Getting married at Weissensee Lake: A journey of a kind.

“Isn’t it that you ARE already married?”, our friends are asking us these days, smiling. So what’s that thing you had there at Weissensee Lake in Carinthia, then (except it looked really good ..?). Well. It would not be the Paschinger family, if there wasn’t some degree of travelling involved in getting married. While it’s true that Georg and I are technically already married (we had a civil ceremony last year in Weissenkirchen, in the Wachau valley near Vienna), it’s also true that this wasn’t really “the party” for me. 38 weeks pregnant with our #LittleLiam then!

Ever since Georg proposed, I have been dreaming about “a big party” with all of our friends and family (one where I could dance and drink again ..!). Naturally, we would do that after Liam was born, and thought of some time in 2020. At least until March.

Then came the current crisis situation due to COVID-19, and all of its restrictions …

... und Bilder, oder gar Vorhaben wie diese, eine eigene Hochzeitsfeier veranstalten zu können, rückten in weite Ferne.

… and images, or even real plans regarding wedding celebrations, went out the window. Photo (c) taken by Sabine Sattlegger & Rene Kufner, who have taken all of our wedding photos here.


Well over two months, we weren’t really sure about what to do, just as many other couples regarding their planned wedding celebrations for 2020. What would be allowed, what not? Was it too risky for everyone involved? We even made it to TV, and went on the national news in the middle of April to speak about our plans, feeling quite confident still. At the end of May, the rules concerning private parties, such as weddings or baptisms, were finally released (and loosened), and we grow even more confident about our proposed date, 8 August, 2020. What followed were dozens of emails and phone calls with our tremendous wedding planner Christine ( “Herzalzeit” ) to check what we could (and had to) do in getting around 50 people together and organised for the big day, in less than two months. Including a dog, a baby, two toddlers and a child. Manageable.


Auf zur großen Reise: Bild an der sogenannten Hoffnungskirche am Kärntner Weissensee, wo unsere freie Trauung stattfand.

Stepping up for the journey ahead: Looking out over Weissensee Lake in Carinthia from the place of our free wedding ceremony.


Eine Schifffahrt war natürlich die ideale Wahl, um die zauberhafte Naturkulisse des smaragdgrünen Sees mit seinem "weißen Band" am Seeufer (daher der Name Weissensee) rundum zu genießen.

Naturally, we had to do a trip on the lake, too. This ship got chartered especially for us, and took our wedding party all the way down the lake and back. What a wonderful, wonderful trip that was!


Ein weiteres Detail aus unserer zauberhaft gestalteten Deko: Die Brauttafel tauften wir kurzerhand "Weltenbummler" ..!

We loved having such beautiful, hand-made table decoration, calling our main table “World Travellers” (Weltenbummler) for the obvious reason ..!


Weissensee Lake in Carinthia: A dream of a place …

… and not just for us: Literally everyone we talk to about our wedding location is immediately enraptured. “What a beautiful, beautiful place”, is what we hear all the time. It is. I do love Weissensee lake during summer as much as I love it during winter: A place of silence, reflection, and natural beauty of a kind. We last travelled here with my family during late summer 2018, and finally calculated that Liam was there too somehow – two or three weeks old inside my belly. So Weissensee lake, it had to be once more. Kudos to our highly efficient, and super well organised wedding planner Christine, who helped us to think EVERYTHING through and did a fantastic job in making a wedding party dream come reality.

Here are some of our most beautiful photographs, then. They will make you smile and likely stun you, as they include such unceremonious captures of Georg and I “doing our Taekwondo thing” (it was, after all, thanks to the Korean martial art of Taekwondo that Georg and I met ..!), as well as a few photographs of our little sunshine, our darling boy Liam, who I don’t normally publish too much about. THANK YOU to our wonderful wedding photographers Sabine & Rene, who have really exceeded the mark and made us very happy with the result. We do hope you get to feel just what we felt during that special day celebrating with our friends and family.

Sigi, langjähriger Wegbegleiter und Freund des Bräutigams (nunmehr der ganzen Familie) hat sich einverstanden erklärt, als "Zeremonien-Meister" zu fungieren.

Sigi, a long-term family friend and companion of Georg, agreed to being our “master of ceremony”. Thank you so much for your wonderful speech, dear Sigi !!


Also. Was meine Eltern da vorne wohl machen ..? :D

Mmmh. Not really sure what my parents are up to over there ..? 😀


Egal. Ich hol' mir derweil ein Bussi von der Oma!

But never mind. I’ll have my kisses from granny instead!


Mein lieber Sonnenschein. Ich hab' da was für Dich ..!

My dear sunshine. I’ve go something here for you ..!


Family Portrait. <3

Family Portrait. <3


Jetzt ist Georg an der Reihe und zerschlägt unter Anfeuern seines Bruders rechts im Bild ein Brett gehalten von seiner Trauzeugin Martina ..! Ganz normal für uns, wirklich. :D

And now it’s Georg’s turn breaking wood, doing his Taekwondo thing as promised. Kiap. 😀


... ich sag's ja, ganz normal ...

… my turn, then …


... die Braut, die sich traut (auf ihrer eigenen Hochzeit Bretter zu zerschlagen!) ...

… and sure enough, it breaks too!


.. Ehre, wem Ehre gebührt: Bild mit meiner Schwiegermama, Schwarzgurt-Trägerin & Personal Trainer von mir im Dojang. Hehe.

.. thank you to one of my trainers, Georg and his mum Elisabeth (depicted here), who give me regular exercise at the Dojang. Yup- I do enjoy fighting with my mother-in-law 😀


... Love, Love, Love ...!

… Love, Love, Love …!


Von meinem starken Mann lasse ich mich gerne über die Schwelle tragen ..!

He’s the one to carry me over ..!


Frische, fruchtige Hochzeitstorten auf dem Schiff am Weissensee ...

Loved having our fruity wedding cakes right aboard the ship on Weissensee Lake …


... geht's noch kitschiger, bitte!? :D

… and could you imagine a more perfect moment!? 😀


VIELEN DANK an Euch alle, die Ihr gekommen seid um mit uns zu feiern!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everybody who came to celebrate with us!


Unsere Tisch-Deko haben wir nach bereits bereisten Städten benannt ...

Here’s another beautiful detail of one of our tables for our guests, all of which had names of cities we’ve already travelled to …


... und endlich gab es auch die von mir "lang ersehnte, gewünschte" Weinauswahl zur Hochzeit ...

… and finally, there was “that wine list” I was dreaming about and hoping for during my “pregnant civil ceremony”, now to be enjoyed again fully!


Was für eine Reise! VIELEN LIEBEN DANK an alle, die dabei waren, mit uns gefeiert und uns unterstützt haben! Ihr seid großartig !!!

What a day and journey. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! We will never forget this day for sure.


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