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Vienna hosts the “Styrian Spring Festival”

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Viennese – and Austrians in general – just looove gourmet, wine and festivals. Every year in early spring, the Vienna Rathausplatz is home to the so-called “Steiermark-Dorf” (Styrian Village), where the country celebrates one of its provinces, Styria, its people, its wine and its delicacies. And let’s be honest: What more reasons could you possibly need to celebrate anyway? “Pumpkin-seed Schnitzel” or “Hüttengröstl” potato roast: Having recently paid the succulent Wachau Gourmet Festival a delightful, culinary visit, I am again confirmed in saying that Austrians just love celebrating (food & drinks). 😉 For those who are looking for a winesome bath in the crowds, the “Styrian Spring Festival” in Vienna is definitely a must-go-to event.

Wunderschön: Nach nur drei Tagen erster Wärme haben sich die ersten Frühjahrsboten schon durch den kalten Boden gekämpft.

Just beautiful: After many cold days way into spring, these first tender blossoms make their way out of the soil and into the light.

Zahlreiche Stadtparks, wie hier in Pötzleinsdorf im 18. Wiener Gemeindebezirk, laden zu ausgedehnten Spaziergängen ein ...

Many city parks, such as this one in the 18th Vienna city district, invite you for a season’s walk …

... meine Freundin Martina, eine waschechte Steirerin durch & durch, und ich tauschen am Abend lauschige Plätzchen gegen vorzüglichen steirischen Traminer beim Steirerfest in Wien!

… but being together with my friend Martina, who hails from Styria (of course!), we rather change to celebrate the wine in the heart of the city later that day. Prost!

Styria has “dressed to impress” – and welcomes visitors to the “green heart of Austria” right in the middle of Vienna!

From the Schilcher wines to the Vulkan wine country and all the top wine estates of the South Styrian Wine Road, the Vienna Rathausplatz is home to a dazzling selection of top Styrian wine estates. The “Styrian Spring Festival” even has its own homepage to inform about everything that’s going on in the heart of Vienna: http://www.steiermarkdorf.at/de/programm/taeglich-anbandeln

Of course, visiting an event like this is all the merrier when going there with “real Styrians”. That’s why this time, I allowed myself to be taken by the hand. To be guided. Sampling the really good wines of the Vulkan wine country, like David 2012 for instance. Or to gourmet delights such as the “Styrian pumpkin seed schnitzel”, that despite the crowds waiting still awarded us with a great taste. Martina has even had her next job confirmed, celebrated the end of her studies and just looked fantastic in her typical Dirndl dress! Go check it out …

Zur Begrüßung: Die Eröffnung des Steiermarkdorfes am Wiener Rathausplatz, gegenüber dem Burgtheater: Willkommen!

A beautiful welcome: Styria celebrates itself in the heart of the federal capital city Vienna. Welcome, everyone!

An allen Ecken & Enden wird "angebandelt", gutes Essen und noch besserer Wein gereicht ... We like ;-)

Great food & wine abound anywhere we look … We like 😉

"Ein Wein muss es sein": Köstlicher Rebsaft aus dem Süden Österreichs, gekonnt in Szene gesetzt am Wiener Rathausplatz.

“It needs to be (this) wine”: Beautiful wine from Styria in the first light of spring.

Auch das gute Essen darf nicht fehlen: "Steirer Gröstl" zum Nachtisch!

Dig in: Typical “Steirer Gröstl” with meat & potatoes!

Tausende Besucher feierten zusammen mit uns vor der prächtigen Kulisse des Wiener Rathauses. Als es dunkel wurde und die Musik, nun ja, "eher massentauglich" bzw. dem Alkoholkonsum angemessen wurde, haben wir uns dezent verabschiedet und sagen: Bis zum nächsten Mal Steiermark in Wien!

Thousands of visitors have celebrated together at the Wiener Rathausplatz, in front of the mighty city hall. As it got dark and the music, well, turned to suit the masses and the rising level of alcohol, we quietly said goodbye, though (in time I guess): See you next time in Vienna!

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