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Hi! I'm Elena! Welcome to my travel blog Creativelena.com.
For me, it is all about “life-seeing instead of sightseeing”: Join me as I create, eat & live my way around the world. Curious?

*Check out my book, “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”, for learning more about what we mean by creative travel. Travelling means the world to me, makes me fit for everday life and sometimes, I trust, also calmer on the inside. Read this blog with a smile, share what you love and remember to check back regularly: After all, when was the last time you did something for the first time?


Couple Trip Kiwi-Style: Exploring Aotearoa New Zealand

We had all these months, Jacob and I, just to get ready and excited for our long long trip down under. More than half a year ago, we were already excited about spending New Year’s Eve airborne on our way to Aotearoa New Zealand. Wohoo! 🙂 It was Jacob’s fourth trip to New Zealand, last […]

The Year Of My Life: Travelling Aotearoa New Zealand. Today: First Time Exploring Creative Travel

My first time was about six years ago. “There is always a first time”, is what they say. Of course, it does not only relate to what you might be thinking now! What I am talking about is the first “creative trip” of my lifetime. Imagine the heat of the summer sun, shady palm trees […]

Mein allererster Kayaktrip war einfach wundervoll. Nie werde ich die glasklaren, türkisblauen Buchten vor der Küste des Abel Tasman National Park vergessen … wow.

The Year Of My Life: Travelling Aotearoa New Zealand. Today: Settling in among the Kiwis!

Rugby match. Car sales. Kayak trip. My new home around the idyllic small town of Motueka, at the gateway to New Zealand’s famous Abel Tasman National Park, is pretty paradisiac. I have made it to the city of Auckland and survived my first adventure of crossing the North Island to the south. Having finally “arrived” here on the […]

Zurück in der charmanten "Tiki Lodge", meiner ersten richtigen "Backpacker-Experience", begrüßt mich die Maori-Besitzerin mit einem traditionellen Hongi: Dabei wenden sich zwei Menschen mit der Nasenspitze zueinander, sodass diese einander fast berühren, und tauschen symbolisch den Atem zur Begrüßung. Eine schöne Geste wie ich finde!

The Year Of My Life: Travelling Aotearoa New Zealand. Today: Crossing the North Island

Sometimes, setting foot into a new country makes you feel a little awkward, stupid even. Everything is new, everything is different, and I keep embarrassing myself by asking: “So where is it that you live during winter?” My laughter echoes with the Kiwis around me, as I first lay eyes upon their comparatively “thin”, single-glazed […]

The Year Of My Life: Travelling Aotearoa New Zealand. Today: Auckland!

The year of my life it is, then. It does feel like it though, looking back. What I have learned, experienced, worked, enjoyed and loved in all these months is really quite astounding. AOTEAROA, the “Land Of The Long White Cloud” as the first people like to call it, is a true force of nature. Tremendously beautiful & seductive […]

I miss New Zealand.

I am emotional. Big time. 18 months living in New Zealand and back there two years ago as part of my round the world trip, I have just come off watching the “Whale Rider” on DVD. I know. Wonderful story, beautiful emotions and scenery, great actors, storytelling and the likes. I have seen it before. […]

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