Blogger Greet & Christmas Markets: “PartTimeTraveller” Janett checks out Austria!

Tis’ the season to … feel loved and be happy. I guess! Last weekend, I really felt this way. Thanks to the sweet visit of my blogging colleague & friend Janett Schindler, who writes for her online travel magazine “PartTimeTraveller” (, we shared a real “blogger’s greet” here in Austria. Of course, this included visiting one or two typical Christmas markets as well as doing some creative together, such as cooking up Austrian specialities. (I hope, Janett, you did like the typical Frittaten beef broth I made? 😉 ).

Starting off, we do have a real gourmet tip for you though. For over a year now, the Woracziczky bread & coffee has truly earned its place as a great café in the old town of Krems. Next time you are here, DO VISIT !! This is the kind of café I have always wanted in my home town – comfy, heart-warming, top quality ingredients (home-made bread, cakes, spreads …) and a very genuine, happy host. He is the true reason you should check out Woracziczky: Have a look here!

Altstadtbummel in Krems auf dem Weg zum Woracziczky bread & coffee.

Happy stroll through the old town of Krems on our way to Woracziczky bread & coffee.


Gastgeber & Janett unterhalten sich beim netten Plaudern im Woracziczky bread & coffee über das Reisen nach Deutschland und die Inspiration von unterwegs.

Janett checks out Woracziczky bread & coffee talking about good food, travelling and a love for the good things in life!


Frühstücksbuffet mit köstlichen, hausgemachten Spezialitäten im Woracziczky bread & coffee von Krems ... einfach festlich!

Breakfast buffet boasting delicious, home-made produce at Woracziczky bread & coffee in Krems … simply delightful!


Das Brot hat es mir angetan ... Genau so frisch und außen knusprig wünsche ich mir mein österreichisches Schwarzbrot :D

The bread is just what I would wish for in terms of real, typical, tasty Austrian bread !! 😀


Für Naschkatzen: Der Mohnkuchen mit Waldviertler Graumohn ist ein ebenso saftiges und vorzügliches Highlight ...

For gourmet travellers: Check out this juicy and tasty poppy seed cake …


... Janett und ich am Genießen ...

… Janett and I look as happy as we feel. 😀


Christmas Market Nr. 1 at Göttweig Abbey: Crafts in a mighty, historical building near the city of Krems

Visiting the city of Krems, you are only a stone’s throw away from Göttweig Abbey, towering like a palace building high above the hills of the Wachau World Heritage landscape. It comes as no surprise that Janett and I “had to” visit there: The view over the Danube valley, the visit of the Benedictine Abbey, our stroll at the Christmas market as well as the stunning atmosphere of the historical buildings really got to us. As did the famous Glühwein hot wine served by the monks themselves: Good on you! Check this out.

Weiter geht es mit typischen Köstlichkeiten auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt von Stift Göttweig.

Typical bakery as well as fresh delights await visitors at the Christmas market of Göttweig Abbey.


Das Benediktinerstift Göttweig beeindruckt uns beim Besuch mit faszinierenden Deckenfresken wie diesen hier im großen Stiegenhaus.

The Benedictine Abbey is worth the visit in itself, impressive as this staircase is when entering the building.


Janett genießt ihren Besuch am Weihnachtsmarkt im Brunnensaal des Stiftes sichtlich ...!

Janett seems to enjoy her visit at the Christmas market inside the abbey very much …!


Auch der Erfindungsreichtum der Aussteller beeindruckt uns: Hier gibt es kreative Weinflaschen überzogen von typischer Wachauer Tracht, Kork & Sonnenbrillen.!

Some of the exhibitors really have put a lot of thought into being creative at this year’s Christmas market: Typical Wachau wine bottles branded with the local area “Kalmuck” clothing and, uh, sunglasses.!


Für echte Fans des guten Geschmack: Live vor Ort entstehen hier am Weihnachtsmarkt des Stift Göttweig echte Holzskulpturen.

Great wooden sculptures are made right on the spot at Göttweig Abbey Christmas market.


Unser Fazit: Der Besuch des Weihnachtsmarktes Stift Göttweig lohnt sich in jedem Fall!

We definitely recommend you visit the Christmas market at Göttweig Abbey!


Christmas Market Nr. 2 in front of Schönbrunn Palace: Quite likely the most beautiful backdrop for any Christmas market in Austria. Seriously!

Just beautiful. Imagine you arrive just ahead of the “blue hour”, happening around 4.00 in the afternoon when the sky changes colours from pastel blue, to violet, dark blue and ultimately black – a stark contrast to the well-lit castle facade of Schloss Schönbrunn. Again and again, we are tempted to turn our heads and take pictures despite the cold wind biting our fingers. At the Christmas market itself, Janett takes her Glühwein cup “Schönbrunner Häferl” with her and cannot resist the warm chocolate fountain, either! You can have fruit dipped in melted chocolate there and get a small cushion filled with beautifully scented pine wood for a good night’s sleep at the stall next to it. Mighty Brezel are what draw our attention, too … Schönbrunn market is definitely worth visiting!

Bevor wir zum Schönbrunner Weihnachtsmarkt aufbrechen, genießen wir zuhause selbst gemachte, spanische Tortilla nach andalusischem Rezept ... Auch ein Weg, um die Sonne und den guten Geschmack ins Haus zu holen!

Before we head off to Schönbrunn Palace Christmas market, we treat ourselves to some home-made delights of “summer sunshine”: Spanish Paella Andalusian style!


Schönbrunn bietet im Sinne eines klassischen Weihnachtsmarktes einfach die schönste Kulisse.

Schönbrunn simply offers one of the most beautiful backdrops for a Christmas market in Austria.


Kurz vor 16.00 Uhr beginnt sich der Himmel zu verfärben und in allen möglichen Farb-Facetten aufzugehen ..

Just before night falls, the sky above Vienna boasts an impressive display of colours ..


.. hier der Blick auf die Gloriette vom Balkon des Schlosses: Zauberhaft, was?

.. this is the view from the imperial balcony up the “Gloriette”: Stunning, isn’t it?

Und schließlich das Schloss selbst: Die berühmte "blaue Stunde" ermöglicht diese wunderschöne Aufnahme, das Highlight meines gesamten Besuches!

And finally: The “blue hour”, just before night falls, with a perfect ambiance for our visit to Schönbrunn Christmas market. The highlight of my visit, I guess!


Janett ist, denke ich, überglücklich mit ihren warmen Schokofrüchten ... ;)

Janett is just so happy with her chocolate fruit … Whatever makes you happy, I say! 😉


Auch die Riesen-Brezeln haben es uns angetan ... !

Brezeln. Fancy a bite?


Das Schloss Schönbrunn ... Immer sowie gerade jetzt zur Weihnachtszeit, einen Besuch wert.

Schönbrunn Palace at Christmas … Always worth the visit, especially at this time of year.


Thank you so much for your visit here in Austria, Janett! You really dragged me out to see (once again) all the beauties that are right in front of our doorstep. Check out Janett’s “Part Time Traveller” travel blog, too! See you soon again at ITB travel trade show in Berlin, dear Janett. 😀

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