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“Gaisberg Uncorked”: Sample a great series of wine events in my home town Strass, Lower Austria!

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With so much commitment shown by the (young) winegrowers of the wine village Strass, my small little hometown in the Lower Austrian Kamptal, I find myself really really proud today. Wonderful to see what the “young creatives” are capable of achieving. Because “Gaisberg Uncorked“?! I mean, really … What is that supposed to be? Well, the young winegrowers of Strass will tell you bit by bit over the course of this year!

From 4 May 2019 onwards, guided vineyard walks will take place every Saturday at 2 p.m. in the vineyards of the respective winegrowers of Strass, followed by a tasting of top-quality wines. In this way, you can appreciate the “classics of the Kamptal”, such as Grüner Veltliner Gaisberg, Riesling or Weißburgunder even better (the view from our gentle wine terraces over the Tullner Basin, to Vienna and all the way south to the Alps is indeed wonderful to behold).

The central hub for all events taking place is the Vinothek Wine Shop Weinkontraste Strass, which offers you all of the local wines for tasting. Recently, I met with the young winegrower Edwin Schreibeis; he and his younger brother were among others my brother’s playmates, my last memory of him was that of a happy, tall boy! All the more reason for me to be proud of what he and his family have achieved as successful wine growers in the meantime – so much that I recorded a video of the young winegrower on the occasion of our latest creative cooking class in Vienna:


Solltet Ihr nun auch Appetit auf Edwin Schreibeis' Weine bekommen haben ...

If you, too, now fancy a tasting of Edwin Schreibeis’ wines …


... sowie die dazu passenden Speisenfolgen, die wir in Thomas Hüttl Kochstudio in Wien kreiert haben ...

… plus the respective meals we’ve cooked up to go along with them …


... schaut vorbei auf der Homepage von Kreativ Reisen Österreich (hier gibt's alle Rezepte zum Nachkochen).

… check out the website of Kreativ Reisen Österreich (all recipes are mentioned there, including their ingredients and ways of preparation).


Parallel to all the guided vineyard walks taking place over the course of the wine season 2019, there are several culinary wine & food pairing events too, highlighted in what’s named “Gaisberg Uncorked” on 31 August and 7 September, 2019. Sample, savour, and simply have a good time!

Check out further information about these events on the homepage of Genuss Reisen Österreich and on Facebook.

See you soon in Strass, then?


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