A mini-guide to visiting the old town of Brno in the Czech Republic.

Did you know that Brno is only a good hour away from Vienna? Thank you, fast highway and train connections! My third visit to the second largest city in the Czech Republic is a rather “official city trip”: I was travelling there for four days to join the international blogger conference Traverse. While doing so, I tasted my way through a wide variety of restaurants, cafes & bars, got to know the charming old town of Brno and climbed the tower of the Old Town Hall early in the morning (alone, being the first – a dream!).

Blick auf die Altstadt von Brünn vom Turm des Alten Rathauses, hier in Richtung der Festung Spielberg.

A view over the old town of Brno from the tower of the Old Town Hall, towards Spilberk Fortress.


Since my friend Simona, whom I know from a joint Camino hike in northern Spain, and fellow blogger Tomáš Hájek both live in Brno, I will likely continue to travel here in the future (then probably with the whole family, so I can tell you more about Brno as a family destination later).

Today, let me share the following tips for you on how to spend a few days in Brno.


Where to stay, eat & drink in Brno

Since the main reason for my trip to Brno was to attend the blogger conference Traverse, I deliberately looked for a hotel (or rather it became an AirBnB accommodation) very close to the venue. A little outside the immediate Old Town center, but within walking distance of the main sights, I can definitely recommend the main street Lidická with numerous accommodation and restaurant options.

We really enjoyed the pizzas of “La Speranza” in the evening, plus coffee & breakfast at Mymika in the morning; for a typical Czech lunch I recommend you to head over to Stopkova restaurant in the middle of the old town near the central tourist information.

Blick hinein in die Altstadt von Brünn ...

Well, hello Brno …


... charmant: Das Frühstückslokal Mymika mit tollem Latte Art Kaffee und gemütlicher (Bücher!) Stimmung!

… we find you (and your nearby breakfast coffee shop Mymika, on Lidická Street) very charming!


Mittags empfiehlt sich echte, tschechische Küche (samt alkoholfreiem Bier für mich!) im Restaurant Stopkova ...

Lunch, as I mentioned, is best enjoyed with a typical Czech beer & meal at Stopkova restaurant …


... mein Papa, mein kleiner Sohn und ich waren dann gleich noch einen Kaffee im Jean Paul's nahe dem Alten Rathaus trinken.

… my father, my little son Levin and I then enjoyed another great cup of coffee at Jean Paul’s near the Old Town Hall.


Tour of the Old Town Hall (plus ascent of the tower)

And since we are already at the Old Town Hall: Not only can you climb the great lookout tower with a view over the entire Old Town (by the way, do it in the morning when no one is there yet!). There is also very good information in English about the city in the attached tourist office, the famous “Brno Crocodile” (or is it a dragon?) and many nice souvenirs in the small store area. I picked out a dragon puzzle for my older son, he loves it! Also, many tours of the old town (and the town hall itself) start there.

Check this out.

Der Treffpunkt für unsere Führung durch die Altstadt startet passenderweise auch gleich hier - unter dem "Brünner Krokodil" ...

The meeting point for our guided tour of the old town is right here – below the “Brno Crocodile” …


... From the tower of the Old Town Hall you have a truly fantastic view over the Old Town of Brno, here for example with a view of the nearby Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul.

… from the tower of the Old Town Hall, you have a truly fantastic view over the Old Town of Brno, here for example with a view of the nearby Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul.


Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul

The city’s cathedral, perched on St. Peter’s Hill and visible from afar, was completed in the 18th century (I would have estimated it to be much older!). It can also be seen on the Czech ten-crown coin that city guide Jan holds out to us.

Speaking of coins: Did you know that you can pay almost everywhere with € ? It was really convenient that besides credit card payments, the tedious exchange of money in most stores, bars and restaurants was therefore not necessary.

Jan gibt sein Bestes, uns die Altstadt von Brünn mitsamt ihrer vielen Passagen näherzubringen.

Jan gives his best to relate all the many stories (and passageways) to us that Brno has to offer.


Die Kathedrale von Sankt Peter und Paul ...

The Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul …


...is also easily recognizable from the Spielberg Fortress, which towers over the entire Old Town of Brno and can be seen from afar.

… is also easily recognizable from Spielberg Fortress, which towers over the entire Old Town of Brno and can be seen from afar.


Spielberg Fortress

As participants in the blogger conference Traverse, we had the very good fortune to attend a magnificent evening event in the innermost ring of the massive Spielberg Fortress. The view from the extensive terraces is likely reserved for invited guests, but most parts of the fortress can normally be visited. The 360° panorama of the city and the surrounding countryside alone is worth the climb up this highest hill in the city with its imposing fortress.

Empfang auf der Festung Spielberg im Rahmen unserer Blogger Konferenz ...

Being welcomed at Spielberg Fortress …


... der Blick von ganz oben ist einer der schönsten und weitläufigsten über ganz Brünn!

… the views over Brno from the top of the fortress are just great!


A little off-beat: Visiting Villa Stiassni

Villa Stiassni is located just a few kilometres outside the immediate Old Town centre. It is one of the villas worth visiting in Brno (Villa Tugendhat has longer waiting times, so it is best to book online in advance). In addition to a classic guided tour with audio guides, Villa Stiassni can also be visited as part of a guided tour; advance booking is also requested for this.

During the tour, we dive deep into the life of the Jewish textile manufacturer Alfred Stiassni, who had the villa built for himself and his family. However, they did not even live in it for eight years before they had to flee the Nazi regime and sell the villa again. You can find out more about the eventful history of the building, with some of the original furnishings still present, on this English website about Villa Stiassni.

Besichtigung der Villa Stiassni in Brünn ...

Visiting Villa Stiassni in Brno is travelling in time …


... wir tauchen ein in das Leben vor knapp 100 Jahren ...

… diving into what was formerly considered a kids’ playroom …


... und sind anschließend zu einem eigens für uns organisierten Picknick auf der Terrasse eingeladen: Herrlich! Alle Gäste können sich übrigens im Anschluss an den Besuch im Café vor Ort erfrischen.

… we end our tour with a beautiful picnic on the lower terrace; there is also a café serving light refreshments there.


Check out my entire picture gallery about visiting Brno:


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