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#StoriesOfMyReaders: Book Reviews from Amsterdam, Barcelona & Belo Horizonte

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The #StoriesOfMyReaders is a new series of blog posts based on the feedback I have received from readers all over the world, enjoying “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”. They are set to inspire you for your own creativity, take you on a trip around the world and naturally, make you want to read the book yourself – whether as a paperback or as an ebook!

In this post, I would like to introduce you to Erik van Erp, Greg Richards, and Marina Simião. Over the past couple of months and years, I have met all of them through either blogging, creative traveling and/or writing “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”.


Let’s start with Erik van Erp.

Erik is one of the kindest and brightest sparks in the international travel blogosphere, especially when it comes to technical aspects of running a website. Him and I share a friendship of several years, dating back to some early talks at ITB Berlin in 2014 all the way to speaking in a recent travel video and sharing a blog trip #inAustria together. You call, Erik answers. To the point where he provided me with my first ever book review back in the summer of 2015, when “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook” was but a draft on my computer. Yes, he is that kind of a lovely, reliable guy! 😀

Erik van Erp and I at the World Travel Market in London, where "The Creative Traveler's Handbook" has been officially launched for the first time.

Erik van Erp and I at the World Travel Market in London, where “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook” has been officially launched for the first time.


Here is what Erik has to say in his review of “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”:

“The Creative Traveler’s Handbook is just as passionately written as Elena is about creative travel on her blog Creativelena.com. It gives you a unique angle of traveling around the world being creative. After reading this book, I daresay it should be added as a travel necessity when you go abroad looking for something new, inspiring and creative.”


Next up is Greg Richards.

I look up to Greg as my personal mentor and source of inspiration like no other when it comes to creative travel.

Indeed, if you google “greg richards creative tourism”, you will notice that Greg is above all a well-respected scholar, professor and author of countless publications, scientific articles and papers on cultural & creative tourism worldwide. He is also a great public speaker, and I have been fortunate enough to hear him on several occasions – from the World Travel Market in London, to the World Food Tourism Summit in Lisbon, to ITB Berlin and Paris’ International Conference on Creative Tourism back in the year 2012.

I first “met” Greg by a reference given in New Zealand, where I lived and worked to study and develop Creative Tourism New Zealand. That is now almost ten years ago. It is therefore with utmost pride, and happiness, that I share with you Greg’s precious words after having read “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook” last summer – as one of my first readers and firm supporters ever since!

Greg Richards (first from left) and my group of international panel speakers during a session on Creative Tourism at the World Travel Market in London last year.

Greg Richards (first from left) and my group of international panel speakers during a session on Creative Tourism at the World Travel Market in London last year.


Here is what Greg has to say in his review of “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”:

“The “Creative Traveler’s Handbook” provides a unique overview of the emerging global landscape of creative tourism. Elena takes us on a journey that illustrates the different ways in which creative travel enriches the tourism experience as well as the communities in which it takes place.

The Handbook is full of practical tips on how to be a creative traveller, gleaned from Elena’s own creative round-the-world journey. From New Zealand to Easter Island to Barcelona and beyond, this book provides a host of ideas on how to maximise the benefits of creative travel, making friends and developing you own skills as you go. An essential read for creative travelers everywhere.”


Last but not least, come and meet Marina Simião.

She is as much Brazilian as her beautiful Portuguese name befits. A lady of many talents, who besides working on developing creative travel in Brazil, coincidentally now also calls Austria home thanks to being with her Austrian partner Arnold. Marina currently lives in Madrid and has recently sent me this photograph, and heart-warming feedback on my book, through Facebook. Check this out.

Marina Simião hugging her personally signed copy of "The Creative Traveler's Handbook" in Madrid!

Marina Simião hugging her personally signed copy of “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook” in Madrid!


Here is what Marina has to say after having read “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”:

“One of the things I enjoy most is reading … And when a book sent to me by a dear friend finally arrives, it is like receiving a hug from this very person! Thank you so much for sending me “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”, dear Elena: I am sending you my hugs back!

Already finished reading the book and I love every part of it, honestly and truly. Learning, smiling, travelling around the world with you! Your book is written with such a lighthearted spirit, an unparalleled achievement in my eyes. Every sentence expresses your happiness and way of being, your very own attitude of looking at the world in wonder. Can’t wait to see you again soon!”


And you, what’s your take on creative travel? 🙂

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