Immer eine gute Idee. Let the Festival begin!

Beer: Always a good idea. Let the festival begin!


Wer am ersten Festivaltag, Sonntag anreist, genießt vor dem offiziellen Start der Bands rund vier Tage (Musik)Rausch auf dem Festivalgelände & Campingbereich.

Those who arrive on the Sunday prior to the official bands playing on Thursday get to enjoy four full days of party ambiance at the campsites … something for true hardcore festival people!


Diese Massen der ersten Tage umgehen wir erst mal und "begnügen uns" mit der "Kultur des Umlandes": Passend zum Festivalbesuch sind wir im Vorfeld zu Roskilde in Kopenhagens Hippie-Kommune Christiania unterwegs.

We rather choose to follow a “different cultural programme” for the first few days prior to heading to the festival, like enjoying our time at Christiania Hippie Community in Copenhagen.


Hier ist die Welt (noch) in Ordnung ...

It is a beautiful place right in the city of Copenhagen that clearly merits the visit …


... kann Gras über die Sache wachsen ...

… with alternative houses, lots of smiles and happy people…


... und ein jeder "ungeniert hereinspazieren": Die freigeistige Kommune begeistert durch ihre Offenheit und Andersartigkeit inmitten der Hauptstadt Kopenhagen und sollte in keinem Besucherprogramm fehlen.

… I love the spirit we found here. Don’t leave out Christiania on your next visit to Copenhagen, and head out to Roskilde Festival after (if you can) 😉


Zurück am Roskilde Musikfestival, werden wir von unserem lieben Freund Niels empfangen, der als Freiwilliger auf dem Festival arbeitet und sich perfekt als unser Festivalguide "eignet". DANKE, Niels!

Back at Roskilde Festival, we are being warmly welcomed by our friend Niels who has volunteered to work at the Festival and be our very own festival guide for the day. THANK YOU, Niels !


Bands, Beats & Music People: ROSKILDE Festival is one of the greatest of its kind. 100.000 people. 7 floors. Rock, Pop, Indie, Electro, Metal or Psychedelia – Everything, and more, is being offered here.

As we are guests in the high north of Europe, everything is perfectly organised up here despite the massive crowds (very much according to the cliché of proper Denmark!). Efficiency down to the last bit: 25.000 volunteers help out everywhere offering assistance and coordination. It is also these people who are the only ones still sober at five in the morning … Hundreds, perhaps thousands of assistants are collecting rubbish around the clock worth a few Kronor each bottle or cup. The technicians & sound engineers have done a great job as far as I can see (and hear), we could easily pay with credit card everywhere, the toilets stayed relatively proper some of which even featured assistants delivering toilet paper! Despite the huge crowds, all the pathways and corridors always stayed fairly clear, people spread out well and I have never had the feeling of suffocation or loss of orientation. Which is actually quite unbelievable given all these (drunk? high??) people everywhere! Only when Rihanna, the main festival act of the Friday (5 July 2013) started to play, it got a little bit tight when celebrating with 40.000 – 50.000 others. “No Crowdsurfing, please” a screen proclaimed. I wonder if that helped?

Festivalstimmung in Roskilde: Beats & Bands wie hier die norwegischen Rocker Turbonegro genießen.

Festival delights at Roskilde: Enjoying bands such as Turbonegro from neighbouring Norway.


Oder einfach abhängen: Geschlafen, gefeiert oder getanzt wird hier zu jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit, einzig entscheidend ist der persönliche Zustand & Rhythmus!

Or simply chill out and relax: Partying, sleeping, eating & drinking always goes hand in hand here, there are no real rules you just do whatever you and your personal rhythm feel like!


Neu (für mich): Klopapier-Entnahmestelle vor den Dixie-Klos, eine wie ich finde gute Entwicklung!

New (for me): Toilet paper in front of the mobile toilets – a good invention!


Ganz wichtig: Die Kamera- und iPhone-Ladestation im Herzen des Festivalgeländes. Hier kann man sein Gerät entladen aufgeben und aufgeladen entnehmen :D

Very important: The charging station. Here, you can hand in your cameras or iPhones and get them back fully charged.


Müllentsorgung funktioniert und wird durch Tausende Helfer, welche permanent das Gelände scannen, vereinfacht. Unglaublich, bei geschätzten 100.000 Besuchern pro Tag ...

Rubbish and waste management is working surprisingly well despite the massive amount of people everywhere. I am impressed!


Turbonegro, die "dirty old rockers" aus Norwegen, bilden den Auftakt für unseren Festivalbesuch in Roskilde.

Turbonegro, the “dirty old rockers” from Norway, mark the start of our festival experience in the afternoon with daring lyrics and great beats!


Weiter geht es mit der sensationellen & vor allem sehenswerten Band "Of Monsters & Men", die durch talentierte Musiker auf der Bühne sowie gelungene Indie-Rhythmen überzeugt.

We continue with the Indie band “Of Monsters And Men” which you definitely have to watch and listen to: What a great performance here guys !!


Wir versuchen uns derweil mal an "Lakritz-Shots", DER Renner in Dänemark ...

Meanwhile, Julian and I try LICORICE SHOTS, apparently THE thing to do here in Denmark …


... und sind vom Ergebnis dann aber doch nicht sooo sonderlich überzeugt. NA JA ...!

… but we are not really convinced. Well … let the Danes have them 😀 !


Cool muss man sein: Festival People in Roskilde.

Cool party people in Roskilde.


Von Transvestiten ...

We meet the most stunning characters …


... über (sehr) alternativ aussehende Tontechniker ...

… as well as very alternative-looking sound engineers …


... bis hin zum "Pinkelturm" für "echte Männer" ist hier am Roskilde Festival alles dabei.

… and all the way to these mobile toilets exclusively for men. Quick and easy, as I am told!


Bei so viel Bier, kein Wunder! Festival-Bier in Roskilde von der dänischen Marke Tuborg.

No wonder with all the beer we are having … Hehe. The Danish brand Tuborg is the official Roskilde Festival sponsor.


“Let’s party!” – Bobby Womack, Devil Townsend Project, Rihanna, Crystal Castles & Simian Mobile Disco rock in Roskilde until the morning hours. Just as it should be: Loud. Daring. Dirty. We love it !!!

Yes, we do. Seriously, I hope you never get too old for festival fun! The only worry might be the “morning after effects” worsening over time and with the age (which is why my brother and I have made it to Roskilde while still being in our 20s … hehehe). So much beer, such a great ambiance, party people everywhere and beats, beats, beats. Wooow. Plus all the crowds joining in the same fun: WE ARE HAVING FUN AND WE ARE LOVING IT !!!

Check this out. Roskilde Festival Yeah!

Die "bösen Buben" aus Kanada bringen eine ganze Menge meist männlicher junger Headbanger zum Ausflippen: Die Metal-Band Devil Townsend, derer ich ca. drei Songs aushalte. Dann muss ich die Bühne wechseln. Zu viel Headbangen für mich !!

These “bad boys” from Canada, Devil Townsend Project metal band, turn the audience into a mass of young male headbangers. I stand to listen three songs, then I have to change the floor … too much head banging here for me!


Krasses Alternativprogramm: Über eine Stunde rockt US-Ikone Rihanna die Main Orange Stage und bringt die Crowd zum Höhepunkt des Abends.

What an alternative: Rihanna, US pop star, rocks the crowds as the highlight of Roskilde festival experience …


... geschätzte 50.000 Menschen drängen sich vor der Hauptbühne und ihren Zugangsfluren ... Es ist eine unglaubliche Stimmung, die man weder in Bildern, Worten oder Videos vermitteln kann. Man muss es erleben.

… almost 50.000 people we reckon gather in front of the stage and around. It is massive, and very hard to share in words or photographs: At best, you must come and experience it for yourself! Amazing !!!


Immer wieder brechen Lichtwellen von der Bühne und erfassen mitsamt der Musik das gesamte Kollektiv musikbegeisterter Fans ...

These shockwaves of light continue to hit us partying in the back …


Zu guter Letzt rocken Simian Mobile Disco bis weit in die Morgenstunden mit Alternative Elektro-Musik ... very special!

At the very end, Simian Mobile Disco treat us to special electronic beats all the way till the morning light …


Die "final message of the day" ... Passt auf auf einander!

The “final message of the day” … Take care of each other!


Im hohen Norden Europas wird es kurz nach der Sommersonnenwende die ganze Nacht lang nicht wirklich dunkel: Ein faszinierendes Naturschauspiel, was sich zu meinem größten Festivalerlebnis aller Zeiten mischt!!

In the high north of Europe, it doesn’t really get dark during the night: Close to summer solstice, this is another highlight and beautiful experience of joining in the music festival.


Und schließlich: DAS FOTO DANACH !!! Ich traue mich, es zu veröffentlichen. So schlecht sehen wir für fünf Uhr morgens und 12 Stunden Durchfeiern gar nicht aus. JULIAN, NIELS, ES WAR SPITZE MIT EUCH IN ROSKILDE ZU FEIERN !!! :D

And finally: The PHOTO AFTER everything !!! I dare publishing it: We actually look really good for 5 in the morning and celebrating all night (and day) long. JULIAN, NIELS, IT WAS GREAT ROCKING WITH YOU IN ROSKILDE !!! 😀


More? Yes please. Check out all, yes ALL of our crazy festival photos here …

I look forward to your comments and hope to welcome you back for some more festival craze in Roskilde! 😀

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