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Gentle sea breezes. Coastal landscapes. Wide open spaces, sea gulls screaming in the wind & the smell of fresh fish. Peace and solitude, the wind caressing the land and the eternal sound of waves breaking against the shore. It is beautiful to be by the sea. Deeply and utterly confused by the recent snow and winter temperatures here in Austria (it should be spring now, plus it has been sooo hot in sunny South America!), I have vowed to make this travel escape for you. Featuring lots of sunshine. And warm, coastal see breezes. My kind of holidays where nothing else matters: Late summer feeling at the Baltic Sea Coast in Germany.

(PS: Good to know fellow German travel blogger Elke Weiler, who is running a “seaside travel magazine” called She always gets to talk about and enjoy the seaside holiday feeling! Being the landlocked Austrian I am, I could be green with envy. But I am not. I am happy for knowing her and hopefully visiting her soon! She has recently written on her blog about the Baltic Sea Coast, too.

Enjoy my travel photo essay, lean back, relax and become inspired!

And wow, just recently I learned that I would be part of an international social media & young journalists’ team travelling to experience #balticdiscovery, a five-day- intercultural programme organised and hosted by Kreativsaison Mecklenburg in May 2013. So it’s back to the Baltic Sea in just a little while !! Of course, I will keep you updated about my whereabouts and experiences here on this travel blog. Yay!

Los geht's: Roadtrip an die Ostsee mit über 1.000 Kilometern ab Wien ...

Off we go: Our road trip leads us up to the Baltic Sea, about 1.000 km’s drive from Vienna …


Die Ostsee lädt mit ihren zahlreichen Ferienhäusern zu entspannten Urlaubstagen ein.

The Baltic Sea Coast offers many charming chalets such as the one we are renting for one week.


Wir wollen "hoch hinaus": Ganz oben im Nordosten Deutschlands treffen wir endlich auf das Meer.

Finally, we reach the sea: Wustrow in Eastern Germany is welcoming us as a traditional seaside resort town.


Jeder hat das Recht auf eine Pause: Fischer beim After-Work-Chillen.

Everybody deserves a break: Fishermen after a hard day’s work.


I love it: Sanfte Grashalme im Wind am Meer, ein unbeschreibliches Gefühl des Friedens, der Ruhe und der Schönheit.

Ever so gently, the wind bends the grass and conveys this incredible feeling of peace, serenity and tranquility. Beautiful.


Einfach mal die Beine übereinander schlagen ...

Relaxing in a deck chair …


... sich zurücklehnen und von ganz oben die Weite der Küstenlandschaften genießen. Hier gerät vieles in Perspektive und wird klarer, was zuvor undeutlich erscheint.

… leaning back and taking in the difference in landscape: The view from the window has slightly changed. 🙂


Tja, sogar die aus Holz gechnitzten Seebären hängen hier gerne ab.

Even the wooden sculptures here appear to be totally relaxed. Indeed, a very chilled-out atmosphere up here!


Möwen im Wind ... der Ostsee-Klassiker.

Seagulls sailing in the wind … a classic.


Das Meer in all seiner Kraft.

The sea flexes its muscles ..


"Was guckst du?"

“What you’re lookin’ at?”


Zur Ruhe kommen heißt auch, auf Kalorienzählen & schlechtes Gewissen verzichten ... mjam :D

Relaxing also means letting go of counting calories. Wouldn’t you agree? 😀


Sich einfach mal bedienen lassen ...

Being served …


... und sich selbst verwöhnen.

… or serving yourself: Such a sumptuous breakfast treat is soo nice while on holiday. Love it!




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