CADIZ: The Gem of Southern Spain & the oldest city of Europe!

“Cadiz is just stunning, wait till you see it.” – “Cadiz?! Oh, it is absolutely beautiful … You are going to love it, Elena.” So many people have told me about the beauty of my current travel destination, the city of Cadiz in the southwestern-most part of Spain, and I can only agree: It is just beautiful here. The unique location of the city, bordered on nearly all sides by the deep blue sea of the Atlantic Ocean, the heartwarming hospitality of the locals, their truly funny “gaditano” dialect embedded into more than 3.000 years of history – Wow. I have been here now for almost three days and still cannot stop taking it all in: The delicious food, the colours, the details and the happy local dialect, the exquisite tapas and endless sunny beaches ringing Cadiz. A sunset in La Caleta beach, the city’s most famous and iconic beach whereby the sun sinks into the sea as a huge red disk only to paint the city golden minutes before, may well cause an onset of romantic nostalgia. Wouldn’t you agree?

Gestern aufgenommen, heute frisch am Reiseblog: Die Sonne Südspaniens versinkt im Meer von La Caleta, Cadiz ...

Taken yesterday and published here for you today … Our magic sunset in La Caleta Beach, Cadiz …


Kurz davor genieße ich die Aussicht vom wohl berühmtesten Turm der Stadt, dem Torre Tavira welcher als einer von 129 Türmen das Stadtbild von Cadiz prägt.

Just before, I enjoy the views from Tavira Tower, one of the city’s 129 towers overlooking Cadiz.


Cadiz selbst ist tatsächlich zum größten Teil vom Meer umgeben ... nur eine dünne Landzunge verbindet die Stadt mit dem Festland an der südwestlichsten Spitze Spaniens, nahe der Grenze zu Portugal.

The city of Cadiz is indeed bordered on almost all sides by the sea … only a thin stretch of land connects it to the rest of the province of Andalucia, in the southwestern-most part of the country just near the border with Portugal and about one and a half hours south of Seville.


Eine gute Möglichkeit, um die Stadt aus kulinarischer Sicht kennen zu lernen, ist die sogenannte "Ruta del Tapeo", oder Tapas-Route welche von Anfang August bis Mitte September durch die ganze Stadt führt. Um € 2,70 pro Bar kann man hier Tapas plus Getränke verkosten ... eine gute und kostengünstige Idee :)

A great idea to get to know the city of Cadiz from a culinary point of view, is the so-called “Ruta del Tapeo” which takes place each year between August and September. At only € 2,70, you can try different tapas including one drink in any participating bar – a good value for money offer here in Cadiz.


Das Ergebnis sieht dann beispielsweise so aus: Saftiges, gebratenes Gemüse mit Meeresfrüchte ... einfach köstlich zu einer frischen "Cana" Bier!

The experience can then be like this … Seafood on a bed of fried vegetables, delicious!


Die dicken, saftigen und wahrlich schmackhaften Oliven Andalusiens sind aber auch nicht zu verachten ... herrlich. Ich könnte hier einfach nur essen, essen, essen ... :D

Alternatively, go for the fat, juicy olives that are served here … They are just beautiful. Oh I could so just eat, and eat, and eat here !! 😀


Gleich am ersten Tag meines Besuches gibt es das erste "Einweihungsritual": Zu Besuch auf dem dichtgedrängten Fischmarkt der Stadt, bieten sich mir Aus- und Einsichten, wie ich sie noch nie zuvor gesehen habe. Fisch & Meeresfrüchte in sämtlichen Farben, Formen & Gerüchen ... was für ein Erlebnis.

On my first day here, we do what the locals do to visitors: Take them to the fish market. Here, I can see for myself what the riches of the sea yield to the local people: Fresh fish and seafood in all kinds and forms.


Wir kaufen gleich mal für die nächsten Tage ein: Hier in Cadiz genießt man am besten jeden Tag (fang)frischen Fisch aus dem Meer!

We go shopping for the next couple of days in order to cook fresh fish … Fortunately, I am with the locals. Alone, it is overwhelming – and quite hard, to choose!


Mahlzeit: Buen provecho y Salud! Auf Tapas-Tour in der Altstadt von Cadiz, die beste Uhrzeit dafür ist zwischen 14.00 und 16.00 Uhr rund um Mittagessenszeit & vor der anschließenden Siesta. ;)

Enjoy your meal: Buen provecho y salud! We are on Tapas – Tour through the inner city of Cadiz, the best time for it during the day is between 2.00 and 4.00 p.m. just before Siesta time! 😉


Cadiz is southern hospitality coupled with fascinating (art) history and excellent gastronomy. “The only thing we don’t have is work”, is what the locals tell me.

Indeed, what you hear lots here in Cadiz in the south of Spain is that work is scarce – which does not keep people from staying in Cadiz, though. The quality of life is high, which is what I notice even after a short while, and the network of families & friends makes people stay rather than risk more uncertain adventures elsewhere – but for how long, I wonder? I guess this is what many Spaniards wonder about, especially here in the south where unemployment currently reaches 40% (!) or more … Meanwhile, we take a walk through Cadiz, watch spontaneous street dance celebrations, enjoy our excellent tapas and the tasty local cuisine. Cadiz is an open book … which has already been written by Romans, Africans, Arab people and eventually Christians who have come to conquer and live in this beautiful city: Today still, every second building in Cadiz it seems is connected to the religious and cultural heritage of the city. Cadiz saw its heyday in the 18th century when foreign colonies delivered tons of goods from the New World: Formerly, one of the most important port cities in Europe, Cadiz has been able to maintain its charm to this present day and deeply fascinates me. After my creative culinary adventure trip in Galicia, I have now discovered and explored a new region in Spain which has me say: I really need to come back – soon!

Unterwegs in Cadiz finden sich viele geschichtsträchtige und einladende Plätzchen wie diese ...

Moving around Cadiz, many historical places such as this one beckon you to stay and linger …


... am Platz der Kathedrale lohnt ein Blick auf und in das massive Gebäude, welches im barocken Stil begonnen und im neo-klassizistischen Stil beendet worden ist: Beeindruckend.

… at Cathedral Square, it is worth taking a look at as well as inside this mighty building that has been started in Baroque and finished in neo-classicistic style.


Unmittelbar neben der Weite des Atlantiks lädt der Parque Genoves zum Spazieren und Verweilen ein.

Just near the vast Atlantic Ocean opening up in front of Cadiz, the Genovese Park is a perfect opportunity to relax.


Am Strand von La Caleta, dem berühmten "Hausstrand" der Einwohner von Cadiz, tummeln sich diese zahlreichen Fischerboote.

At La Caleta Beach, the “locals’ beach” of Cadiz, we watch heaps of these little fishing boats that each day carry tons (?!) of fresh fish to the market square of Cadiz.


Spontan gefeiert: Wir beobachten dieses Paar beim Tanz auf der Straße, dem die Menschenmenge ringsum kräftig applaudiert: Sonne & Lebensgefühl machen für ein wunderbares Urlaubserlebnis in Cadiz.

Spontaneous street celebrations make for a truly welcoming atmosphere here in Cadiz.


You want to see more? Me too. 😀 Enjoy taking this walk through Cadiz and all its colours, aromas & people with me … !

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