Travel Videos: My Voice in Lower Austria and Andalucia

Do you know the feeling when you just want to lean back and enjoy soaking up good travel information? Not having to search for it actively, but have it served right to your living room, like a good meal? Of course you do. I am just the same, often feeling overwhelmed by what is out there. That is why I have just dug up some good and inspiring travel videos for you. Here are two great spots that you should definitely check out at some stage: Lower Austria and Andalucia. What is the connection? My voice in the videos, actually! Check this out.


Geniesserzimmer Trip in Lower Austria: “Tafeln im Weinviertel”

Thinking back of our summer trip to Weinviertel last June is like recalling a beautiful dream. Each year from June till August, the so-called gourmet tables “Tafeln im Weinviertel” take place. What are they? This year was my debut at this extraordinary wine event set right inside the vineyards close to the federal capital city Vienna. We checked upon the fairy-tale stories of the Lower Austrian Geniesserzimmer, ate our way through the top gourmet inns of the Lower Austrian Pub Association and once again, I thought that living and travelling in my own Lower Austria is not bad at all. 😀

Thank you, Máximo Perez for creating this “delicious” travel video about Lower Austria! Check out his blog & YouTube video page for further travel impressions and information.


Southern Spain: Sunshine, Beach Feelings and … much else?

Of course: Countless encounters with the warm-hearted and truly funny locals for instance. Our creative workshop in Vejer De La Frontera. Checking out a surfboard designer’s workshop in Tarifa. Staying in a fairy-tale like hotel and feel the sea’s evening breeze through the window … or discover an imperial-style café in the city of Cádiz that bears a faint, yet no less splendid hint to its Viennese counterparts.

Hättet Ihr so ein schönes Café inmitten der andalusischen Metropole Cádiz vermutet? Gesucht, gefunden: Das Café Royalty in der Altstadt von Cádiz.

Would you have expected to find such a beautiful, traditional café right inside the old town of Cádiz? I really enjoyed my time here: Café Royalty in the city centre of Cádiz.


Die Klassik und Eleganz dieses Cafés steht jenen in meinem eigenen Land um nichts nach: Hier fühle ich mich (fast) wie zuhause!

Both classic and elegance of this café make me feel like at home in “our” own coffeehouses in Vienna.


Andalucia is just fabulous, especially if you know how to avoid mass tourism and discover the more creative, perhaps less well known alternatives. The romantic little town of Bolonia near the city of Cádiz is such a secret tip I can only confirm to you. Only 30 minutes by car from Bolonia lies the surfer’s town of Tarifa, whose hotel “La Casa De La Favorita” is truly worth seeing:


The hotel “La Casa de la Favorita” is a real tip for your next trip, as is a chat to the owner Tomás who is very well connected and knows a thing or two about discovering the area.

Besides, I recommend you check out the following travel videos full of light and southern happiness, especially on grey autumn or winter days … enjoy!



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