Creative Travel in Cádiz: Top Picks from Bolonia to Vejer De La Frontera

The beautiful “white village” of Vejer De La Frontera sits high atop a hill overlooking the surrounding Andalusian landscape in the province of Cádiz. If you look closely, you can even see the old Roman ruins in Bolonia bay at the horizon. Spain really excels itself once more here, as we could already confirm travelling to the city of Cádiz and exploring the area in & around Tarifa: Magnificent golden sandy beaches. No (flocks of) tourists (yet?). Entertaining locals (“Qué gracia! Qué arte!”). Top food from around the area. Fresh fish & seafood: To die for. Roman Ruins: To marvel at. We watch a comedy theatre right at the ancient amphitheatre Baleo Claudius in Bolonia beach – an amazing experience right after diving into the sunset

Kitsch? You be the judge of that. Have a look here!

Die Säulen des vormaligen Forum Romanum in der alten Römerstadt Baleo Claudius Strecken sich direkt gen Himmel - und scheinen diesen zu tragen ..

The pillars of the former Forum Romanum in Baleo Claudius stretch their arms into the sky … and seem to carry it, actually!


Reisen ganz nach meinem Geschmack: Hier beim Gespräch mit den "Ureinwohnern" der Stadt Vejer De La Frontera. Nice ;)

Right up my alley / travel style: Chatting with the locals in the city of Vejer De La Frontera.


Der Sonnenuntergang am nahezu menschenleeren Strand von Bolonia ist einfach zu schön, um wahr zu sein ... Oder was meint Ihr?

The sunset at this wonderful beach in Bolonia is really just too good to be true … What do you think?



Bolonia means, above all, an exceptionally beautiful coastal landscape, some impressive Roman ruins located right at the beach and as of yet, no hotels blocking the view. Southern Spain as it should be: Authentic. Happy. The real thing, “vamos”!

Even today, more than 2.000 years later, the former Roman city Baleo Claudius still preserves its former glory. It easily dwarfs the adjacent village that is Bolonia today, counting no more than perhaps 300 citizens. As part of our visit, we chill out for siesta in one of those “Chiringuito” beach huts, enjoy their fresh seafood lunch platter, climb the famous sand dune of Bolonia, dive right in during sunset at the sea and laugh during a comedy theatre play set right in the old Roman amphitheatre overlooking both beach and stars. It is kitsch, really, if it is not for the truly authentic and warm-hearted people we encounter here. For your overnight stay, we can recommend the typical Andalusian Hotel Los Jerezanos, situated right at the beach and famed for its happy Andalusian hosts. The waiter is a typical Southern character through and through, and yet “just being myself”, as he laughs. That’s how people from the south are like in my view: Full of character. And always ready to act. Olé!

Ortseinfahrt in Bolonia: Hier ist alles "easy-going" - auch die Pferde promenieren hier vorbei.

Driving into Bolonia: Even the horses here are “easy-going”, taking a walk at the beach.


Mein dickes, saftiges Thunfisch-Filet zum Mittagessen ... Einfach. Köstlich.

My big, fat tuna steak for lunch in Bolonia … Just. Beautiful.


Der Blick von der großen Wanderdüne Bolonias reicht bis hinab über die gesamte Bucht und in das ca. 70 Kilometer entfernte Tarifa.

The view from the large sand dune of Bolonia stretches all the way across the Bay.


Die Romantik dieser Landschaft nutzen viele Paare ...

Romance? We watch as this wedding couple is being photographed …


... und abends genießen wir den Blick auf selbige inmitten der faszinierenden Kulisse des 2.000 Jahre alten, römischen Amphitheaters. Ein Traum!

… and enjoy a comedy theatre in midst of the old Roman amphitheatre of Bolonia. What a magic experience!


The “white city” Vejer De La Frontera offers everything my travel blog (and I) love … Creative Travel. Gourmet Foodie Travel. As well as delightful encounters with the local population.

The ancient art of basketry (“Cestería”) or weaving … ? Right inside the picturesque little town of Vejer De La Frontera, we meet with local ladies Juaní & Carmen: Two women who have found their strength and self-confidence through their creative art. Both like to share their good-natured humour as well as their talents with us: Even just a short weaving demonstration or a small flower weaving tell me how much work and practice is needed to craft the beautiful pieces both make. Respect!

Carmen as well Juaní both offer creative courses teaching their art, preferably several days in a row in order to really get an understanding of weaving or basketry. Strapped for time, I buy myself a handmade souvenir from both ladies, with the biggest present being the intimate atmosphere we get to share with them during our visit entering their hearts & homes in Vejer. Travel experiences like these, where you find yourself at home in a real local’s kitchen, living or working area, are some of the most enriching moments for me when I travel. Oh how I love it!

Los geht's: In der "Cestería" zeigt uns Juaní Marchán, wie sie im Handumdrehen praktische ... Fliegenklatschen herstellt!

Off we go: At her “cestería”, Juaní shows us how to … craft practical fly traps!


Das kleine Geschäft ist Arbeits- und Verkaufsraum gleichzeitig. Gleich hinter dem Fenster erhebt sich der Blick über die gesamte umliegende Landschaft von Vejer De La Frontera ... Bestimmt inspirierend!

Her small shop is her workshop and selling space at the same time, right behind the views stretch all over the country and down to the sea. I am sure it is inspiring to live and work here … !


Danke, Juaní, für den wirklich schönen Empfang bei Dir! Bleib weiter so fröhlich, wie Du bist.

Thank you, Juaní, for a truly warm-hearted reception. Stay the way you are!



Nur ein paar Schritte entfernt lädt uns Carmen Sánchez in ihre Kreativwerkstatt "El Telar De Vejer" ein.

Only a few steps away, Carmen Sánchez invites us to step into her “Telar De Vejer” craft shop.


Hier entstehen in feinster Kleinarbeit wunderschöne Schals, Tücher & Wandobjekte.

Every piece Carmen makes is a meticulous dedication to the love of weaving: scarfs like this one, for instance.


Die Feinarbeit beim kreativen Arbeiten mit der Wolle ist das Um & Auf jedes künstlerischen Prozesses von Carmen. Sie liebt die Arbeit mit Wolle & Faden ... "Es beruhigt & inspiriert mich zugleich", lacht sie.

Carmen really ensures she works with precision, errors are not what she likes to tolerate in the process. “I love working with my materials and threads”, she laughs. “It calms and excites me at the same time.”


Danke auch Dir, Carmen, für die herzliche Begrüßung in Deinem Haus!

Thank you, too, Carmen for your wonderful welcome at your home and workshop!


Tips to Eat & Stay in Vejer De La Frontera: Make yourself at home.

El Cobijo de Vejer” really lives up to its name: “Cobijo” means something like receiving or welcoming (visitors). This is exactly what we feel like here in the heart of the old city of Vejer. Marked in a typical Andalusian style, the green inner patio of “El Cobijo de Vejer” is alive with the sound of water and reflects the colours of an ever promising southern sky: White & Blue. All rooms are furnished with little details that catch the eye, the breakfast served to us is simply delightful: All guests get to sit at one large table, with meals & drinks being 100% fresh from around the area. Highly recommend you stay here!

And if you, like us, enjoy gourmet foodie travel with a focus on trying the typical local thing, then you should head for a gourmet tasting menu at Convento San Francisco. The quality of the food we are being served here is remarkable and internationally acclaimed; value for money comes up to a gorgeous € 50,- for 10 tasting dishes including wines and drinks. Enjoy your meal, then – y buen provecho!

Das schmucke, vormalige Franziskaner-Kloster inmitten der weißen Stadt Vejer ist heute zu einem schönen, stilvollen Hotel-Restaurant umfunktioniert worden.

The historical Convent San Francisco in the city of Vejer has now been turned into a gourmet food temple and accommodation facilities.


In diesem Gourmetrestaurant nehmen wir Platz.

We take place here, being excited about the typical Cádiz tasting programme waiting for us as part of our 10-course-menu!


Und schon geht's los mit kulinarischen Leckerbissen: Feinster Thunfisch (!) & Rinder-Carpaccio bilden die Vorspeise ...

And off we go, foodie travellers: Oh so thin tuna (!) and beef carpaccio serve as starters to tickle our palates …


... gefolgt von geröstetem Ziegenkäse aus den Bergen Andalusiens.

… followed by roasted goat cheese from the Andalusian sierra.


Ein weiteres, wunderbares Highlight unserer Verkostung im heißen Klima Südspaniens sind die typischen "Gazpachos" oder kalte Suppen, welche den Gaumen erfrischen und die Sinne erfreuen.

Another highlight typically to be found in the south of Spain is this tasting of different “Gazpachos”, or cold soups refreshing body & mind during hot summer days.


Überbackene Muscheln & frischer Fisch schmelzen auf der Zunge ...

Mussels & fresh fish covered in delicious cheese melt in your mouth …


... und auch die Nachspeise mit Turron-Soufflee, Käsekuchen & Tiramisu auf Mango-Spiegel ist ein süßer Traum. Genug gequält? Ich hab' schon wieder Hunger!

… and the dessert featuring turron soufflee, cheese cake & tiramisu on a light mango sauce is heavenly, too. I am hungry again now … You?


Im Anschluss an das gute Essen lohnt ein kurzer Stadtspaziergang durch das bildhübsche Vejer.

After all these gourmet delights, we recommend taking a walk through the pretty white city of Vejer.


El Cobijo de Vejer ist eine Oase inmitten der Stadt, hier können wir uns wirklich entspannen und ausruhen.

El Cobijo de Vejer is a true oasis for the senses, situated right in the middle of town.


Viel Spaß bei Eurem nächsten Urlaub in Vejer De La Frontera!

View from the top terrace of our room in Vejer De La Frontera: Enjoy your holiday here!


Disclaimer: We have been supported by the Spanish Tourism Board in Austria during the organization of this trip in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia. All opinions are my own.

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