Round The World Trip: Wondrous World ..

When did you last step back and look at nature from a distance? Reconsider your own place in this world? Marvel at everything anew, wondrous, like a child? Round The World Trips are a great opportunity to do so. Honestly, if I was to give you just one piece of advice, it would be to TRAVEL. As much as you can. Live, think, move, work through your habits, learn from other (peoples) of this planet, reconsider, re-evaluate, help, contribute and share. Learn about yourself. Return home with a new sense of peace, knowledge, serenity and re-appreciation of what you have – what you possibly took for granted.

Austria, my own country, is a rich country, and such a beautiful place in many ways: Had I not travelled, I might not be as mindful of this as I am right now (especially given the “small-town-mentality” that often prevails here). Serenity & Peace through travelling, living & sharing – here is what I would like to share with you. Enjoy my photographic “magic moments” across the red centre of Australia, the winelands of South Africa, the eternal magic of wonderful New Zealand, the stunning scenery of the Andes and inspiring tales of the peoples of South America.

I guess I just love traveling. And you?


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