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Niagara Falls #Winelover Trip near Toronto, Ontario

“Oh, Canada. Eh!” Reaching Niagara Falls, just about an hour’s drive south from Toronto, in the wake of my 33rd birthday has me sigh with delight. By now, I would have spent almost six weeks travelling in the fantastic land of great poets, adventurous spirits and naturally warm-hearted people. Oh Canada. Eh! And it’s not just me […]

... or how about breakfast with a view?

#VIARail Train Travelling across Western Canada: Travel Tips, Insights & Advice.

Two engines, at 3.000 horsepower each, are pulling 1.600 tons of steel under my feet. As nighttime falls, I think of the other 300 passengers, resting across 23 wagons, looked after by 30 members of staff. Not one dishwasher is onboard this train, and all food is prepared fresh. “Here is my number, dear Elena”, Jackie insists and […]

... handing me lots of different shards, tools & evidence of settlement that were found in this area on our tour ...

My 10 Favourite Canadian Idiosyncrasies (And The Stories Behind)

Those of you who have followed my recent travel adventures through Canada will know that I have literally fallen head over heels with this country, and above all, its people. From some of the funniest and heart-warming comments all the way to some of the more thoughtful and reflected ones: Canadians have overwhelmed me with […]

... where just to reach the museum, pause and look at it, can literally sweep you off your feet.

Winnipeg wins my heart: First Nation, Arts & Culture Travel in the Manitoba capital.

Thank you, Sasha. For crossing paths way back in New Zealand. And for being my friend from near Winnipeg all these years, ultimately marking it as one goal I definitely felt I needed to reach as part of my Trans-Canada travel adventures. Little did I know beforehand, that Winnipeg proved to be such an exciting destination for a first-time arts & […]

Wanuskewin is furthermore special for me, as it is the first time I (finally) get to go inside a real Tipi ...

Saskatoon: My take on First Nation & Foodie Travel in Saskatchewan.

Gently, ever so gently, the VIA Rail train pulls out of Jasper mountain station. As it steams along, the blanket of the evening twilight settles upon the waning mountains, only to give way to what is commonly known as “The Great Prairies” beyond. “Do you really want to go there, Elena? Thousands of kilometres of flat land? And […]

And so, the road goes ever on, with beckoning picture-perfect stops pretty much every couple of kilometres ...

Between Banff & Jasper: The most beautiful 300 kilometres on Earth.

Take your favourite playlist. Add a bit of sunlight. Put on your best smile. And way you go … Little did I know how life-changing my trip through the Canadian Rockies would be. And I say “life-changing” quite a bit, as I tend to meet people with the same heart & openness pretty much everywhere I go on this […]

Thank you Adam for taking me there.

Banff & beyond: #ExploreCanada the local way.

“So when are you headed to Banff again, Elena? Later this month? Excellent! You are most welcome to stay with us of course ..!” (In actual fact, we insist, Bill seems to add). This is my friend Bill and his beautiful family, who I’ve met during my wonderful stay on Vancouver Island in Tofino. They truly […]

… found at a place called Wild Goose Winery : Gewürztraminer and Riesling since 1983, the oldest plantations for these grape varieties in the valley.

The Okanagan #Winelover Valley: Top Travel Stories from a World Class Wine Destination.

The Okanagan. “You are going where, Elena?” Three weeks into my Western Canada travel adventures, exploring both Vancouver & Vancouver Island, as well as Seattle to the south, I am standing at Vancouver airport, heart pounding for two reasons. It’s goodbyes with my dear friend Janett, who has travelled with me and is now going […]

... with facilities incredibly well maintained ...

Lone Cone Hostel & Campground: The gateway to exploring Tofino the native way.

Tofino. I came here because somebody whispered its name. Twice. Even three times, I can’t remember. “Go to Tofino”, is what I’d hear unanimously, moving across from Vancouver to Salt Spring Island. “You might as well go all the way west.” – “Oh you can’t miss Vancouver Island on your trip. And especially Tofino … […]

... to farmers' markets ...

Five Top Travel Tips for Visiting the Creative Island Gem of Salt Spring near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sometimes, you just know. Know that ultimately, you will “get to that place”. Know it’s on your list of destinations that call to you. Such has been prelude ahead of me going to Salt Spring Island, part of the Southern Gulf Islands in the Greater Vancouver area. I first heard of Salt Spring Island – and believe it […]

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