The Philosophy of Travelling

Let’s say: € 5.000,-. Imagine that nice sum of money belonging to you.

What would you do? Would you buy a round-the-world ticket and spend the rest on travelling? Would you straighten out your last tax payments? Would you get yourself a brand-new, second-hand car? Or keep saving for … well, what for?

Auf meiner Weltreise gebe ich insgesamt weit mehr als € 5.000,- aus. Verrückt, sagen einige. Das Glück eines (Lebens)Traums, stelle ich hier während einer einmaligen Wanderung am Abel Tasman Coastal Track in Neuseeland fest.

On my round-the-world trip, I end up spending a lot more than € 5.000,-. Crazy to some. Pure (travel)bliss to others: Here, I enjoy a break during the Abel Tasman Coastal Track in New Zealand.


Let’s hit the road! And again … And again ..

It really is “the travel bug“, like they say. The philosophy of travelling means that happiness is multiplied by sharing. Whatever I experience during my travels makes me a calmer person on the inside, and I guess I’m also giving that out to others around me. Travelling, after all, is more than just a beginning to an end.

In fact, it never really ends: People, adventures, stories & experiences all continue to live through you while invariably passing on the “travel bug” to others. Horizons expand. And find their anchor in the responsibility of sharing what luck, hospitality or knowledge one has gained during travelling, with others.

Buddha hatte immer schon viel zu lachen: Schließlich "ging er" in das "Nirwana ein" - und beendete somit seine Reise wohl nie ganz. ;-)

Buddha must have been a happy person: After all, he became one with the world and perished into Nirwana – never really stopping to move on, I guess 😉


 “You need to leave in order to find yourself.”

As a young person, I think spending half a year or a year abroad should be prescribed. Everybody who has the chance should seize it. I mean really: When again do you have the time to find out about yourself, your own feelings and desires, limits or fears, preferences and life goals? Don’t tell me it’s over starting a nine-to-five job right after school or studies.

Start leaving your comfort zone and dive into the philosophy of “everyday life travelling” with the locals of this world: What do Chileans laugh about? What moves Anangu-Aborigines living at Uluru? What does “everday life” mean to a family whose parents hail from France and the UK, who have met on a ski slope in Switzerland, whose daughters live in Peru and Denmark and who actually emigrated to New Zealand, where at the time they met with a 24-year-old Austrian … ?

Here, I would like you to introduce to some “who’ve made it”, who are dedicating their everyday life to travelling and recently added to the travel literature by sharing their knowledge in the so-called “Traveler’s Handbooks”: Real tips from real travelers! They are Janice Vaugh aka Solotraveler, Sarah & Terry Lee aka Luxury Traveler or Jodi Ettenberg aka “Food Traveler“. I really look forward to “travelling” over all of them!

On November 1, 2012, Janice, Jodi, Terry and Sarah (from left to right) present "The Traveler's Handbooks" during a London Book Launch followed by the city's second Travel Massive PR & Blogger Event.

On 1 November, 2012, Janice Vaugh, Jodi Ettenberg as well as Terry and Sarah Lee (from left to right) present “The Traveler’s Handbooks” during a Book Launch Party in London, followed by the city’s second Travel Massive PR & Blogger Event.


Gifted travelers Caroline Couret (of Creative Tourism Network, Barcelona) and me are welcomed by the most prestigious Design Hotel of Bangkok, Siam@Siam during a 2012 Creative Tourism Network Thailand event. Travel makes the world go round :)

Earlier this year, gifted travelers Caroline Couret (of the International Creative Tourism Network) and me are welcomed by the General Manager of one of the most prestigious design hotels of Bangkok, Siam@Siam, during a 2012 Creative Tourism Network Thailand event. Travel makes the world go round 🙂


And you: Where are you up to?

And you: What does travelling mean to you?


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Albert Karsai 17 November 2012 - 22:53

Das ist alles richtig. Aber manchmal frage ich mich, ob es nicht auch eine Flucht ist. Ich bin auch irgendwie süchtig aufs Verreisen, und kann derzeit leider nicht so oft, wie ich genr möchte. Ich finde auch, dass man während des Reisens sehr viel über sich selber lernt (nicht nur über andere), und im Prinzip treibt mich die Neugier an, aber auch das Gefühl während des Reisens, dieses “Abgehobensein” von der Last und der Verantwortung des Alltags, dieses Frei-Sein, das man im Alltag nicht wirklich hat. Dieses Gefühl, jeden Tag aufs neue entscheiden zu können, wohin die Reise als nächstes geht. Es ist schwer, diese Freiheit zu leben, wenn man einem gewregelten Leben nachgeht. Das ist der Preis, den dieses Leben fordert. Obwohl völlige Freiheit auch so ihre Tücken hat. Man muss sehr stark sein, um ein Leben in völliger Freiheit zu leben.


Markus 21 November 2012 - 20:21

Thank you for this article – nice thoughts but some are dreams. You have to give up a lot of things if you choose a life by travelling most of the time.

Elena 29 November 2012 - 21:03

Really, guys? 🙂

I enjoy a lot of freedom even though I do lead an everyday life besides travelling. Working as a self-employed, young business woman gives me many opportunities and possibilities that women even a generation ago (let alone in other parts of the world today, that we are nevertheless happy visiting !!) did not have. I am proud and conscious of that, and I think part of this awareness comes from the fact that travelling simply broadens the mind allowing new perspectives in – it’s as easy as that.

So let’s relish in the fact that today we can, enjoy and should travel in order to inspire others around us to follow suit – not necessarily in walking all the miles we’ve had or in boarding all the airplanes we did, but in enjoying life as it is – knowing that there is so much more out there and we need to be tolerant, aware and respectful of that.


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