How do you spend autumn?

I set about capturing some impressions of autumn for you. As long as the colours decorate the landscape, I think it’s one of the most beautiful seasons ever! An ideal travel time for many regions: Three of them I’d like to introduce here.

1. My home country: Krems an der Donau, Lower Austria (it doesn’t always have to be far away …!)


Herbst an der Donau in Niederösterreich mit Wein & Genuss!

Autumn by the Danube in Lower Austria means enjoying the (wine) landscapes!


My feet dangle at the edge of the Donauwarte lookout tower high above the vineyards with a view towards the foothills of the Alps. Especially in this season, Krems and the river valleys of the Wachau, Krems & Kamp are worth exploring!


Paar beim Wandern

A couple in the distance, enjoying the view.


2. Mole West, Neusiedl am See, Burgenland

Any time of the year is good for this spot actually: The atmosphere of this “pier” on the northern shore of Lake Neusiedl will enchant you with its view over the lake, sailing boats and perhaps even a glimpse of the distant Alps on the horizon. A dream – also in autumn with its fascinating light! More information about the restaurant, such as opening hours, arrival, or the menu are here:


Boote am Neusiedler See, Mole West

Sailing boats at Lake Neusiedl, Mole West


Genuss an der Mole West, Neusiedler See, Burgenland

Isn’t that a view you’d also like right now?


Köstliches an der Mole West, Neusiedler See, Burgenland

Love this Italian style ciabatta burger at the Mole West restaurant!


3. Further south in Italy: Friuli-Venezia-Giulia

For some weeks now, I have been working with this beautiful travel destination just south of Austria. We are and have always been united in our hearts anyway! About 100 years ago, the Austro-Hungarian Empire operated its naval port from Trieste; the Italians probably didn’t like it that much and that’s why we’re now trying to establish a more positive cooperation in tourism ;). Definitely worth a visit! More information can be found here:


Herbststimmung in der Berglandschaft des Friaul / (c)

Autumn in the alpine parts of Friuli Venezia Giulia / (c)


Auch oder gerade im Herbst ist das Friaul südlich unseres eigenen Landes einen Besuch wert. / (c)

Even or especially at that time of the year, it’s worth a trip there. / (c)


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