“Winter.TimeOut” in Waldviertel, Lower Austria

“Where we are, is UP.” Up north, that’s what Waldviertel Tourismus proclaims as the “high north” of Lower Austria. Here, on this massive highland that stretches into southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic, we are talking 1.000 metres above sea level. A fact that may well get us Danube-dwellers in the lower-lying areas jealous, especially when winter calls in and leaves us covered in fog, whereas further UP north, the Waldviertel relishes in winter sunshine. Plus, there’s cool winter stuff to do here such as snow boot hiking, cross-country skiing or winter walks into every far-flung corner of this pretty upland. Dive into a winter fairytale …

Wunderschön: Die Loipen des Waldviertel erstrahlen in frühmorgendlichem bzw. spätnachmittäglichen Glanz. ©Marschall Gustl, Waldviertel Tourismus

Marvellous: The cross-country skiing tracks are marked against the late afternoon glow of the winter sun here in the northern Waldviertel district of Austria. (c) Waldviertel Tourismus


Leave your own traces either walking or cross-country skiing together with friends or family. And wouldn’t you like the local cook show you how to make these delicious “Mohnnudeln” (poppy seed dessert), a local speciality of the area … ?

If you fancy something really relaxing, you should go and visit Austria’s first “Faulenzer-Hotel” in the Waldviertel. Faulenzen Sie mit uns auf Facebook (chill out with us on Facebook) is the motto and well worth the visit: Go check it out! www.faulenzerhotel.at

Köstliche Knödelkreationen selbst zubereiten lernen! (c) Waldviertel Tourismus_Robert Herbst

Delicious dumplings home-made: Culinary delights abound in this northern highland of Austria! (c) Waldviertel Tourismus


Knödelkreationen: Na, wer hat Lust auf köstlichen Genuss? ©Karl Schweighofer jun., Waldviertel Tourismus

Fancy a bite? Try pronouncing our words first: “Köstliche Waldviertler Knödel”! (c) Waldviertel Tourismus


Sehr chillig: Das Faulenzerhotel im Waldviertel verspricht offensichtliche Erholung - und ruft zum kollektiven "Faulenzen" auf! (c) Waldviertel Tourismus

Chilled-out: The “Faulenzer-Hotel” in the Waldviertel district promises to “make you relax”, even calling for “collective laziness” (yes dear readers, I’m serious!)! (c) Waldviertel Tourismus


What’s your alternative to … ?

… long queues on packed slopes and mass tourism in the mountains? “Slow tourism” is booming also in the winter, spearheaded by cool alternatives such as snowboot-hiking tours in the style of Canadian trappers. Such boots can be hired easily and almost everywhere, as well as cross-country skis and gear up here in the Waldviertel. Sweat, see & soak up the local atmosphere – you wouldn’t be able to reach most spots unless you “snow-hiked” there yourself!

Schneeschuhwandern nahe Bärnkopf im Waldviertel (c) Waldviertel Tourismus

Snowboot-hiking tours are great fun here in Waldviertel! (c) Waldviertel Tourismus


Winterlandschaft pur macht Lust auf Entdeckungen! ©Karl Schweighofer jun., Waldviertel Tourismus

Magic Winter Fairy-tale: Makes me want to jump right into the picture and roll around in the snow … And you? (c) Waldviertel Tourismus


Beim Schneeschuhwandern "liegt man flach"! (c) Waldviertel Tourismus

A well-deserved break from hiking with snow boots – close to the local community Bärnkopf here! (c) Waldviertel Tourismus


Beer Tasting & Christmas Markets: The Town of Zwettl

Watching the master of the Zwettler Brauerei brew his typical, well-known “Zwettler Bier”, you can enjoy a quiet, village-like atmosphere in this peaceful little town at the Christmas markets in Zwettl. Peace and quiet, that’s what’s all around: Once you take a turn from the main roads, the Waldviertel “hits you” with its peace and wide open space that is unique in this country of ours, Austria. Some call it “rough”, whereas I prefer the more creative term .waldviertel.winteractivities– UP here is where you can really go on vacation and enjoy a holiday away from typical, standard winter clichés.

Bierige Erlebnisreise in der Privatbrauerei Zwettl (c) Waldviertel Tourismus

Truly “ins-beer-ational”: A visit to the Privatbrauerei Zwettl (c) Waldviertel Tourismus


Zu Besuch beim Zwettler Advent im "hohen Norden" Österreichs (c) Waldviertel Tourismus

Local Christmas Atmosphere in the city centre of Zwettl in the Waldviertel, Lower Austria (c) Waldviertel Tourismus

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