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Foodie Travel Tips from Gastein Valley in Salzburg, Austria

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The air is clear and cool, the conversations bubble merrily like the mountain streams around us. I look around, just able to see the peaks of the Hohe Tauern mountains, which remain hidden in the thick mist above the Nassfeldalm. We have come to meet our local host Martin who, after serving us delicious breakfast at the Pottinger Hütte, presented us with all his animals. There are goats, cows and pigs at his little farm up here. As well as, of course, the obligatory cats, and a dog.

Not sure if “our travel dog” Coffee likes it? My friend & fellow travel writer Angelika Mandler has brought her husband Andreas as well as her dog Coffee with her, following our annual gathering of Austrian travel bloggers in Gastein this year. #Coffee2Go, so to speak. Thank God poor Coffee doesn’t notice any of the bad jokes we constantly tease him with. He is merely interested in catching the frisbee Andreas throws for him; sniffing at the goats in the neighbouring stables – or rather (and even better), staring at the rabbits in the little, adjoining enclosure. And running across the many, many green alpine meadows, chasing the mountain lakes that lie beyond.

Honestly: Would you not just love to go hiking right here, right now?

Feels like Iceland: Misty mountain air at the Nassfeldalm, the gateway to the Hohe Tauern national park area at well over 2.000 metres above sea level …


… Iceland alright, except for the wonderful, typical comfort of our well-known Austrian huts.


Da lieb' ich mir Kultur & Gastfreundschaft unserer Heimat ...

Love reaching the hut out here …


... wer kann bei diesem Almfrühstück schon widerstehen?

… and who wouldn’t, being offered a traditional breakfast at the Pottinger Hütte here?


Wir nicht. Grins. (Der Zirbenlikör ist aber auch wirklich verdammt gut).

Martin, our host, adds to the feeling by serving us typical pine tree brandy, made from the sap of the tree’s young sprouts.


Danke für die gemütliche Stimmung bei Dir Martin : Bei Dir möchte man sofort wieder einkehren!

Thank you so much for welcoming us, dear Martin: I would love to be back any time!


It’s just as cosy to reach Wengeralm mountain hut in Dorfgastein. Do not miss their barefoot hiking trail for getting “a real feel” for the surrounding mountain landscape …

… and as we make our way down to the Wengeralm hut, we muse at the fact that we only ever walk across, or down the mountains during this weekend. Well, the modern cable cars are too tempting (and fast) to take you anywhere …

... er bestimmt irgendwie das Tempo: So wie hier einfach rumstehen, ist doch total langweilig.

… including beautiful picture spots, such as this one near Spiegelsee in Dorfgastein.


Besser ist es da, mit Herrchen durch den Spiegelsee zu laufen ...

The lake itself, called “mirror lake” in German, is a true force of nature…


... selbiger übrigens gerade von der Bergstation besonders schön ersichtlich.

… as can be seen from the mountain top above.


Persönlicher Favorit "am Wegesrand": Der Barfussweg, den ich mit meinen Kolleginnen & Freundinnen erkunde.

Love the barefoot hiking trail that leads around it, featuring different kinds of natural grounds and materials to walk on.


Mit selbigen ist es wirklich immer gut lachen ...

Even more, I love the time with my friends …


Und wenngleich es die (echten) Wanderer vormachen, die bergauf voranschreiten ...

… who keep leading the way …


... finden wir stets ganz zielstrebig den Weg in die Hütte.

… knowing best when (and how) to reach the next hut.


Wengeralm here we go: Deinen hausgemachten Kaiserschmarren mit Preiselbeeren & Buttermilch werde ich so schnell nicht vergessen ..!

This is Austria in its purest sense: A typical Kaiserschmarren sweet pancake dish, served with warm cranberries and butter milk on the side ..!


Danach hilft nur noch ... ein Nickerchen in der Hängematte, nicht wahr, liebe Karin?

After that, why not take a nap, right Karin?


There is more, concerning foodie travel tips from Austria …

… and especially in the Gastein valley, as we have come to discover during our trip into one of Salzburg’s southernmost alpine valleys. Check out Weitmoser Schlössl for a fine dining experience in an ancient castle estate, complete with Rapunzel-style towers and an ambience you will love. As an alternative, you can try a farm-like inn which will win your heart in all its simplicity, comfort, and warm welcome provided by the locals.

Der Wirt im ... hat gut lachen ...

Our host at the Schmaranz-Gut Inn prepares all dishes over an open fire …


... bei solch leckeren Pfannengerichten können wir ihm da nur zustimmen.

… including pan dessert.


Nicht vergessen: Ab in die Alpentherme Gastein mit ihrem warmen Thermalsee ...

Don’t miss out on the Alpentherme Gastein, which features this temperate thermal lake as its most recent spa addition …


... einen kleinen aber feinen Wellnessbereich bietet zudem unsere Unterkunft, das Hotel ... in

… our accommodation, Hotel zum Stern in Bad Hofgastein, also has a nice little wellness area to offer …


... ideal zum Erfrischen und Aufwärmen, wenn das Wetter mal nicht so mitspielt (wir sind

… and if you’d like to be a little more adventurous, there is also a Flying Fox you can try taking across historical Bad Gastein …


... und beim Wasserfall, der mitten durch den Ort donnert ...

… you will land yourself right here afterwards, at the café next to the famous waterfall dominating the spa town …


... bietet das ehemalige Kraftwerk mittlerweile ein originelles Café

… which has been carefully put into place where the old power plant was built during the times of the Austrian Empire still …


... in das es sich nach jeder Wanderung, ob kurz oder lang, einzukehren lohnt.

… Gastein, its history and tradition of hospitality, are worth visiting and experiencing any time.


Wir sagen Danke für solch ein schönes Treffen in Bad Gastein !!!

Thank you so much for such a nice meeting in Bad Gastein !!! From left to right: Florian Figl (TravelPins), myself, Christina Strasser (ChristinasReise), Karin Spiegl (LemonsAndVolcanoes), Lisa Stelzel (ImprintMyTravel), Franziska Philipp (1000TravelStories), Maria Kapeller (Kofferpacken), Franz Roitner & Gudrun Krinzinger (Reisebloggerin), Corinna Donnerer (TravelPins), Angelika Mandler with Andreas & Coffee (Wiederunterwegs), as well as Stefanie Gschwandtner of Gasteinertal Tourism Board.


Check out even more pictures about our trip here:


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Disclaimer: We have been supported by Gasteinertal Tourism Board together with the Austrian Railway travelling to Gastein. All opinions are my own.

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