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Football Match in London: “Come On You Spurs!”

  “I did it”. I swear. I really did agree to watch a London football game live. How much can women/men sacrifice for “love”? Guys take their girl out shopping, and girls agree to … watch football, I guess. Admittedly though …   … this doesn’t look too bad! Let’s face it: Watching well-trained bodies is always […]

Tracing Art in South East London

Staying next to South London Gallery & Café (a wonderful combination: breakfasts here are especially highly recommended!), ART in the district of Camberwell, South East London is literally on our every doorstep. I whirl around like an autumn leaf dancing through streets, dashing across lanes, taking turns and – settling down again, for instance at House Gallery & Cafe. […]

Zu Besuch im Weingut Iby-Lehrner, Horitschon, Blaufränkischland

Red Wine Harvest Celebration in Burgenland

For the third time this year, the charming little wine growing community Horitschon in “Sunny Central Burgenland” (yes, the destination officially aspires to be known as Austria’s sunniest corner!) has hosted the annual Red Wine Harvest event. Encouraged by our local knowledge of the area, especially with regards to local wine growers and their delightful tasting events, we couldn’t […]

East London Stroll on a sunny autumn day

“It makes all the difference!” (if you walk somewhere new with a local). Less worried about where we are going, I unleash myself – and my camera – on drifting smells, intense colours, passing faces, funny road-signs and – animals! Did you know that East London holds even two so-called “City Farms“? Rolling ponies, snoring […]

How do you spend autumn?

I set about capturing some impressions of autumn for you. As long as the colours decorate the landscape, I think it’s one of the most beautiful seasons ever! An ideal travel time for many regions: Three of them I’d like to introduce here. 1. My home country: Krems an der Donau, Lower Austria (it doesn’t […]

The Art of Gourmet Travel mastered in Graz

Graz: European Cultural Capital City in 2003, Mediterranean ambiance floating through its old town, second largest city of Austria … and in the beginning of October, when the wine harvest keeps the area busy, a “perfect playground” for travel tips such as tasting wines along the Styrian Wine Route, spending a night or two at the stylish Hotel […]

Gourmet Trip & Creative Tourism in Thailand

“So during your travels, have you made it to Asia?” – “What? You haven’t been to Asia on your round the world trip?!” – “You absolutely have to go to Asia! People are sooo friendly! And it’s cheap, too.” Well, to be honest with you, I first had to turn 29 in order to eventually […]

My favourite Travel Videos

Dancing, trekking, laughing & singing: Today, I want to take you on a journey around the world featuring great & inspirational travel videos by Christoph Rehage, who spent a year walking through China growing a mighty long beard, or (“Where The Hell is”) Matt literally dancing his way round the globe including (almost) all countries and peoples. […]

Farm holidays in Carinthia: Enjoying home-grown beer & local delicacies

“Auf der Alm, da gibt’s ka Sünd”: Farm boys & girls can’t be sinners. Well, you’d have to fall in love here naturally! We take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air in Nischlwitz high above Carinthia’s Gailtal valley near the town of Kötschach-Mauthen. We savour the fresh odour of morning bread …

Seagulls follow your every step at the Baltic Sea Coast

The young people and the sea

“The grass is always greener on the other side” … or longer. Heading north from our beloved Austrian “center stage” in the heart of Europe, a gentle sea breeze welcomes us cradling the high grass on the sand dunes of the Baltic Sea Coast near the islands of Hiddensee and Rügen. We have travelled here covering …

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